Silence is an Ocean – Rumi. (WPC Five Images)

Nothing’s happening
Yet everything is here Now
I breathe in silence.

silence at sunrise ud149

I wait in silence
For a small sign from above
To take the next step.

silence on a sand bar ud149

The day goes to sleep
Never to wake up again
Blue silence remains.

silence in the blue hour ud149

Life crafts miracles
In the silence of the night
I trust and exhale.

silence at night ud149_edited-1


76 thoughts on “Silence is an Ocean – Rumi. (WPC Five Images)”

  1. To do nothing is the hardest thing of all. To trust in the process; another degree of difficulty. Yet, with that comes knowing; and knowing becomes the next thing you do!

  2. Great: the photos and words❤ I feel now just the same. I am waiting and praying the sign what to do and where to go: there are so many possibilities but I feel now just a wall in front of me. Can we do/ develope something together? Kram Anja&Hertta

    1. Thank you dear Donna ❤ Today is six months since my hubby passed…a sad day as I miss him a lot. But I am sure I will see my future direction at the right time.

    1. Today has been six months since my hubby/life partner passed away…and I am looking for some knowledge on where to next. Silence helps.

  3. Beautiful pictures sweet Tiny. Silence can do a lot for us at times. I think of you so much and you are always in my prayers sweet lady. Hugs and give Dylan some tummy rubs for us. ❤

  4. Today has not been an easy day…6 months have gone since my husband passed away. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers dear Mags. I can tell you that Dylan just enjoyed a tummy rub from you all. He sends nose kisses to Chancy and I send hugs to you ❤

  5. The theme for today’s post ‘silence’ is an excellent choice Helen. Sometimes however, I find the silence screams at me, as it nearly
    becomes deafening.
    Pictures and post beyond excellent, thanks once again

  6. Continue to trust and exhale…the peace and tranquility is beautifully captured through your poem and photos…an encompassing silence and the richest of blues in which to sink into. Hugs xxx

  7. Completely undisturbed silence,inside and outside,I don’t even breathe in case I break it … Captivating photography,insightful verses,dear Helen 🙂

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