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Silence is an Ocean – Rumi. (WPC Five Images)

Nothing’s happening
Yet everything is here Now
I breathe in silence.

silence at sunrise ud149

I wait in silence
For a small sign from above
To take the next step.

silence on a sand bar ud149

The day goes to sleep
Never to wake up again
Blue silence remains.

silence in the blue hour ud149

Life crafts miracles
In the silence of the night
I trust and exhale.

silence at night ud149_edited-1


Monday Musings: Nightfall

When the night is born

Out of the last light

The day’s comings and goings

Are recycled by the mind

The words used and the silences

The doings and the neglects

All scrutinized by the heart

But abandon the judgment

Let go of the unforgiving criticism

Set your mind on a path to learning

Kindle the light of forgiveness in your heart

And let your soul dwell in the peace

Of the night just born.

My Tortoise Perspective

I’ve seen many men come and go

and women with children in tow

four generations or maybe more

haven’t kept count, head’s a bit sore

years turn to decades far too fast

seems everything is in the past

but I enjoy my days one at the time

you see, I don’t worry, nickel or dime

I greet every sunrise with grateful mind

to see a new day is a gift of a kind

I use it well, bless you, to leave my mark

at night fall I’m not afraid of the dark

when I go to rest in the moonlit night

my mind is at peace and filled with light.