Curves: Man vs. Nature

Man has created beautiful architectural curves. One prime example is the Dali Museum building in St. Petersburg. It is a curved masterpiece of glass and cement. The large free-form geodesic glass bubble known as the ‘enigma’ is made up of 1,062 triangular pieces of glass.


dali museum building ud68To add to the curves, the museum garden also boasts a statue of Dali’s curved mustache.

dalis mustache ud68As you can imagine, there are many beautiful curves inside the building as well, but the only example I have been allowed to photograph is this impressive ‘fire horse’. It stands tall right in the entrance lobby, showcasing its many lit curves.

the fire horse at dali museum by tiny ud68But how do the man-made curves compare with the curves created by nature? Like this giraffe on the savannah with its soft curves.

giraffes curves ud68Or this Great Egret with its long, curved neck.

great egret curved neck ud68And how does any manmade curve, however masterfully created, compare with the perfect curve of the rainbow that hangs there, freely suspended in the air over the bay. Just like that.

rainbow over clearwater bay ud68  panoramaAnd not to talk about the celestial ‘buildings’. The sun just about the dive into the ocean. Flawless, well-lit curves.

the curve of the sun at sunset ud68Or the moon laying on its belly in the evening sky. An impeccable curve, even when captured by a mere human on the ground.

The curve of the moon ud68I appreciate all beautiful curves, but I’m sure you can see what inspires me more…what about you?

58 thoughts on “Curves: Man vs. Nature”

    1. His moustache – and the many interesting exhibitions are well worth the trip to St. Pete. And of course there’s so much more to see close by 🙂

        1. Last year I saw two complete ones within one week over the bay, for the first time ever, anywhere. This one had an almost magical glow to it…

  1. I think beauty is a matter of opinion, but I also feel that man will never outdo Nature.
    The museum is definitely on my bucket list!

    1. I agree! That museum is very interesting as they have a large permanent collection of Dali’s works, and always an additional exhibition that somehow links to Dali. Well worth a bucket list placement 🙂

  2. Natural curves certainly capture my interest Tiny, but I can appreciate the beauty that man’s imagination can produce also, our creative ability is what enables us to survive and flourish in life. Thanks for sharing, especially that moon!:-)

    1. I do appreciate and enjoy creativity, but nothing we can produce compares with Creation…nature is pure wonder. That moon fascinated me because it is not often we can see it hanging “belly down” 🙂

  3. Some truly beautiful pictures there. You inspire me to go out and try to take pictures that good.

  4. Some may consider this a bit out of the norm yet as I was reading and appreciating your photos I found myself thinking about the curves life takes. And in my case, some of them have been equal parts inspiring and rewarding. 🙂

    1. I think your observation is spot on 🙂 Sometimes we may feel frustrated when a curve appears on our planned path, but riding through it may open completely new experiences -and beautiful vistas 🙂

  5. Such a beautiful comparison! This past week I was lucky enough to take in a lot of natural beauty, and also view a variety of artistic interpretations. We are so fortunate to be surrounded by such beauty!

    1. I’m happy you had a great nature week (will come to visit soon)! My week was quite busy, I will need to take in the nature now over the weekend 🙂

  6. What a great ‘Curve’ you serve!
    The Daily Post is certainly allowing your creative juices to flow, Helen; and what a lot of fun, too! 😉
    I haven’t known about the Dali Museum building in St. Petersburg, to date. What a fine/fun place, with magnificent curves to be seen. I’d certainly love to see it.
    However, like you, nature’s curves are the most satisfying to my senses, indeed. They allow a stillness, and an awe that allows us to calm and rest. 🙂

    1. Oh, that reminds me of my time as a tennis star, not 😀 I managed to get a curve ball into my right eye and that was the end my ‘career’, never touched the tennis ball after that. The Dali Museum is the second largest in the world, just a bit smaller than the ‘original’ in Barcelona, which is also worth a visit! They typically have the special exhibitions in turn. But I agree with you about the natural curves and their greater impact on our well-being 🙂 XX

  7. Your photos are terrific Tiny! Curves are in almost everything that exist in our planet, I could comfortably say that every human have the concept of it embedded in their genes. However, we all fiddle a lot with angles and straight lines. Great post my friend! 🙂

    1. Thank you for your great comment, H.J. We indeed fiddle with angles and straight lines. Even try to get life to go “straight” when it always wants to takes some curves 🙂

    1. Thank you, happy you visited and enjoyed the curves! I hope you can take a long walk out in the nature and feel peace amidst everything that’s going on – “this too shall pass”.

  8. All great inventions originate from studying nature.
    Lovely photos and showing the contrast (between nature’s curves and man made curves) is a terrific idea!

  9. A fabulous post! Great photos and wonderful commentary. I’m SO glad you wrote about this – I’d never heard of it and you’ve inspired me to go!
    Can you share a bit more info about the fire horse?

    1. Happy you got inspired to visit the Dali Museum! They have a new visiting exhibition starting any day now, in addition to the large permanent exhibition of Dali’s works. The fire horse is a tall sculpture made of wire (I think) with lights inside it. It is in the lobby area (I made a neutral background in that photo) Unfortunately photography is not allowed inside the exhibition halls. Their little cafeteria is great for lunch 🙂

      1. Thanks again for the info. Fascinating about the Horse sculpture. For some reason I was thinking it was much smaller. Now we just have to plan a trip to St. Petersburg one day…

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