22 thoughts on “At the End of the Day”

  1. And with wings of Eagles, you shall be protected under the shadow of God. That is what your picture reminds me of, Tiny, and your words just deeply spoke to me. Yes, Life does find YOU when you live from a state of Love and in Harmony with All. Oh yes!!! Your words are like a mantra. They calm you down immediately within. How amazing! Close your eyes and feel the Light within and BE One with It. (((HUGS)))) Amy

    1. Thank you dear Amy for your beautiful comment! We need the calmness to hear what life tells us and the light to see the path we’re supposed to walk. Hugs back to you too!

    1. Thank you Susan! My niece sent this iPhone photo from her recent trip from Sweden to Finland (which I did countless times in my youth). When I worked on it, I found it very calming and inspiring. Little nostalgia too, perhaps.

        1. It represents my early adulthood scenery…did this trip countless times on these cruise ships when I was finishing my degree in Finland but already worked in Stockholm, Sweden.

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