New Duck on Papa Osprey’s Block. And a New Rival.

It’s been a lively week in the nature reserve. And I’m quite proud to say that I’ve run there on five days out of seven. In 90 degree weather. My reward has been that I don’t walk like a duck anymore. Although there’s nothing wrong with the walking style of this new resident, a male Muscovy Duck. Duck walk fits him perfectly.

Only small populations of this duck, native to Mexico, Central and South America, have established themselves in North America. It makes his company quite special. And I’ve seen him around on every run. Just like I’ve seen Papa Osprey. On Monday he was eating his lunch at noon on the top of his favorite dead palm trunk. The big fish got all his attention.

papa osprey having lunch 818
A large fish for lunch…

The next day he was having lunch, again around noon, on the top of a street light next to the bay.  When I arrived, he was just about done. And greeted me with an expressive look. I wonder what that means.

osprey finishing his lunch
Howdy…I had a good lunch…

Since Thursday, he’s been perching on the corner of his nest every morning. And on some evenings I’ve seen him there (from my terrace) close to sundown as well. I’m not sure whether he just likes to rest there, do some maintenance and plan for the upcoming nesting season, or whether he’s protecting the nest from the new male who appeared in this area mid July.  He might be making sure the other guy knows who has the leasing contract on the nest.

Papa osprey looks at tiny 822
Yesterdays greeting…
PO say hi 823
Today’s greeting…

This morning I could sense some tension in the air when the other osprey suddenly flew right over the nest,  and then settled on the top of a cypress tree nearby. In Papa Osprey’s park!

the other osprey flying over park 823
The other guy flying over the nest…
the other osprey on a tree top
I’m just sitting here…

They were not saying a peep, but clearly kept an eye on each other. It’ll be interesting to follow these dynamics in the coming days.

I have seen many other birds as well this week, but want to share only one more picture with you today.  We have Moorhen chicks again! What a nice surprise. I love these black fuzzy babies. Do I get an awww?

I'm following Mom...
I’m following Mom…

This time the nest is in the middle of the salt marsh, where they have lots of long grass to hide in.  Yesterday I saw two chicks from a distance when Mom Moorhen took them for a short swim. Today no such luck, but something to look forward to…

With that I wish you all a wonderful weekend. Peace. ❤ Tiny


30 thoughts on “New Duck on Papa Osprey’s Block. And a New Rival.”

    1. Yes, he’s pretty! And good mannered. I had never seen one before and couldn’t find him in “Florida Birds” either…because these birds are not supposed to be here. But he didn’t ask for a permission to come, I guess 🙂 So I got identification help from Cornell’s Bird Lab.

  1. I wonder how 2 male ospreys will get along? lol Time will tell. And nice to have such delightful newcomers! Awww indeed for the fuzzy babies. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend!

    1. I hope they’ll get along fine. I have seen them fairly close to each other before, but not in PO’s territory. There was no name calling at least 🙂 but clearly they were aware of each other’s presence. I hope to see the fuzzy babies again…their mom is very good at hiding them. Wonderful weekend to you too!

  2. Awwwww….. and awwwwwesome you with your running. 🙂 I think Papa Osprey is definitely staking his claim to the nest. Do you think that when the street lights were installed, the planners realised that they would be used for dinner plates? 😀

    1. I don’t think so! But they work nevertheless 🙂 We have a couple of new bridges from our barrier island to the mainland and I’ve observed that the new street lights are much smaller and angled slightly upward…so the supply of new dinner plates is limited 😀

    1. Thanks Tish! This particular one has been well mannered thus far…alone among so many other wild birds who call the salt marsh home. In my research I learned that these ducks are domesticated in several countries…

    1. I’m making an effort…I know that I’m “allowed” to stop at the salt marsh to take pictures and rest, which is a great motivator 😀 Hope you had a nice weekend…we’re having some temperatures here in FL right now.

    1. That’s what I’m hoping too. It seems to me that PO has established “seniority” and that respectful “rules of the game” have been set….

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