Papa Osprey Has Moved to Marriott.

I haven’t run since Sunday and today is  already Tuesday. So out I went around lunch time in the 32 C/90 F heat. Partly cloudy, high humidity and no breeze to talk about.

roseate spoonbill
Roseate Spoonbill didn’t want to be photographed…

The beach was fairly quiet. But the nature reserve was busy. The resident birds were mingling with visitors. And I met a real bird photographer! He was standing still on the trail closest to the marsh shooting pictures of the Roseate Spoonbill. I’d need to be a weight lifter, not just playing with my 10 pound dumbbells, to handle that huge lens.

The beautiful snowy egret
The beautiful Snowy Egret

I stopped to take pictures as well, like of this Snowy Egret, and we had a nice chat. He knew all the birds. No kidding! Needless to say I was impressed. And realized how much I still have to learn.

Tri-colored Heron...
Tri-colored Heron…

After our informative chat and a few more pictures, we said our good-byes. I headed into the forest part of the reserve to see if papa osprey would be perched on his favorite palm trunk. No such luck today.

Nature Reserve path through the forest
Nature Reserve path through the forest

So I decided to walk home by the way of the street. As soon as I reached the sidewalk, I noticed what I thought might be an osprey on the lamp-post little further north. Heading home  would need to wait.

the other osprey having lunch
The “other osprey” having lunch

When I came closer, I saw there definitely was an osprey eating his lunch. It was not papa osprey, but “the other male” I had seen around earlier. He was eating a big fish!

the other osprey eating big fish
That’s a heavy lunch! Did you notice the two flies above the osprey waiting for their turn?

Then, feeling strongly for a cold shower and a light lunch, I headed home. On my way I had to pass the Marriott hotel. I discovered a  little black ‘n white spot high up on the bay-side corner of the roof. I had seen papa osprey perched there previously, when he had a mate and a nestling to feed.

papa osprey has moved to Marriot
A big bird on the roof…

Just when I passed the hotel on the other side of the street, I snapped a picture of the bird. Later, much later, I loaded up the pictures and realized it indeed was papa osprey. He had moved to Marriott!

osprey on the roof
It’s papa osprey, surveying his fishing options on the bay…

I’m sure he’ll move back to his favorite palm trunk once the bills start to bite.

I hope your week is going well. Be good now.