30 thoughts on “Yesterday”

  1. I LOVE Rumi. The image and this quote are a lovely marriage, engaging multiple senses and calling us to see and hear with our hearts, and to know that life is change. Beautiful!

      1. I have many books with his writings in them, Tiny. I figure if I ever run dry (my words) I can always depend on Rumi. In fact, for a long time I posted Rumi on Petals. He really is a topnotch source of Wisdom. (((HUGS))) Amy

        1. Right now, when I’m trying to write my 2nd book in addition to all other stuff, it’s good to have something in store, so you’ll probably see more Rumi this month 🙂

    1. I found this old smithy on one of the rides my 91yo dad gave me around the place where he lives in Finland. Happy you liked the combination.

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