23 thoughts on “Getting My Feet Wet”

    1. Thanks Nancy! That haiku was born this morning from the pain of NaNo work. I’m trying to keep up with my word count goal (1700) every day, but today’s achievement so far is nothing to be proud of 😦

  1. Nice pairing of pic with poem!

    We had a picnic on the beach today. The gulls wanted to share our lunch. One hovered over head staring at my sandwich. Another swooped in close enough to rake through my hair.

    Once we finished eating, they behaved better.

    1. Oh I can see them swooping close to your head when a sandwich was within reach! The other day I saw them hanging around pelicans who were diving for fish…when they finally came up, the gulls were after their hard earned fish…

    1. It’s funny how many things suddenly pop into mind when one starts writing. One memory leads to another. I did do some night writing last night and I’m hoping for enough “pop-ups” to make up a full length book 🙂

    2. It’s not bad…but I’m still lagging a bit behind schedule to reach at least 50,000 words by the end of the month…and this weekend, when our son will visit, not much will get written. Priorities 🙂

  2. Another beautiful picture sweet Tiny. You are so good at putting words in poetry to go with your pictures. Hugs

    1. Happy you enjoyed the “little feet”. The Willets and other little shore birds are running so fast that it’s difficult to keep up with them 🙂

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