A Hint from Papa Osprey. Happy Thanksgiving to All Canadian Friends!

This year I have a useless calendar on my office wall. It didn’t say it’s Thanksgiving in Canada today. However, I got a hint from Papa Osprey yesterday. I should’ve understood that something special was in making when he offered me breakfast. At sunrise.

sunrise moon 2
Moon just before the sunrise…

It was a beautiful, cool (FL cool, of course) morning. The waning moon was still high up in the sky when I decided to go for a pre-breakfast, sunrise run on the beach. And then round it out in the nature reserve.

sunrise park 2
Sun rising above the park…

I reached the salt marsh when sun was just climbing above the tree tops. Running along the foot path, I stopped to snap a few pictures of a Great Blue Heron who was wading knee-deep in the water. Beautiful. All other wading birds seemed to be at sleep in their secret quarters. Or so I thought.

blue heron 2 at sunrise
A Great Blue Heron at sunrise…

I was standing under a dense tree admiring and “shooting” the heron, when a sudden, loud “kaa-kaa” and rustling of the branches and leaves just above my head scared me to death! I almost dropped my camera. But I got this nice picture, not edited in any way. It has some fancy colors, but I have no idea what I shot. The spirits of nature?

most artistic bird photo
“Camera art” in the nature reserve…

I discovered it was a Black Crowned Night Heron who had scared me. Or rather, I had interrupted his sleep by sneaking around at sunrise. I’m sure he had just gone to sleep after a night of hunting. I got this shaky, partial picture of him in the next tree…And I said sorry for waking him up.

night heron in a tree scared me
The Night Heron, now awake thanks to Tiny…

That’s when I saw Papa Osprey. He had been up early, fishing in the dark. And was having a big fish for breakfast. I walked closer to the nest. He looked at me with a funny expression.

papa osprey eating big fish at sunrise
Papa Osprey having early breakfast…

Then he took a bite of the fish and dropped it in my direction. Offering breakfast.

papa osprey eating at sunrise
A piece for you Tiny…

I didn’t catch it, but said my thanks for his kindness. I should’ve known it was close to Thanksgiving. For all my Canadian friends. Happy Thanksgiving !!  ❤ Tiny

30 thoughts on “A Hint from Papa Osprey. Happy Thanksgiving to All Canadian Friends!”

    1. Yes, I was quite moved by his gesture. When I walked away and started running, he turned around to look…He, and in all honesty, your nice post, reminded me of your holiday 🙂

  1. That means you are really accepted as part of his life and family, he’s feeding you! How cool is that! And thank you my friend for the holiday greetings. ❤

  2. Tiny, your photos are just so good! Thank you for sharing them with me. And how you made me smile when Papa Osprey wanted to share his breakfast with you. Do you realize you have a friend for life now? How awesome!! HE knew it was Thanksgiving. Amazing!!!! LOVED this post, Tiny! Love, Amy

    1. Thank you dear Amy! Your kind feedback makes my heart sing! I truly enjoy every time I see P.O….he’s so friendly with me. I hope he has a calming influence on Mama Osprey when that time comes in the spring so that I can observe the nesting season from a close range. And get pictures of their offspring too. Have a wonderful day Amy! Hugs and ❤

      1. This is SO exciting to see through your eyes and camera something I would not see without those things. You are giving me such a Gift for every time I visit your blog, I smile, I laugh, and I see such beauty through your lens. Thank you so much, Tiny, for being in my life! (((HUGS))) Amy

    1. Thanks Christine! It’s quite special to be a member of his tribe 🙂 I was also afraid he’s drop the fish when he turned around to look at me when I walked away, but luckily he didn’t. I saw it was firmly in the talons of his right foot.

    1. Oh, he really scared me, but I relaxed when I saw it was a bird…and not a human jumping down from the tree 🙂 This poor fellow looked really sleepy.

  3. Sorry about the scare but the picture of the colors is amazing whatever was in the picture. How nice of Papa Osprey to offer you some of his breakfast. He is such a handsome bird and I am so glad he lets you get all those fabulous pictures of him to share with us. Hugs

    1. I laughed too when I saw the picture with just colors! Papa Osprey was so generous that day 🙂 and I am happy he lets me come close. The other two ospreys in the area are not (yet) so friendly with me. If I stay past my invitation, they either complain or fly away…

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