Wordless Wednesday: Diving 101. Frame by Frame.

pelican before the dive
Start off by flying as usual. Keep an eye on the water.
pelican dive aa
Once you detect something you want to fetch, choose your dive style (shown below). Then turn your nose down, speed up and prepare to dive.
pelican dive style 11
Dive style 1: The back flip.
pelican dive style 22
Dive style 2: The fighter jet.
pelican dive  style 33
Dive style 3: The torpedo.
pelican dive cc
Whatever style you choose, in the water you go. With a splash.
pelican dive dd
Once you’ve fetched whatever you were after, start the surfacing process immediately by flapping your wings vigorously.
pelican after the dive
Back on the surface, shake off excess water as shown. That’s it. Good luck to you.