Happy Father’s Day, Papa Stanley!

This great dad celebrated this Father’s Day close to his little family on the bay side. After the day’s fishing trips, Stanley perched at the sailing center just before sunset. Like on so many evenings these past two weeks.

papa osprey watches Arlene ud131That is an excellent location to keep an eye on his daughter, Arlene, who seems to have a long-term rental on Marriott’s roof nearby. She was sleeping there with full crop while drying her wings. All was good in Papa Stanley’s world. One chick had survived and now, exactly three weeks after fledging, she was a thriving young Osprey. That was the best gift he could get.

arlene sleeps at sunset ud131_edited-1Mama Sandy kept an eye on their chick from the other side of the same roof. She likes to perch on the antenna, a high vantage point allowing straight line of sight to Arlene’s comings and goings. And a welcome nap after a hot day.

mama osprey on the roof ud131_edited-1From their respective vantage points, the Osprey family could see the nest and the salt marsh colored by the setting sun. If they looked carefully, they will have noticed that the Mayor and little Miss Rosanna have stricken a new friendship.

Great blue heron and roseate spoonbill at sunset ud131

roseate spoonbill B ud131

great blue heron B ud131_edited-1And on this evening they were able to observe the lively bird life on the bay too, like the Snowy Egret patrolling the seawall in her yellow shoes…

snowy egret at the seawall ud131…and the Little Blue Heron foraging nearby utilizing the low tide.

little blue heron at sunset ud131And of course they saw the sun about to dive into the Gulf on the other side of the salt marsh.

todays sunset ud131_edited-1After this beautiful day, Papa Stanley is likely retire to his secret spot in the park. And maybe he’ll stop for a while close to his favorite roosting branch and reflect on his day.

papa osprey after sunset ud131Happy Father’s Day to all other fathers too!

58 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day, Papa Stanley!”

    1. Thanks, Tim. Maybe Marriott left that antenna there because it’s popular with the birds:) Or maybe it’s a ‘hurricane back-up’ for analog broadcasting…I might go and ask them one day.

  1. Beautiful colours Tiny!, the pink of the Rosette, the blue in the Heron and the yellow in the sunset. Sadly Father’s Day in Australia is not until the first Sunday in September, but Papa Stanley certainly deserves the acknowledgement. Have a great week.

    1. Thanks Ashley! I agree that Stanley deserved the acknowledgement….he has been providing diligently and protecting the nest. I always have the picture of him in my head when, after the attack on the nest, he brought a big fish, but neither Sandy or the surviving chick wanted to eat. So he just sat there on the perch and held onto the fish.

    1. Thanks Karen. Even Dylan is now accepted by the family…Stanley still gives him a long look, but there’s no sign of irritation 🙂 Have a wonderful week.

    1. I am sure he is proud – and happy that one chick survived, fledged and now seems to be learning fishing skills very quickly.

    1. Yes, he did well during this nesting season of ups and downs. And now he’s still staying around to keep an eye on his chick.

    1. He was on a mission! A fisherman had a red plastic bucket on the seawall and after a while this egret mustered the courage to look into it 🙂

    1. This year has not been easy for osprey couples in many places…The other nest less than a mile from us didn’t have any fledglings and another nest I have followed on and off through a live cam, lost all four chicks. So I am grateful that one of these chicks survived and seems to be thriving.

  2. What a lovely family! Papa Stanley must have been really chuffed to see Arlene looking so grown up. Gorgeous photos as always, Helen. You have the most beautiful array of birds in your piece of paradise. xx

    1. Thanks Sylvia! I am happy that Arlene still hangs around here…so fun to spot her at the sailing center scanning for fish or in her roof suite at Marriott 🙂 XXX

  3. Fantastic captures of all the beautiful wildlife at the marsh. What a handsome bird Stanley is and such a beautiful family he has. The Snowy Egret in her yellow shoes made me smile…love it. Miss Roseanna is sure looking pretty in her bright pink. All seems to be going very well at the Salt Marsha. Thank you for sharing sweet Tiny. Hugs

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment, Mags! This morning Dylan and I saw Sandy bring 1/3 of her fish to Arlene…it’s cloudy and the wind is whipping up big waves on the bay so it is very difficult to spot and catch fish. It was nice to see mama still helped her. Many hugs from all of us here on the rainy Gulf coast.

  4. Papa Stanley looks so happy and proud, what a lovely father’s day tribute for him to see Arlene thrive like this! Thank you for sharing these wonderful moments with us through your amazing photographs, it is such a treat to visit here! Much love to you all and we wish you a wonderful new week :o) xxx

    1. Thank you for your visit and kind comment, my friend. We’ve had cloudy and rainy weather for couple of days and little Arlene has been staring into the big waves on the bay…very difficult to even spot any fish right now. This morning Dylan and I saw Mama Sandy bring 1/3 of her breakfast fish to her…warmed my heart that she’s is still taking care of her offspring when it really counts 🙂 Have a beautiful rest of the week! XXX

      1. How lovely that Mama Sandy shares her breakfast with Arlene in rough weather! Have a wonderful rest of the week and much love to you and Dylan from all of us here xxx

    1. Happy you liked the Father’s Day wishes to Papa Stanley and other fathers, Takami. That day Stanley posed for us nicely 🙂

  5. You made me chuckle with reference to Arlene’s long term rental. So funny. Papa Stanley should be very proud of that independent daughter he has helped raise. Love the way you wove the lives of this bird family into the Father’s Day theme.

    1. Happy you liked it, Sue. Last night I thought Arlene had moved out of her roof-level suite at Marriott, but early this morning Dylan and I spotted her there again. Apparently she likes to sleep on a ‘bed’ warmed by the sun during the day.

  6. Ahh…it’s sweet how they’re keeping an eye on their youngster as she finds her independence. Hoping you all had a lovely Father’s Day! Wonderful photos that lift my spirits and stay with me until the next time!

    1. Thank you, Annika! It is quite fascinating to be able to follow Arlene’s path to independence…last night she was perching on a dead palm trunk in the forest, very tired after the day’s fishing classes. Then she discovered Mama Sandy nearby …and started asking for supper her eyes still closed. I think Dylan smiled too 🙂

  7. The osprey pics in particular are inspired! Your images allow curious humans like me to understand each species a little better by allowing us to view them in every day life.

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