Not Crowded. After Thanksgiving in the Salt Marsh.

After neglecting my exercise routine for almost a month, and eating far too much over the holiday, I decided it was time to get out. Not to the malls or other crowded venues offering black stuff for mere pittance, but to the salt marsh to check on my feathered friends. The weather was finally sunny and the strong winds had calmed down quite a bit.

salt marsh flower tree nov 29
Sunny in the salt marsh…

I was eager to see how the residents had fared the stormy weather and whether or not Papa Osprey would still recognize me.

after the storm in the nature reserve nov 29 tm

There we signs of minor wind damage, dead palm branches and small debris scattered everywhere. And very few birds out and about. I almost got worried. But then I spotted this Great Egret. He was hunting. Looking intently into the grassy pool of water, waiting patiently, and then making his move.

Great Egret hunting in the marsh nov 29
A Great Egret hunts…

He caught a little frog (click to enlarge, and you’ll see). He ate it and flew away to the sunny side of the marsh.

great egret catches a frog nov 29
…for a little frog
great egret flying 3 Nov 29
…and then flies away.

I continued to Papa’s nest. He was there, initially awake and checking his surroundings. But he had a full crop, much like mine after the holiday.  He was sleepy. After nodding a greeting, he soon fell asleep perching on the edge of his nest to digest his breakfast. I thought that was neat. Tiny was not a threat, it was okay to doze off. He looked cute sleeping like a baby, I thought.

Papa Osprey taking a nap Nov 29
PO takes a nap…

I let him sleep and walked around for a while looking for more birds. I found the Moorhen family, all three together, on an after breakfast swim.

Moorhen family Nov 29
The Moorhen family…

And whoops, suddenly a Little Blue Heron landed almost in front of me. I assume he’d been away for Thanksgiving.  Welcome home you little one!

little blue heron landing Nov
A Little Blue Heron comes back home…

But all the others were still sleeping, hiding or just away somewhere. So I decided to walk to the bay side to look for more familiar faces. But the pickings were slim.  To my delight I spotted at least one resident of the salt marsh, a Yellow-crowned Night Heron.

yellowcrowned night heron hunting on the bay nov 29
A Yellow-crowned Night Heron on a day trip…

That was rare as they usually don’t hunt after daybreak. I always find them dozing off in the bushes, but not this one. I hope he wasn’t sleepwalking.

Yellowcrowned night heron on the bayside nov 29
…walks in the shallow water of the bay.

I feel so much better after the long walk. My “crop” feels a little smaller. I hope yours does too.  ❤ Tiny



30 thoughts on “Not Crowded. After Thanksgiving in the Salt Marsh.”

  1. And I came by to restore my flagging spirits and have been restored. 🙂 Congratulations on the successful conclusion of your month of writing. I have been catching up with my review writing. Finally written a review for you and dear Bumble and posted it on Amazon.

    1. PO and I are very happy for the restoration effect! And Bumble thanks so much for the beautiful review. He listened very carefully when I read it to him… his tail went 50 miles an hour 🐩!

        1. No they don’t, thanks for telling me! Bumble told me today he wants to put little money for holiday advertising on Face Book to get a bigger “pot” to the dogs, cats, mice, parrots and turtles in the shelter after New Year…he has donated every penny we’ve earned up to now, so I agreed.

  2. Glad you got out to enjoy the sunny weather. You take the best photos. I’ve never run into a yellow crowned night heron before. Love that bottom shot with the clear water.

    1. Thanks Nancy! The night herons are difficult to spot in the daytime. I’ve learned to look in the bushes and voila, they are there, well camouflaged 🐥 This one is the first I’ve seen out and about.

    1. Thanks! The last picture is a bit surreal as the water is so clear it almost looks like he’s walking in high grass. I was happy to spot him because they usually sleep in daytime.

  3. Glad you got your walk and are now feeling more ‘tiny’ lol
    PO is so used to you now! Isn’t that great? I think that is so cool, wish I could visit and see him in person. Great pics my friend. ❤

    1. Yes, more tiny, definitely 😀 It was great to see PO so relaxed. He’s usually not sleeping when people are nearby. I too hope that one day we can greet him together! Hugs!

  4. What a beautiful place to walk and connect with nature. As I think about getting on the treadmill here in the cold north … Im wishing I could join you instead 😉

    1. Thanks Nancy – the “models” will be happy to hear they’re pretty 🙂
      Proud to say I was out moving today too and start feeling a little better…

  5. Looks lovely…still. Up here we’ve got our first winter snow on the ground. Mind you it won’t stay around for long, just long enough to add some ambiance to the Downtown Santa Claus Parade today.
    I wonder what the inhabitants of the marsh would ask for if they had the chance…some extra nice food and perhaps more warmish weather maybe?

    1. Nice you got a white cover just in time for the parade! I’m sure it was pretty and Christmas-spirited! I have an inkling the birds here are quite happy with the developments weather-wise over this weekend, today light breeze and about 20C. We seem to be back to “normal” for the time being, but boy did we have strong, bone-chilling winds on Wednesday and Thursday.

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