Just Landed.

I am happy to say the NaNoWriMo ended on my part this afternoon. I have a thick pile of paper sitting on my printer tray.  A raw manuscript of my second book.

The temporary cover that inspired me to write...
The temporary cover that inspired me to write…

It’s all there in a primitive form, the good and the bad: adventures, struggles, emotions and life learnings. It’s a story of a young “green hat” who goes to Africa on a mission to save the world, but ends up saving only herself. The writing journey over these past 28 days was all but easy, and I realize it has just only begun.

It is time to take a break from it. I’ll need to catch my breath after running for my life from charging elephants, and hiding under my bed during a wild shootout. Then, at some point, I’ll need to start editing it…and hopefully it’ll find its way to the public domain sometime late next year. For Christmas would be nice.

Now I’ll be catching up on your blogs and on my visits to see Papa Osprey. And some work that’s been neglected lately.


37 thoughts on “Just Landed.”

  1. Awesome.. Congratulations, it is kind of amazing that the first draft is only the beginning isn’t it. As I wrote my first draft and envisioned actually getting it in print it became quite apparent and eye opening as I realized it still has to be re written and re written. A novel is much more complex than just writing the story, I am having fun with the re writing process, I am finding that is where the story really starts to take form. I wish you the best with your manuscript and look forward to reading the finished product! I love the Osprey by the way, their journey certainly brings a smile to my face when you share the posts you share about them and the pictures are truly awesome! Thank you for being you!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Joe. I rewrote my first book about eight times…before it even went to the editor. This one will need more as it is a completely different, and more demanding piece of work. I’m happy you like my friend Papa Osprey. I hope I can report from their nest building soon!

    1. Thanks dear Amy! It’s a wonderful feeling to have the first manuscript. I’d wanted to write this book for so long, but just didn’t get to it. You know, life takes over. Lots of work still remains, but at least I’ll have something to tinker on. Lots of love & hugs to you too!

    1. Thanks for your kind words Dalo. I’ll enjoy watching the paper pile for a while, and once it has ripened a little bit, I’ll touch it again.

    1. Thanks Sylvia! It feels good, but I know how much work is still required. Will take a long break from it now, just went to see my friend Papa Osprey again 😀

  2. Well done! Sometimes the best work we all do is through the simple act of allowing our own selves to flourish. The journey may well be much longer that we’d imagined and that which we viewed as a destination may instead be just a waypoint; a place and time for us to find our bearings and replenish our strength for a voyage far greater and more perilous that we’d imagined. Those we sought to save may, instead get to their own destinations by helping us along our way. Tiny, somehow I get the feeling that each of us may have viewed the same treasure at some point 🙂

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment Maurice! What you say is so true. We have many interesting waypoints along the journey…and many helpers. I appreciate the fact that they always push us to go further, see the next stretch and find treasures in unexpected places. Viewing the same treasure makes the harmonies sound so much better 🙂

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