Tiny Miracles

A stroller on sunset beach by Tiny
A stroller on sunset beach by Tiny


Sitting in my beach stroller

at sunset time

my eyes wander

out on the vast ocean.

Curiously expecting

life to expand

to stretch outside

what I already know.

My world is simple

yet full of tiny miracles

discoveries that captivate

my childlike mind.


18 thoughts on “Tiny Miracles”

      1. From the time I was very very little I was on beaches, or places, where I could see to the horizon. On a beach, looking to the horizon, is still the place that gives me the most happiness/peace.

        1. I feel very much the same. When I stood there in the golden glow of the sun and saw this little stroller, I felt like I was sitting in it and looking into the horizon with a childlike curiosity – and peace at the same time.

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