Rain Drops
Rain Drops by Tiny


Rain drops reflect the whole.

The whole could be the universe.

The universe could be one life.

Life where clouds alternate with sun light.

Light greys mix with dark whites.

Whites and blues.

Blues composed by a dreaming heart.

Heart that sings in contemplative silence.

Silence colored by falling rain.


This Morning’s Adventure!

Just to let all friends and visitors know that Bumble is now blogging on his book site (www.FirdemontePress.com). You can follow his new adventures there! Have a wonderful day – Tiny and Bumble

Firdemonte Press

Hiff there! This is Bumble again. I need to tell you something that happened this morning when I took mom for her regular walk in the nearby nature reserve. Those of you who have already read my book know that place.  Lots of interesting things always happen there. And again this morning I witnessed a drama! No, I’m not being overly dramatic, you’ll see.

Squirrel watching Squirrel watching

First when we arrived there, I was reading my morning paper in the bushes. Small birds were singing and everything was peaceful. I was just resting under a tree after the long run and watching a squirrel when I heard a bird cry! It was a big bird’s cry, very loud. I almost hurt my neck trying to see where it came from. Mom pointed up towards the blue sky and I saw that there was a nest on a big platform. Mom said it was an Osprey…

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Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Texture

Cee has these fun photo challenges every week. I have not participated previously, just admired the creative contributions. This week I was intrigued by the challenge of visual texture. I rummaged through my photo archives and found three images taken last year here close to home of trees where the texture kind of forms an intriguing image. Provided one has enough imagination 🙂 So here they are as my contribution to this weeks challenge. And you can read in the captions what I see in these images. What do you see ?

Two ancient birds in a tree
Two ancient birds in a tree


Broken heart in a tree
Broken heart in a tree



A fox in a tree
A fox in a tree


Author Interview ~~ Helen Kuusela and Bumble ~~ Confessions of a Rescue Dog

Thanks so much Jackie for doing this interview! The hardest part for a new writer is to let people know about the book. Much appreciated! Tiny (aka Helen)
ps. Readers can get the Kindle Edition for 99 cents today until Monday on Amazon.com!

Today I have a special treat for everyone. My good friend tiny (tinylessonsblog.com) and her rescue dog Bumble have written a book.

Bumble is amazing! Bumble is amazing!

Bumble is a brown toy poodle. He is a rescue dog and he loves to tell stories. All from his vantage point, in first dog, and with a twinkle in his eye. Now at the respectable age of 13 he has gathered enough courage to tell it all: from the trials and tribulations in his first home to his time in the shelter, his rescue and all the adventures that followed. You will discover that Bumble is a skillful observer and a great analyst of human behavior. He has a lively imagination and a very big heart. His story is a treat for pet lovers of all ages! A portion of this book’s sales will go to the local Humane Society shelter in the…

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