Walking Stockholm (2). Touched by a Paint Brush.

Sunset in Stockholm’s Old Town brings the centuries old buildings to life in warm hues. I reflect. It’s is like walking in an old painting. I can feel the touch of the paint brush, sometimes gentle, other times more intense. Life in vibrant colors.

old building at stortorget ud164

storkyrkans torn ud164The streets are still lively at this hour and I melt in like I had never left.

vasterlanggatan ud164I soak in the history of the narrow alleys guarded by old residential buildings. The echo of little feet running on the cobble stone streets in their Sunday shoes from the 1800s is still there.

grand 2 in the old town ud164And in my mind’s eye I can still see people from long ago drinking from the fountain at the Big Plaza.

drinking fountain at main plaza ud164From there I walk to the Royal Palace. And from the top of the palace hill I admire the huge canvas opening in front of me. The blue hour in Stockholm.

royal palace ud164

painted view from the royal palace ud164Leaving the palace and the Old Town behind me, I walk towards the city center.

royal palace stockholm ud164Crossing the first bridge, I spott familiar buildings, like the Royal Opera House…

operahuset ud164… and the City Hall, where I’d gotten married so many years ago. The sky glows in the colors of love. And I feel a profound touch of the Painter’s brush.

stockholms stadshus ud164 painted 2I stand here for a long while. As the day is fading away, I walk out of this painting into the next. The one depicting my current realities. And I still feel good.

from gamla stan till city ud164 paintedTo my delight, I also get an opportunity to visit an art exhibition of recent works by Lars Lerin at the Liljevalchs art gallery. And I invite you to join me.

Lerin is a beloved, contemporary Swedish watercolor master. My sister is a fan of his paintings, and while I have not seen his much of his work previously, I immediately fall in love with his fascinating watercolor worlds. The play of light is mesmerizing – whether he depicts Nordic nature scenes …

Lars Lerin lake in Lofoten ud168

Värmlandsskogen watercolor by Lars Lerin ud168

Lars Lerin Birds ud168…or ships on the ocean.

Lars Lerin Sailor ud168

Lars Lerin 1 ud168

Lars Lerin Sailing Boat ud168His cityscapes are captivating too, not only because of the typical drama of light and darkness…

Lars Lerin 3 ud168… but also because he gives us a peek into the life behind the lit windows. Love, disagreements, fights, forgiveness and laughter. Looking at the details in his multi-panel paintings, like the one below from Agadir, Morrocco, I feel touched by the lives of the people living there.

Agadir Morrocco Arrival by Lars Lerin 2014 UD168And in his darker paintings, such as the ones below from Syria, the pain of destruction brought by war is palpable.

Lars Lerin 4 ud168

Lars Lerin city scape from Syria ud168Whether Lerin portrays drama and darkness or a quiet night camping under the stars, his work moves me. A new fan is born. One of many.

Caravan by Lars Lerin ud168 This post concludes the summer 2018 Stockholm series. Thank you for walking with me again. Have a wonderful week ahead.


92 thoughts on “Walking Stockholm (2). Touched by a Paint Brush.”

  1. A wonderful end to your summer 2018 Stockholm series, Helen; I am wrapped in your nostalgia and palpable love for your homeland.
    You have also excelled yourself, once again; your images are delightful. And yes, Lerin has another fan. How incredible is his talent. You are so right. His paintings transport like few can do…
    Give a hug to Mr. D. 🙂

    1. I am happy you came to walk with me, Carolyn. July was, indeed, a very enjoyable month for me in Stockholm – with plenty of time with family and meeting old friends I had not seen in almost 20 years. Lerin’s work went right into my heart…almost like magic. Mr. D is happy to be at home again…he loves the daily routines we have developed and will soon come to tell me it’s time to visit the dog park 🙂 Hugs from both of us!

  2. This is the next best thing to being there, beautiful captures. I liked the paintings, there’s a certain softness to them. Thanks again for sharing. 🙂

    1. Thanks for walking, Brad! I loved the sky as well…all possible colors were represented behind the building from where I had so many memories. The City Hall also hosts Nobel prize recipients dinners – never attended those 🙂

  3. It was a treat to see Stockholm through your eyes. Your photos and descriptions drew me in as if I was walking by your side, and I could easily picture my ancestors walking down the streets, too. What an incredible gift you have, Helen. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    And thanks for the introduction to Lars Lerin. His work is absolutely stunning.

    1. Thank you Deb! It is easy to picture people from long ago walking and living in the Old Town (Gamlastan). I always find it fascinating. I hope we get an opportunity at some point to explore the city together.

  4. Ah, to travel with you and see through your eyes is something magical my friend. ❤ I will write to you very soon. I was going to do so today but got involved with a new hobby I will tell you about. 😉

    1. Thank you for walking with me Jackie, even if virtually! And thanks so much for your email, will respond soon. Hugs from both of us ❤

  5. Thank you Helen, for sharing moments of your journey with us. I was captivated all the way, and what a joy to visit some wonderful places through your lens. I am now a big fan of Lars Lerin — his work is wonderful and full of layers. Thank you for introducing him to us. Wishing you a pleasant remainder of the summer my friend ❤

    1. Thank you, dear friend for coming along on this walk and for your kind comment. I hope you will get an opportunity to visit Stockholm to experience the charm of the Old Town first hand. Lars Lerin’s work is truly beautiful, I am glad my sister introduced it to me. Take care and hugs from the two of us ❤

  6. I love the old architecture in Stockholm. Miss the old way of living above where you work with no need for automobile to take you everywhere. Thank you for the introduction to an artist I’m not familiar with as the work is very interesting and detailed.

    1. Thank you Marlene for joining the photographic tour of Stockholm. I, too, like that people could live where they worked. Even today, Stockholm is a very easy city to get around without a car because the public transportation system is excellent. Many people who live in the city and its suburbs don’t have a car and they get around just fine.

  7. Your Stockholm painting is magnificent. It captures both your soul and that of the city. Lerin’s watercolours are beautiful. Google tells me that he also has a TV series, Yours Truly. Have you seen it?

    1. Thank you Gallivanta. I’m glad you liked the walk around Stockholm and the paintings of Lars Lerin. Unfortunately I have not seen the TV series and I don’t see it available here in the US.

  8. Beautiful majestic buildings Tiny, and vistas with such artistic light. So much history and grandeur passed through these places in past years. The city hall shots is remarkable. Thanks for sharing this beautiful city with us, and have an enjoyable week my friend.

    1. Thank you my friend. I’m happy you enjoyed my photographic walk in historic Stockholm. I ended up walking a lot, which was great exercise 🙂 I wish you and yours a wonderful new week.

  9. Thank you once again! Very interesting and you write so very well and lively and the pictures are marvellous. Hugs from Anja and Hertta ❤❤

  10. I always love traveling through your eyes and heart. What a treat to see some of Stockholm with you. Thank you for sharing Lars Lerin’s paintings. He is new to me and a delight! Very, very gifted!

    And with the tides issues on the west coast of Florida, I am very glad you are away at this time. Take good care of you!

    1. Thank you Cyndi! It was a truly wonderful time, but now I am back home here on the FL west coast. We have not yet experienced the red tide, but it’s creeping up the coast. I had one experience of it in 2006, but it was not very bad then and passed quickly.

  11. Helen…what a wonderful experience this journey has been. Thank you for sharing your feelings, reflections, beautiful photographs and the lovely art of Lars Lerin. His skill with painting light and darkness…amazing. 💕

    1. Thank you for coming along to Stockholm, Carrie. I loved the whole trip and so enjoyed being introduced to Lars Lerin’s work by my sister. Now I am back home with beautiful, new memories ❤

    1. Thank you, Peter! I am happy you enjoyed the walk in historic parts of Stockholm…in fact, most of the inner city is historic with most buildings from 1800s and very early 1900s.

  12. Stockholm is indeed a very beautiful city and especially so ” Gamla Stan “. I have visited there a number of times and stayed at the cozy hotels. E.g. Lord Nelson, Lady Hamilton….

    Wonderful photos !


    1. Thank you Miriam. When I go to Stockholm, I usually stay with my sister’s family in Vasastan. I love that part of the city…and Gamla Stan in particular 🙂

  13. Beautiful photos of this series, Helen!
    Thank you so much for sharing your precious photos and memories with us.
    Lerin’s artworks are amazing.

    1. Thank you for coming along to Stockholm, Amy! I am happy my sister helped me to discover Lerin’s works and I could share some of them here.

  14. Beautiful art and great photos you shared sweet Tiny. Thank you for sharing some of the beauty of Stockholm I sure enjoyed it. Hugs

        1. Thanks David. I’ve been double multitasking lately…just back from NY. Almost expected to see you walking briskly out of Grand Central yesterday, but then remembered it was Saturday 🙂

  15. Stockholm is indeed a beautiful city in the rays of a low sun. You captured some gorgeous images. I am sure you had a wonderful visit this summer. I don’t know anything about Lars Lerin, but his art work looks very interesting.

    1. Thank you, Otto. I loved my time in Stockholm, the lively beauty of the city is captivating to me after so many years…and such a contrast to the beauty of the beaches here in FL.

  16. You sound like you have immersed yourself fully in your environment ~ your photos and words are simply perfect. “I can feel the touch of the paint brush, sometimes gentle, other times more intense.” and with your photography, we feel the same 🙂 I hope you are enjoying your summer Helen, wish you safe travels.

    1. Thank you Randall. I had a beautiful summer, such a contrast to the previous one, but then …life is all about contrasts. They help us to clarify what we want and see things in a different light. I wish you bright fall days wherever you walk with your camera 🙂

      1. Great to hear your summer is going well, in a sense it must be a little surreal being able to feel the great contrast in life/emotion from last year. Pieces must be very painful, but as you say they also can make you step back and see things in a different light and even giving clarity. Wishing you a great weekend, Helen, and to a great autumn ahead.

        1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Randall. It is a little surreal, and at times still painful, but all of it is now an integrated part of my life experience, a part of the whole that I am. I hope that makes sense ~

  17. It looks like a wonderful walk through the streets of Stockholm. From the Royal Palace to the Old Town and then City Hall, looks like you visited quite a few iconic places. Lovely you got to revisit where you got married all those years ago, a trip down memory lane. Not every day you get to do that, revisit a significant moment in your life 🙂 Lerin’s art looks fantastic, playing with both light and darkness. Hope summer was a good one and happy Autumn 🙂

    1. Thank you Mabel. It was, indeed, a trip down the memory lane, sometimes nostalgic but mostly fun. Loved Lerin’s art 🙂 Happy autumn to you too!

  18. Such a beautiful post, Helen. Lars Lerin’s watercolors are absolutely phenomenal. What a talented artist he is. I enjoyed seeing the City Hall where you were married and marvelled at the gorgeous sunset sky; the perfect backdrop for your memories. xx

    1. Thank you, dear Sylvia, for traveling to Stockholm with me. I had a wonderful time, like I’m sure you had this summer too with your family. Have a great upcoming week. XXX

  19. Wow! There is now another fan to Lerin’s work – his art is extraordinary and mesmerising is just the word! Thank you so much for this eloquent introduction. It must have been a bittersweet moment to see the place of your marriage but glad you heart was still happy. I went to Stockholm and particularly Gamlastan from r my honeymoon so your post brought back some wonderful memories. A very special series from your trip to Sweden and one I’ve enjoyed hugely. Hoping you’re enjoying being back in Florida and you’re keeping safe from all the storms. Xx

    1. Thank you, Annika! Glad my pictures from Gamlastan brought back wonderful memories. I am back and been “double multitasking” since I came home…not even been able to focus on blogging, which is one of my favorite activities 🙂

  20. This is a wonderful article, I enjoyed the stories and I very much enjoyed the pictures. Thank you for taking of your time to post them for the rest of us to get to see/read. I am going to reblog this article for you.

    1. Thank you, Roslyn. I hope you can visit Stockholm…it is so beautiful in the summer with all the green spaces and water everywhere. I also thought Lerin’s exhibition was amazing…and all these paintings were from the last few years.

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