Fish Trouble for the Tern Couple. A Photo Story.

I spotted this Royal Tern couple on the beach in the middle of all the spring break activity – and just couldn’t leave their story for my next post. I hope you enjoy.

tern couple 1 UD114
You brought this fish for me, right?
tern couple 2 ud114
Go on, give it to me!
tern couple 3 ud114
Hey, I’m waiting…
tern couple 4 ud114
I mean it…give me the fish already!
tern couple 5 ud114
…I’m waiting…don’t make me angry…
tern couple 6b ud114
NOOO! What you doing? I want my fish!
tern couple 7 ud114
Ha! You won’t get away from me…
tern couple 8 ud114
Okay…we can sit and sulk here at the water’s edge … until I get my fish.


87 thoughts on “Fish Trouble for the Tern Couple. A Photo Story.”

    1. I stayed for quite a while, and they were still sitting a bit away – exactly like in the last frame. So it’s a guess we have to make 🙂

    1. Happy you liked their story, Lorrie 🙂 I am well and more or less back to the normal routine. Have a wonderful week ahead, my friend.

  1. It’s as if you were watching the tussle between Hubby and I last week over the last of the chocolate ice-cream, lol.😂 Beautiful captures of the Royal Terns – simply beautiful!

      1. The winner wasME. You’d think after almost 20 years the man would have learnt NOT to get between me and my chocolate ice-cream. ESPECIALLY when he has his own tubs of vanilla or cherry in the freezer but no… that man likes to live life on the edge!😜

          1. No tern was harmed in the making of that story. The beach shown is on the Florida coast. The main tern area is roped off and drivers are very careful elsewhere. All is well.

  2. Great picture story Tiny, but not a good way for the Terns to form a relationship, to have a family. Usually the male catches the fish and slaps her in the face with it, he gives it to her, she eats it as he watches, they mate soon after. Some Terns make them wait to eat afterwards. Interesting that he refused it, I did see similar myself on my wader beach earlier in the year, very curious behaviour, maybe he had second thoughts. I love your Royal Terns they are very handsome birds and have more crest than our Crested Terns.

    1. I thought it was a bit strange too. The ‘second thoughts’ theory might explain it. She was clearly frustrated…and unfortunately I couldn’t stay very long to observe them as this happened at the end of my long walk and I had to hurry back home. Yes, they are handsome birds…the crest is like a ‘crown’ and I suspect that’s how they got their name. Thank you, Ashley, for your thoughtful comment.

    1. Thank you, Otto. I thought they were too cute. But nobody else on the beach noticed them…I guess one has to be a photographer to “see” these things 🙂

  3. Delightful series, Helen. Your photos are exquisite, the royal terns so beautiful. You embody here the true pleasure of watching our feathered friends.

    1. Thank you, Jet. It’s funny that when all this ‘play’ was going on with the tern couple, no other people around seemed to notice it. Makes me think we “bird people” are more tuned into nature 🙂

      1. I’ve been birding over a quarter of a century now, and I am so happy I took up this pastime because it has given me such a rich life. I sometimes cannot believe how much other people are missing. I’m glad you’re not missing out on the endless beauty, mystery, and life of it all, Helen.

    1. No I didn’t have the time to stay, they were sitting at the water’s edge sulking for a long time. I think the female might have gotten the fish at the end, because otherwise the male would have already eaten it 🙂 Thank you dear Mags.

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