Breaking the Law. But It’s Complicated.

Friends, I have a confession to make. I’ve been breaking the law at least on one occasion this past weekend. But before you judge, I need to tell you it’s not that straight forward. It’s complicated. I’m guilty, but not guilty. You see, last week mom was very busy with work. That means she didn’t have the time to go on what she calls ‘photo walks’. In plain English, walks without me to wherever she pleases.

So on Saturday, she said it was a good day for a walk. Everyone walked on this Saturday, she said. And in solidarity, we should walk as well. Even if it meant a walk to the doggy park at the salt marsh. Although it was windy, I was all for it.

dylan-in-dog-park-ud104The doggy park was quiet. Only two other dogs. On the ‘large dog’ side of the park. A Pit Bull and a Golden Retriever. I sniffed at both through the separating fence. But otherwise I was running solo, and that was fine. Lots of news to ‘read’ in the grass.

dylan-2-at-dog-park-ud104On our way back home through the salt marsh, mom was walking very slowly. I had to sit all the time. She was spotting one ‘friend’ after another, and photographing them. Oh, there’s the Reddish Egret, she would say. Sit.

reddish-egret-2-ud104And there’s the Tri-colored Heron! Sit. I did. Although I could’ve made a run for this bird. She was so close to the shore. But I’ve learned mom doesn’t want that. Happy mom, happy dog. And bird.

tri-colored-heron-ud104We walked around the marsh. And there she was, a Little Blue Heron who was curious about something. Her neck all stretched out.

littel-blue-heron-1-ud104Of course mom would need to investigate. And she found it! A bird hiding in a tree. That’s a Green Heron, rarely seen at the salt marsh, she said. I had to respect that. So I sat before mom even asked me to.

green-heron-ud104And that’s when we arrived at the Nest. I sat. And tried not to breathe too hard. You see, when I pant mom says her hand holding my leash is shaking. That means no good photos. Unhappy mom. So I sat still for one whole minute.

papa-and-mama-osprey-at-the-nest-ud104Mom’s always talking to the birds up there. That’s silly because they never respond. They just look at her.

mama-osprey-ud104And she’s all happy for the acknowledgement. So be it. I get to run at the doggy park and she gets her photos.

But yesterday it got worse. Let me explain. You see, on Saturday mom had discovered that some people were kiteboarding on the bay. I assisted her in taking some shots from our terrace.

three-windsurfers-portrait-ud104And yesterday she discovered they were back. The weather was really stormy. No weather for a walk, but I take what I can. So she took her camera and out we went, onto the bay side. I looked down from the sea wall and saw the water splashing high up, almost up to my feet. And white hats everywhere.

bay-before-the-stom-ud104A few tiny boats were struggling against the wind on the bay. Someone had already fallen into the water. You could offer me ten chicken biscuits and I wouldn’t go there!

young-sailors-2-ud104And that’s when it happened. Mom took me right onto the bay beach. You see there’s a sign that says dogs are not welcome there. Although the dog symbol is hardly recognizable, I can see there’s a red cross over it. Earlier we’ve always turned away right there. But not yesterday. Mom spotted this kiteboarder and that was it. We went just a little bit on the sand. She made me break the law. And sit on the sand.

kiteboarder closeup ud104.jpgI tried to be invisible, while she took her shots. But couldn’t help marveling about the man who flew high above the waves…and the buildings on the other side of the bay. Almost like a bird.

kiteboarder 2 ud104.jpgLuckily there was no enforcement of the law and we could run home pushing against the wind. I told mom this was an one time incident. It would not be repeated. I hope she listened to me.

dylan-december-2016-ud104In any case, I’m safe and relaxing at home. I wish you all a week filled with goodness. Love, Dylan

84 thoughts on “Breaking the Law. But It’s Complicated.”

    1. Thank you Karen, I might write children’s books when I finally retire, but that’s a tricky issue. I tried to retire when I was still young, a spring chicken really, but people kept calling so here I am, working 🙂 Dylan says hi ❤

  1. Oh, sweet Dylan we think you are safe. We are happy you were such a good boy and helped your mom get all of those amazing pictures. You and your mom sure are good at photography. Hugs for your mom and nose kisses for Dylan

    1. Thank you Mags! I was lucky…and mom was happy she got her pictures 🙂 Many friendly nose kisses to Chancy…and mom sends hugs. Dylan

    1. Yes, he is. What a change since he came to us on April 1 last year. He was not used to walk on leash and was pulling all the time…and wanted to make a run for every bird he saw. No more 🙂

  2. I agree too, Dylan, your secret’s safe with us! Also I am proud of you for being so good when Mom’s photographing her salt marsh friends; so you know, it is a joy when she shares them with us. 🙂 Happy week back at ya, Dylan!

    1. Thank you, Donna! I’ve learned to sit when mom has her sights on a bird. That’s hard, but I do want her to get a few seconds to take her shot 🙂 Love, D.

  3. Thanks for sharing with us Dylan! It is so good that you have learnt the rhythm of a bird photographer Dylan, it is holding you in good stead with your mum. Since you were on the leash on the beach and not chasing wildlife, I think we can let you off the hook this time. We have the problem here of dogs running wild because the owner has deliberately allowed them free to chase our protected birds for their exercise, thankfully you are a conservationist Dylan. You and your mum have a great week!

    1. It was very hard to learn the rhythm of a bird photographer! You are on the leash, you can’t make a run for a bird and you need to sit as still as possible. Preferably holding your breath 😀 But I’ve finally learned it in the last 8 months. I think all dogs should respect the birds. Love, D.

  4. Thank you so much for the story, Dylan! So sweet and patient of you to sit still to wait for you mom while she was taking photos. ❤ 🙂
    Beautiful photos and story, Helen!

  5. Dylan is super cute and such a good photography buddy! I think Dante (my dog) and Dylan will go along well! However, Dante likes to complain if I took too much time taking pictures (he will make weird sounds that resonate he gets bored or sthing 😀 )

    1. Thanks Indah! I know they have a limit on how long we can dedicate to taking shots. Like Dante, Dylan is a ‘talker’ too. He let’s me know when I’m going overboard 😀

  6. I enjoyed your little story, Dylan, but for some reason the photographs were not displaying, and that happened the last time I visited your mum’s website. Can you tell her I’m using a Microsoft Edge browser, and ask her if anyone else has had this issue? Thanks little fella.

    1. Thank you Hariod! I have only heard of such a problem about a month ago from one of my blogging friends, and she was able to see the pictures when she came back after a little while. I have the Edge browser as well, and so has my hubby. We are both able to see the pictures. Dylan sends ❤

    1. I’m sitting here with mom reading this. Thank you, Tom, for your lenience. And I will walk her every day, but we’re not going ‘there’. Best, D.

  7. Oh my gosh! Helen, Dylan looks like a completely different dog!! I would never have recognized him! Wow are you ever doing an outstanding job as Dylan’s Mom! Way to go and high five! As for these pics LOVED every one of them and that man who was flying had my mouth open wide. I really LOVE your sense of humor and how you spin a tale. (That’s tale NOT tail, Dylan, just to clarify!) And hey every now and again breaking the law a wee bit is not all that bad. Especially when Mom just HAS to get a photograph. I get it, Dylan, I really do!! GRIN! ❤

    1. You made us both (I’m in mom’s lap reading this) laugh so hard, Amy. It’s a bit difficult to be a photographer’s dog… but I try to assist after my best ability. I have to admit that guy flying so high up in the air was awesome 🙂 Mom says ‘thank you’ too. Much love to you all and the cats ❤ Dylan

      1. And you in return have put a huge grin on my face, Dylan! Isn’t Mom’s lap the best? You are one very lucky boy! And I really know how hard you try to please Mom and all that. Kudos for you! I know I couldn’t take one of my cats on a photo shoot with me. No way!! Tee hee ….. 🙂

  8. Such wonderful photos that you helped mom to get, dear Dylan. I’m so glad that you managed to get away with breaking the law by making yourself almost invisible. What a clever dog you are 😘

    1. Thank you Sylvia! Mom has been extremely busy lately, but I see she’s more relaxed today… she talks about visiting you soon 🙂 Love Dylan

  9. Phew! Glad you both made it home without cuffs about your wrists… errrr… paws!
    Anyway, I’m sure it was all worth it; the risk, I mean. Some great shots of everyone at the Salt Marsh, including those strange looking birds!
    Just happy to know you are both safe and well… 🙂

      1. Hi Carolyn! Thank you for thinking of me…I am fine, but have been extremely busy with both work (second project popped up suddenly) and with family stuff from water damage in our second home with all that it entails, and my 93 y.o. dad’s health and well-being issues. When it rains, it pours – as they say. Things have now stabilized and I have even been out and about at salt marsh yesterday, trying to get a post out today or tomorrow so the news will not get ‘old’ 🙂 XXX

  10. “You see, on Saturday mom had discovered that some people were kiteboarding on the bay. I assisted her in taking some shots from our terrace.”

    I chuckled throughout the sequence of events that Dylan was telling us, but that one, had me laughing out loud! But it’s funny too, because I tell Dancer that he’s helping mommy cook, etc., so I shouldn’t have found this funny! it’s a lot different to read than what it’s like to have a ‘dog’s help with chores and projects’!

    I know that every dog lover knows that dog’s help with chores and projects, but I have it on good word, that cat’s are helpful as well. 😉

    Lovely photos and a most gripping story, told by Dylan.

    1. Thank you Genie! Dylan is such a little story teller, he reveals all the secrets 🙂 He sends his best to Dancer, both of them like to cook for sure. I have seen all your latest posts – loved the swan!! but didn’t find any place to let you know. XX

      1. Thanks, Helen; I’ve had to turn off comments because of the severe winter we are having in the remote area of Canada where I live, the internet it down a lot, for days at a time and even weeks.
        There are the benefits of living in the wilderness and there are the inconveniences, such as limited and intermittent internet access, however, maybe that’s a good thing! 😉
        Dancer says, “Thanks, Dylan, my best to you as well.”

  11. You’re both forgiven!! 😀😃 For the chance to capture such beautiful photos to share that was a small risk. These are beautiful! Do you have a special heron call so they come out and pose for you?!😀 Heavenly to see and the kite-boarding looks fun – the ocean is quite wild I see but suppose it needs to be. Going back for another longing look at the pictures – wish I was back in Florida!

    1. Thank you Annika! We have been very busy since this adventure, but now the whirl wind seems to have calmed down a bit. The kite boarders were very cold headed ‘flying’ 30 feet above the waves…and this was on the bay side and not on the ocean side of our island. Had they been on the ocean, the kite would have soon taken them to Texas or Mexico 🙂 We hope you’ll come visit soon! Have a great weekend.

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