Naming Party. Accompanied by Colin.

So Tropical Storm Colin was a rain-maker. Not much punch in the wind department, only occasional 50 mph/80 kmph gusts, but flash floods on the roads and many flooded neighborhoods. Youngsters were kayaking on some streets in the city last night. Not good, but not as bad as expected.

lake in the garden ud65For us here on the beach it brought elevated tide levels and rip currents, a freshwater lake on the beach and another in the garden. And the salt marsh is brimming with water after 48 hours of continuous down pours. Fresh.

terns and flooring from Colin ud65Throughout the day yesterday, I was keeping an eye at the Osprey chick who was alone in the nest. At the beginning of the storm yesterday morning, I saw her standing in the nest. She was not laying down and facing the wind, as you can see. It was clear she had not yet acquired the storm savvy of her parents.

osprey chick in the the storm Colin ud65When the worst of the storm came over us around midday, it was impossible to see anything for the walls of rain moving sideways. And it became really dark. I tried to shoot pictures of the osprey nest in the salt marsh…

colin middle of the day ud65…and only after much magic in the “filter room”, I could get one picture where it was possible to distinguish the Osprey chick in the nest. Now she was laying down facing the wind.

osprey chick layig low in high winds colin ud65When the torrential rains had eased up a bit, I could see she was still “flat” in the nest. She had not flown anywhere, and her parents had not gone fishing for her.

osprey chick bracing the wind of colin ud65Finally when the wind had also eased up, at around 6:30 p.m., I found her eating supper. Probably the only meal she got yesterday. I guess Papa Stanley had managed to spot a fish in the choppy seas for her. I think this young lady learned quite a bit. Resilience, endurance and confidence.

names for osprey chick ud65.jpgMeanwhile, inside our comparatively much cozier home, I was preparing for the “drawing” to determine her name. All together 21 great name proposals were received. Thank you all!

the hat ud 65

I typed out all the names on paper strips of the equal size. Then folded the strips around pieces of Dylan’s favorite cookies. He was patiently following the whole procedure. Without snatching one single piece. Talk about self discipline. I went to get the hat while he guarded the cookie pieces. But the hat was too small for all the pieces to lay flat.

dylan waiting for the drawing ud65.jpgSo I put the cookies wrapped in paper (instead of bacon) in his toy basket. I placed it on the floor. Dylan was looking for permission to start the drawing, but didn’t move. Only when I said he was allowed to take a piece, he quickly sprung into action.

dylan doing the drawing ud65He picked one piece with the paper and all into his mouth, but I managed to grab the paper strip before he ate it. And this was the name he picked out…

name revealed ud65Lady Cawcaw!  That’s a suitable name for a great singer our chick has already proven to be 😉 Congratulations to Hariod!  Dylan got himself two more pieces of his favorite dessert once I had removed the papers.

The book arrived today and will be on its way to England as soon as I receive your address, dear Hariod.

the prize book ud65Lady Cawcaw survived the storm. And I have lots to tell you about the “day after the storm”, amusement and drama in equal parts. And a long awaited performance. Of a different kind. But I don’t want to make this post too long so that will need to wait until next time.

osprey chick Lady cawcaw ud65Tonight we will have a sunset and I’m looking forward to capturing it. Be well.


53 thoughts on “Naming Party. Accompanied by Colin.”

    1. Yes, we are grateful, the wind was not too bad, and the water will recede and dry up by time. Lady Cawcaw is happily singing away in the nest, and both her parents made it through too 🙂

    1. I, too, love the name for her. She is such a “singer” 🙂 My book is not yet available through Amazon simply because the production is too expensive. I am hoping Amazon’s Createspace will soon start producing high quality photobooks, and when they do this book will be there for sale.

    1. Yes, Lady Cawcaw learned a lot about storms! I am sure the parent where somewhere close by watching her although I could not see them from my terrace. I now know the whole family made it through okay 🙂

  1. Lady Cawcaw! Love it 😆
    Such resilience and perseverance in this chick!
    Thanks also for the update on the storm. I don’t watch the news on tv anymore and it’s good to hear it didn’t cause mayhem and too much damage 🙏

    1. I am so happy Lady Cawcaw made it through okay being alone in the nest. She’s demonstrating the “fit” of her name every day now 🙂 Both Mama and Papa made it through as well, although they have so much more experience. The cleanup is not too bad and the waters will dry soon 🙂 Thanks, Val!

    1. We got just a bit more, about 5 inches. I think we need to be grateful it wasn’t too bad. And I am particularly happy the birds all made it through!

  2. Lady Cawcaw, very cool! 🙂 Glad to hear the storm didn’t make damage. So glad the young lady made it and had a fish. 🙂

    1. I agree it’s a cool name and so fitting for this young lady! There is some clean-up to be done and the waters will dry up, although more rains in the forecast for the next few days, so it will take a bit longer. Thanks Amy 🙂

    1. Thanks Brad! It is so interesting to follow Lady Cawcaw’s antics now that she is supposed to learn to fish. The name is very appropriate 🙂

  3. That was a pretty clever drawing. 🙂 I must have missed the post of where we were to give names. Ah, well. There is always next year. Your book looks awesome, my friend. ❤

    1. It was a fun drawing – and Dylan’s patience impressed me 🙂 I hope you are doing a bit better, my friend. Thinking about you and sending hugs ❤

  4. So pleased that all is well, Helen, and Lady Cawcaw learned some very valuable lessons… It crossed my mind that should the sibling have survived s/he may not have survived the storm. Just a thought. I do believe everything has purpose; even death!
    A wonderful name for The Lady, and a fabulous way (through Dylan) to find it. As for Dylan: What a very well behaved little dog he is, patiently waiting beside his treats! Well done to him, and you.
    Your book looks very nice indeed. Perhaps a lovely coffee table book – for my coffee table… 😉

    1. Oh, I agree Lady Cawcaw learned a lot! And you may be right about the second chick, nature knows everything. I have to say I was impressed by Dylan as well. When I ran to get the hat, I realized I had left the paper-wrapped cookies at his reach on a low table….but all were untouched when I came back to my office 🙂 He seems to always wait for permission to do something, which is great. I can’t still understand how somebody could abandon him. My book is not yet for sale because it is too expensive to produce where I created it. I am hoping that Amazon/Createspace will soon come up with a more affordable way to print high quality photobooks… XXOO

    1. Thank you, Susan. Everything is well, just takes time for the water-filled ditches and lawns to dry out. The name is funny and so fitting for this young lady.

    1. Yes, he did! I was afraid he would take a mouthful of these small pieces, but he just reached into the basket and picked one 🙂

  5. All is back to normal and the party had such a success!Congrats to Hariod on such an apt name for the little Ms Osprey!Dylan has such a brilliant mind and Lady Caw Caw has a great godfather.Let’s celebrate it 🙂 Hugs to Dylan xxx

    1. Yes, everything is back to normal, some clean-up still to be done as the ground is covered in twigs and branches in all the “wind alleys”. Dylan is still celebrating…he gets a cookie piece little more often now that the bag has so many of them 🙂 He sends hugs to you too XXX

      1. I can imagine,like a battlefield … Dylan merits many cookies.Softly stroke his head and tell him that his hugs are well-recived 🙂 ♥♥ ※

    1. Congratulations, dear Hariod!! Lady Cawcaw is a fitting name for this chick in so many ways 🙂 I have fresh stories to tell to confirm that…Dylan did the “draw” much better than I had expected. He showed so much patience and then took only one piece and not a mouthful 🙂 Please send me your address through the “contact” tab. I hope you will enjoy the book about this Osprey family’s adventures last nesting season.

    1. Yes, the name is really fitting for a young lady who tends to be fairly vocal 🙂 Everybody has been accounted for too. Only some garden cleanup remains, and the new “lakes” are still there.

  6. How much fun!!! I’m so proud of Dylan…isn’t it amazing how they can read our energy and they know exactly how to behave in the moment? Glad you all survived lo the storm…we only had Gray skies. That is until 5 minutes ago…it is pouring…or raining “cats and dogs!” Happy Hariod won…love the name…glad the chicken survived…and learned!! Lots of love, Tiny ♡

  7. You are so right Lorrie! I have found out in these 9 weeks Dylan has been with us, that he is very sensitive to my energy, kind of knows intuitively what I want and don’t want. It was so fun to watch him on Monday when I took his cookie bag into my office. First he thought he’d just get a cookie, but then he understood there was something else going on and just had tons of patience 🙂 I love the name he picked! The young Osprey, now named Lady Cawcaw, is a great performer! Much love to you too, dear Lorrie ❤

    1. His good manners make me wonder about his past, but there is no way to know as he was found stray on the street before he came to the poodle rescue and we became his adoptive parents.

  8. My goodness! Amidst all the drama from the hurricane, there is fun too, I love how you chose to name the little one.
    The pictures are fasinating and bring us all there, it’s as though we are a part of this amazing journey at the marsh with the Ospreys.

    1. Thank you Genie! It was a bit rough outside on Monday, but all residents at the marsh made it through. Dylan was so “professional” when he did the drawing. We greeted Lady Cawcaw tonight as well on our way from the doggy park.

    1. She is so Lady Cawcaw. Now she’s resisting her parents who want her to come fishing – two hilarious days after the storm. I’ll try to get time to write about it tonight before I forget 🙂

  9. So good Lady Caw Caw survived the storm to receive her new name. Thanks to Dylan for his contribution in the process also:-) We have had very destructive storms in Sydney this week, destroying many homes and killing several people. We are so glad we are not there this week:-)

  10. What a good boy that Dylan was sitting so still and waiting patiently. I was on pins and needles reading this post thinking about poor baby osprey. Seeing her laying flat like that! Poor thing, trying to weather the storm. She did good though and glad to hear Papa Stanly being a good daddy and feeding her. I had a very busy week and so sad I missed out on the chance to pick her name! I have a friend that lives in Florida and he sent me a pic from his beach house. Still looks like it wants to storm. Take care and and happy adventuring in the salt marsh. Hugs, Koko:)

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