Salt Marsh Gang and the Beach Boys. Live.

This week’s been a busy one. I don’t have the time to write a “proper” update on our friends at the Salt Marsh, so I thought these guys could tell you the latest themselves. They say sorry in advance for the wobbly hand filming them during the last few weeks. Have a great weekend everybody!

Some of the bird song is courtesy of Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

46 thoughts on “Salt Marsh Gang and the Beach Boys. Live.”

  1. I loved your movie, it really gave me wonderful insight into your wildlife, thanks so much Tiny for going to the trouble of preparing this I loved the way you presented it, and I know how difficult it is to do hand held movie with a heavy lens. There are many similarities to our birds, but the Roseate Spoonbill is quite unique. Have a great weekend:-)

  2. I’m happy you liked it. I didn’t even mean to post it, just played with the snippets last week when I was organizing my pictures. But at least it shows “who is who” and what I see on my walks at the salt marsh. Have a beautiful spring weekend 🙂

    1. Happy you liked their “performance”, Jackie! Not all of them agreed to be filmed, but I got quite a few. Just by taking snippets between photos. But I promise to practice quite a while before the next one 😀

    1. Happy they could charm you. I had quite a bit of bit of bird song in my clips, but added some to a more even effect. Thank you Gallivanta.

  3. Ha, love the tour given by the Mayor of the Marsh ~ something beautiful and enchanting about Great Blue Herons…wonderful videography. My favorite action is with the herring gull ~ playing in the waves which is just what I would like to be doing right now 🙂

    1. Happy you liked the performance of the salt marsh gang and the bathing beach boy. He was too fast for me. I’ll need to practice quite a bit more, but it’s fun to take some clips every now and then. I hope you’ll get to play in the waves soon 🙂

    1. Thanks Sylvia! I thought the Great Egret waiting for the frog was quite an actor. And now we know why Rosa always looks so impeccable, a through washing and preening session every morning 🙂

    1. Thank you! Happy you came along. There was bird song in some of the clips, so I thought “filling in” would make it feel more like one little video.

  4. Loved it, Tiny! Very interesting compilation of your wonderful salt marsh community. Mama Sandy still takes the prize in my book, although they are all a marvelous cast of character.

    1. Happy you’re rooting for Mama Sandy, Skip. I am too…she kind of presides over all of it. And her garden is still glowing more than a month after she started it just when I filmed her. I think she has a “green talon”.

    1. Thanks Amy. I did the video for learning purposes, but then had no time to write a post and I decided to bite the bullet and post it. Happy it was somewhat enjoyable 🙂

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