The Lunar Eclipse That Wasn’t. An Adventure into Imagination.

Okay. Last night I was really disappointed. After a fun day spent with friends, I wanted to put the “cherry on the top” by getting a few nice shots of the supermoon that coincided with a rare lunar eclipse. Next time it will occur is 2033, so this would be it, I thought. That was my plan. But as the day progressed the skies got cloudier, and at dinner time it was pouring down. Followed by a thick cloud cover. I went out just before 9 p.m. and could spot the moon every now and then behind passing clouds. I took a few practice shots, like this one, and went back inside.

supermoon 2 sept 27 in cloudsNow equipped with the evidence that the supermoon really was there, I was hoping for some miraculous clearing of the skies. An hour later I went outside again with my equipment. Now I couldn’t even see where the moon was! The cloud cover had gotten much whiter and thicker on the eastern side of the sky. While the western sky, over the ocean, sported clear skies and stars. My eyes were nailed into the skies, and for one spit second I spotted a partial eclipse around 10:40 p.m. I had to accept I couldn’t move the moon westward, and my hope faded as the clock ticked away. Disappointed I returned back inside after 11 p.m. Not one picture. Nil.

So I looked at my pictures of the supermoon that occurred last fall. They were quite nice, but without the rare eclipse.

supermoon last fall 2 oct 9 2014

I decided to swallow my disappointment, and started playing with the partial shots I got earlier in the evening. And created some digital art using many different filters. So here are my pictures of last night’s supermoon. Colorful, and quite rare, eh?

supermoon digital art 1supermoon eclipse in cloudssupermoon art 4

I even recreated the partial lunar eclipse that my artistic eye saw for a split second or so.

supermoon eclipse 2 in clouds

It was fun and soon I forgot my disappointment in the weather gods. May they give us enjoyable weather until the next occurrence in 2033. I hope to post some good pictures then. Hehe. Stay tuned.

I’m sure many photographers will be posting great pictures from last nights heavenly show, like my friend Amy did. I wish you all a super week!

56 thoughts on “The Lunar Eclipse That Wasn’t. An Adventure into Imagination.”

    1. Thank you Lorrie! I was too disappointed to go to sleep so I thought I’d see what I could do with the pics I got earlier…they came to life this way this way 🙂 Have a blessed week, Lorrie ❤

  1. I love your shots! We had clear night skies, so I saw the moon in all it’s glory. But, my camera is a very outdated digital and takes crappy shots so although I did take a few photos, nothing like yours. 🙂
    But it was wonderful to see right out my office window and over the coolies. Was so big I can see why my ancestors either worshipped it or were terrified.

    1. Oh, I’m happy you could see it. The moon was very big, I could see it partially earlier in the evening. And I can easily imagine how it might’ve been to see this occur in ancient times. So now we’ll have to wait for 2033 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Brad. I have pictures from two previous supermoons, but this time it was left entirely up to imagination. Have a beautiful week.

  2. I saw the moon on Sunday night and I see it tonight but at the most important hour it was hidden behind thick cloud. So I am another disappointed commenter. Your post cheered me up!

    1. Happy it cheered you up, Gallivanta. I needed cheering up as well, and the digital dark room always does the trick. Particularly if I decide to be generous with color.

  3. Wonderful images that you’ve created here. Helen. It was cloudy here too, but I’ve certainly enjoyed seeing other people’s images. 2033 is certainly far into the future, but hopefully we’ll still both be around. 😕

  4. Tiny, your closeup shot of the moon is amazing! Just wow! And what you did with your filters again amazing! Thank you for the link in your post to Petals. It was my pleasure to be able to show you what I saw. I don’t think I will be here for the next Blood Moon so I made sure I documented this one. I have about 300 frames in all, all not good, but most are. It was quite the adventure. Hope your day is going well. I’m taking a bit of a break from blogging. I need it. Love you! Amy ❤

    1. I am so happy you could observe and document this historic event, Amy! And share this adventure with all of us. Thank you!
      I used to post every day for quite a while when I started blogging. Now I need my little breaks so I don’t feel it becomes a burden or a stress. So I post when I feel like it. You take the breaks you need, we’ll always be here 🙂 Much love, Tiny ❤

  5. The weather here didn’t allow us even a glimpse of the moon so in comparison your shots are fabulous Tiny. Let’s compare notes again in 33 – my daughter has promised me she’s already put a reminder on my phone for me, lol! 🙂

    1. Thanks Joanne! And we’ll try to go at it in 33 again! Your daughter is keeping up with the times….you just need to transfer that reminder from phone to phone until that time 🙂

  6. The second is a stunning moon shot! The clarity is incredible! Love what you did, Tiny! Very cool. 🙂 We had a cloudy night, got to see it just a few minutes… 😦

    1. Thank you Amy! I have some okay moon shots, but this was such a rare event…seeing it even for a minute or two would’ve been nice. Oh well, we can’t control nature. I’m happy friends got and shared great pics!

  7. You are now a pro with mastering the photographic disappointments that nature often presents, Tiny. I really like your colorful and creative shots, and appreciate the upbeat attitude.

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