Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half (8 Images)

This week’s DP photo challenge is “Half and Half”. It leaves room for quite a bit of creativity in the interpretation. I like that. Many things in life are half and half. Even today is half rain, half shine. Different from the day last winter, when the view from my terrace was half fog, half sky.

About half of these images are newer, the other half older. Almost half of you may have seen about half of them before. But because my hard disk is only working half and half since Friday, I can’t process brand new ones right now. I’m expecting a whole new hard disk to arrive at half week. I wish everyone a great week ahead, may there be nothing half and half about it.

You can find other responses to this challenge here.

golder hour on the Gulf
The golden hour on the Gulf.  Half sky, half ocean.
juvenile backcrowned night heron half and half
A juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron. Half adult, half baby.
A crater lake in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda. Half crater, half lake.
A crater lake in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda. Half crater, half lake.
tri-colored heron portrait half and half
A Tri-colored Heron. Half in the picture, half outside the picture. Half sharp, half blurred.
two little boys on the beach
Two little boys on the beach. Half winter, half summer. One visitor, one local.
beach sunrise half and half
Sunrise on the beach. Half sand, half sky.
bumble half and half
Bumble. Half dog, half human. Or so he thinks.

55 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half (8 Images)”

  1. Really lovely pictures, love the tri coloured heron’s colours, and beautiful reflections, yes, and we have a dog like yours who thinks it is human also:-)))

    1. Happy you liked the half/half pictures. The Tri-colored Heron’s colors vary quite a bit in intensity, a few weeks ago I saw one with more “muted” colors. It’s funny how many dogs think they are human 😀

    1. Thanks Amy! Bumble is such a darling little guy, almost 15 and blind now, but enjoys life to the fullest. Today after dinner, he chased his little foxes around my office. He sends his love ❤

    1. Thanks Sylvia. I’ll tell Bumble, he’ll sleep happy tonight 🙂 The Night Herons are such good photo models, once you get a clear sight into their hiding places, they just look at you and pose.

  2. Beautiful half and half captures but when it comes to Bumble, it wouldn’t surprise me if he considered himself as a human that simply presents as a dog, lol! 🙂

    1. The boys were of approximately same age, but the one running towards the water had probably just arrived from a much colder climate (last fall) and not yet changed to shorts and tee 🙂

  3. Very clever … I have been threatening for the past week
    to get out to Bayport, with all of the storms we have been having,
    the sunsets have been awesome.
    Can’t wait to see your shots,
    maybe in the half week ? ? ? ME

  4. I loved that you got the little boy mid-air. It’s a cute shot. I can easily picture them both running in circles, enjoying the surf and the sun, even if it was too cold for the one who was visiting.

    1. Thanks. I’m happy you liked the little boys, I also thought they were so cute. I have a few other mid-air shots of kids on the beach…they are almost flying.

    1. The Tri-colored Heron is a beautiful, gracious bird – and small, which is not easy to see from pictures. Happy you liked my many halves, Elena.

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