My Muse is on the Loose. Weekly Photo Challenge (13 Images)

To tell you the truth, she’s actually wild. Or maybe I should say she always wants me to shoot in the wild. Take time off from everyday grind. And buy better equipment. Had she a full say, I’d spend months every year on the African savannah or an a secluded bird island in the middle of the ocean shooting pictures of life in the wild. Looking at the natural world through a high quality super telephoto lens.

great egret honeymoon island Florida
A Great Egret on Honeymoon Island, Florida

But like most everyone else, my Muse has to adapt to life’s circumstances. And to my mini-sized wallet. So now she reluctantly allows me to shoot whatever wildish crosses my path. Which is mostly birds. Like this year’s Osprey chicks getting their fish delivery from Papa Osprey. And learning to fly.

papa ospreys fish delivery Sand Key Park, Clearwater Florida
Fish delivery by Papa Osprey.
osprey chick returns to nest Sand Key Park, Clearwater Florida
The middle chick learns to fly.

Or Mama Osprey defending the nest in a preemptive strike against one particular Great Blue Heron, who’d attempted to raid her home several times previously.

mama osprey prevents attack by blue heron Sand Key Park, Clearwater Florida
Mama Osprey prevents the Great Blue Heron from attacking the nest.

Or it could be Bottlenose Dolphins playing in the calm ocean waters early in the morning.

bottlenose dolphins at caladesi island Dunedin Florida
Bottlenose Dolphins play in the water.

While my Muse still occasionally gets to shoot on wild islands, she’s not giving up on returning to the savannah.

fresh water pond on caladesi island Dunedin Florida
In the wilderness on Caladesi Island.

She constantly nags me about it. Opens old photo albums and makes me scan pictures. Reminds me of the giraffes and elephants I spotted on my first safari ever in South Luangwa National Park in Zambia. Gosh, she says, that was over 25 years ago.

giraffes South Luangwa National Park Zambia
Giraffes on the savannah in Zambia.
elephants in South Luangwa National Park Zambia
Elephant mom with teenagers in the bush, Zambia.

And pokes me about the hippo we encountered on one beautiful New Year’s Eve in Queen Elizabeth’s National Park in Uganda. Remember that pink hippo, who wanted to crash the party on the lodge verandah?

A hippo in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda
The hippo who liked to party, Uganda.

Or the baboon, who taught you about food hygiene? She asks these detailed, leading questions to refresh my memory.

baboon mom with her child in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda
Baboon mom with her kid, Uganda.

She remembers all the wild adventures of the past. From the hyena, who came to our camp in Awash desert in Ethiopia to the lions we encountered just before nightfall in Kenya.

Hyena awash Ethiopia
A hyena makes herself at home in our camp, Ethiopia
two lions in Kenya
Two female lions prepare for their hunt at nightfall, Kenya

My Muse is definitely on the loose. Who knows where she’ll take me in months and years to come. But she’d better have a good plan for taking care of all I need to take care of. And provide a generous budget. Cheers to that, my Muse ~

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45 thoughts on “My Muse is on the Loose. Weekly Photo Challenge (13 Images)”

    1. Thank you kindly, Cindy. Yes, we like the same things. It’s difficult for me right now to stay away from home for longer travels. I’m very happy you share the wildlife you meet so generously through your always gorgeous photos!

  1. How wonderful to go on photographic safari and see these great creatures, yes we always look for excitement of different experiences to help us cope with the humdrum of life. It helps us stay normal in a stressful world and work situation. Your pictures tell of wonderful experiences an times of discovery, thanks for sharing them.

    1. Happy you liked them, some were quite old and scanned from analog photos, but great memories. Being on the savannah, particularly when you are there on your own, is a wonderful experience of nature immersion. I’ve always felt like a tiny visitor to the majestic home of the wild animals. Nothing more soothing.

    1. Thanks Nancy! Caladesi is a place where I want to return several times for hikes in the wilderness there. Just waiting for the weather to cool off a little…

  2. Your muse takes you to so many delightful places. And I’m glad we get to go along for the journey. Looking forward to many more in the years ahead.

    1. Thanks Cyndi. I’m hoping she’ll take me back to Africa at some point, but in the meantime, we’ll explore nature’s beauty closer by.

  3. Nature. There is nothing better for the muse. Great photos as usual, even the old ones. I really like the pink hippo. lol ❤
    How is our little Sindle doing?

    1. Thanks Jackie! The hippo was very interested in us when we sat outside after midnight 🙂 Sindile is still there, does short flights, but is still fed by Papa…less and less now. He’s clearly encouraging her to start fishing.

  4. Lovely sentiments about your muse! She is hard to resist, isn’t she? My muse had to change course after having to go on on dialysis but she’s been able to expand her horizons after the transplant. 😊 And she can come in all disguises..

    1. Thanks Kathy! I’m happy your muse is all mobile again and can roam around in search of beauty 🙂 And yes, it might even be difficult to recognize her at times…

  5. Going back to the Savannah would be fun for you (not for me), but you should give yourself credit for giving her plenty of entertainment right in your own backyard. Traveling is fun, but there’s something to be said for being a tourist in your own hometown.


    1. Thanks Nancy! That is a good point…she does see quite a bit in my backyard. I’ll need to remind her when she gets restless.

    1. I agree, I think she wouldn’t care about those constraints alone…she’d put me on the plane and say – here we go, you pay later 😀

  6. She is quite passionate and determined when she appears isn’t she! Love these photos of your safari adventures in Africa and here. I wonder where she will take you next …. 🙂
    Thanks for the quick Sindile update!

  7. With you all the way on this one Tiny! I too love shooting wildlife – and could use a giant zoom lens if one were to drop in my lap! Of course they’re so heavy now I probably couldn’t carry one anyway LOL!!!

    1. No, none of us could 🙂 I just read about the legendary Canon Super Telephoto 1200mm f/5.6L EF USM Autofocus Lens that was built to order in 1993. It weighs 36 lbs and one (used) is now on sale for merely $180,000. One could shoot sharp pictures of a small bird 1,5 miles away. If one could handle it…LOL

  8. Wonderful memories and beautiful photographs. I also enjoy shooting in the great outdoors and usually stay pretty close to home. Wherever you go to shoot, there is beauty.

  9. Your muse sounds a bit like mine – I would have loved to be a nature photographer. Loved seeing your pictures from Africa – what amazing encounters you have had! And I’ve been delighted to follow the activities of your osprey family. 🙂

    1. It’s nice to have muses that belong to the same family 🙂 Yes, we had so many amazing animal encounters while living in Africa. I used to drive our safaris myself in Ethiopia and in Uganda, we spent at least one weekend every month in the wild. And of course I miss that. But following the osprey family so closely has been a great experience and taught me a lot about them. Right now the youngest chick is out of the nest, flying over the bay 😀

  10. LOL I float in the same boat as you, Tiny!! LOL *sighs* Both Life and budget have me close to home when my Heart soars and yearns to travel to glorious places on this beautiful planet. A day draws near when we both can explore our every Dream ….
    As for this post, OH how I Loved your safari images. Just imagining being in Africa gets my Heart rate up. Lucky you!!! Perhaps some day for you, you shall return! Dream, Tiny!! And don’t stop. I have your lens on my wishlist on B&H. LOL *sighs* Yet I focus on the Treasures I find close to home and what I do find, truly satisfies. GREAT post, my friend! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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