Chasing Ancient Birds. In My Dreams.

There I was, walking around at the pyramids in Giza in ancient Egypt. A few thousand years ago. With my latest Canon. It was hot and hazy, but the heat didn’t bother me. I felt happy and light on my foot, smiled at everyone I met. They were mostly traders returning to Cairo with caravans of fully loaded camels. I was over the moon because I had managed to snap a picture of a Sacred Ibis.

sacred ibis artwork
Sacred Ibis, my artwork based on a stock image.

That bird was Thoth’s favorite. And Thoth represented many things important to me: knowledge, writing and justice. Even a little bit of magic. I had never seen him in person, of course, but he was pictured everywhere with a head of an Ibis.

Thoth, pictured on a wall in Cairo.

The Sacred Ibis was also the first letter in the hieroglyphic alphabet. An important symbol of writing and preserving the stories for the afterlife.

Egyptian papyrus art
Art work on papyrus.

After getting my all important shot, I went to see the scribes and artists in the nearby village. Some of them had simple workshops, but many were writing, drawing and painting on their papyrus rolls right in the open.

Egyptian papyrus art
Art work on papyrus.

Their art was nothing short of amazing. I tried to buy a few art works but somehow my paper money didn’t do the trick. So a few of them took pity on an art-hungry stranger and gave me samples of their work for free. I was grateful for their kind gesture.

papyrus art
Art work on papyrus.

After receiving the rolls, I said my goodbyes and walked back to the pyramids. I asked one of the guards to take a picture of me.  For my blog, I told him. To my surprise he didn’t even ask me how to use the camera, just snapped the picture and smiled. He was more interested in my camera bag of soft leather, and asked who’d made it. I said I didn’t know, but that it was probably made in China. He thought it was funny and burst out laughing. He couldn’t fathom that there was no art work on it.

at the pyramids
Tiny at the pyramids in Giza.

Soon after my picture was taken the wind started blowing. A sand storm was approaching. Still remembering the previous storm, I didn’t want to get another sand corn in my eye. So I  decided to return to Mena House, my accommodations for the night.

Giza pyramid from Mena House L

Suddenly I woke up. The sun was shining in my face. I wanted to go for breakfast in my favorite spot, out in the gardens facing one of the pyramids. But found myself back in my bed in Florida. My hubby was already up, Bumble was still snoring lightly next to me. It took me a while to wake up to my current realities of a new week in the 21st century. And I couldn’t help but wonder where this pleasant dream had come from. My hubby of course has a theory.

I hope your week has started well.


29 thoughts on “Chasing Ancient Birds. In My Dreams.”

    1. Happy you enjoyed it Nancy. This was a funny dream I had…it mixed the past (my several visits there and what I know about the history) and the current (my passion to take photos of the birds here)…and it was so vivid I had difficult to wake up…You’ll wake up to a much better day tomorrow, you’ll see.

    1. It was a dream I had. It mixed past reality from my several visits there with historical and present stuff, like bird photography, in a funny way. Very vivid. So I thought I’d share the dream and some of my photos and art works from there…

    1. This was once-in-a-year kind of a dream…it’s funny how everything, like modern technology and ancient times, blended together without any problems. The papyrus art is truly beautiful, lots of detail and vivid colors. These three I’ve not framed so it was easier to take a picture but the texture is almost impossible to capture.

    1. Thanks for coming along Cyndi! I’m grateful to have seen a lot, but rarely things come together in this really surreal way. It was a happy dream 🙂

  1. Wow, Tiny, this is an incredible journey. Are you sure it was a dream? It felt so real to me. It’s evident you were at the Pyramids yet the overall feel of this story it is as though it really happened. How fascinating. The artwork blew me away! (((HUGS))) Amy

    1. Yes, this was a dream…and I remember marveling over the fact that the guard could use my Canon, just like that 🙂 I had forgotten about this art work I got on my first visit there (I have only one framed on the wall) and had to think about where I had stored them, but I was happy to find them again. So much detail and vivid colors!

      1. I just wonder if you were astral traveling, because this dream just felt so darn real. As I have come to understand, ALL is happening at once, as there truly is not time. Now try wrapping your head around that and you just HUH? But, that is what I have come to “understand” even though I don’t “understand”. LOL Confused yet? Hehehehehehe xx

    1. Thanks! It’s been very much the same for me. Every time I’ve visited I’ve felt like I was immersed into the ancient times. It’s fascinating indeed.

  2. Isn’t it so amazing how our dreams play out! some of my dreams are almost a whole story in themselves with plot complexities, dialogues and scenes like I’d worked all day to write therm. Sounds like you have some equally interesting ones. And my poor husband says he never remembers his dreams.

  3. The mind is such a wonderful thing, able to take bits of reality, mix them with other thoughts and impressions and then render back a different story–one that can often reveal bits–previously unknown–about ourselves. Now, how DO you put it all together? I suppose that’s the task for the next little while. Or perhaps a long while.
    I, nonetheless, was intrigued and loved the words and images.

    1. Happy you liked it Maurice. Your question is intriguing, how do we put it together. I laughed in the morning when I remembered telling the guardsman that I’ll need the picture for my blog, and that he had no problems using my camera, all that blended with meeting the scribes and the artists thousands of years ago 🙂

    1. Happy you liked it. It was a real dream where all my visits (many for work) to Egypt were mixed together. In a dream, the ancient and the modern can live amazingly well side by side.

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