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Musing Monday: Stop Weaving

“In Silence there is eloquence.

Stop weaving

and see how the pattern improves.”

– Rumi

We might believe we are at the controls of our life, and therefore able to weave whatever pattern we have designed. But many of us have already learned that the pattern we’ve weaved doesn’t look anything like the design we had made. And some of it certainly isn’t that eloquent. Can we stop weaving and trust that the pattern will improve? Something to ponder this week … when the Selfie Sticks sell like butter.

Confessions of a Rescue Dog

“I’ve learned to trust again. I’ve learned to play again. I’ve conquered my fears. But most importantly, I’ve learned never to lose hope.” That’s Bumble’s message to his readers on the back of his new book “Confessions of a Rescue Dog“.  He generously shares what he has learned and let’s the reader peek into his world through touching and humorous observations.

Bumble plans his escape.
Bumble plans his escape.

Bumble hopes this book will be a heart-warming treat for pet lovers of ages 10-100, but more importantly, he hopes it will raise awareness and much needed funds to help more shelter animals find loving forever homes. He wanted to post an excerpt for you to read here. It’s about one of his favorite activities, visiting a small uninhabited island for a swim and a nice picnic:

“I love to go to this one particular island. It’s uninhabited and few people ever go there. It has shallow white beaches, and the sand is soft. My family likes the crystal clear water, and we spend hours snorkeling. This is where I also go into the water to swim and snorkel. It’s such a wonderful beach….Last time we were there we got a surprising visitor, completely unannounced. We were all swimming and suddenly mom was screaming. I thought she’d been bitten by a big fish, like a shark or something. I was ready to swim to her rescue!

Bumble goes swimming.
Bumble goes swimming.

Then I looked more carefully and saw a large dolphin. They are nice, intelligent animals and not fish. Mom had told me that earlier when we saw two of them swimming ahead of our boat. This one was swimming around mom, who was now standing waist deep in the water. She had been a bit scared when the dolphin first came to nudge her, but now she was delighted. The dolphin stayed with us for a while and then swam out to the ocean. The whole experience was very special.

Another thing that I love about these small outings is that we usually go out in the morning and return just before sundown. That means lunch on the beach somewhere, and I mean an excellent lunch on the beach. Mom never brings my bowl or my food, so I get what they get. Usually chargrilled chicken breasts or yummy sausages! I love the lunch time on these trips. I get pieces from everyone, and no one keeps a count. That’s what I call a picnic! I’m suggesting we make a small boating trip a regular feature in the weekend calendar, every week. No one would ever be bored.”

You can read another excerpt here. It is about the time when Bumble had just come from the shelter to his new home and was rediscovering how to play.

His book is finally available on Amazon US as a paperback and also on Kindle! In addition, it will be available on other on-line book sellers in the US and on Amazon’s sites world-wide in the next few days.

We both hope you’ll enjoy it!

Getting Rid of the Squatter

I’ve discovered that a squatter has been staying on my premises every now and then. He appears to have been here much less often now than he used to previously. That’s of course a good thing. And he’s more shy and unassuming now than he used to be. You know, earlier he was so bold. He would come up to my face and tell me that he was here to stay. He would sit in my best sofa and just make himself at home. Sometimes he even took the throw to warm himself.  To look cozy, like he belonged here.

When I asked him to leave, he would just linger there somewhere, and once he even showed me his ID. I remember his last name was Worry.  I think he has changed it now to something less obvious. But I suspect he might still be trespassing at times. Like a shadow next to you that you can’t really recognize at once. He’s hard to pin down. That’s so him, comes and goes.

So more recently I’ve taken precautions to make sure Mr. Worry doesn’t get in any more. Started a renovations project. First, I changed my locks. Bought nice, high quality locks of the new Positive brand. They seem to be working really well, haven’t seen him coming through the doors for a long time now. And I also changed my windows to the Negative-Resistant type so he can’t come in that way, or even see into the house to learn what’s going on. Finally, I repaired the roof with new Protective sheets of the durable Trust brand to ensure there were no leaks. All in all I’m happy with the results of my renovations.

However, during big storms I can still sense he’s close by. In the vicinity somewhere. It could be my wild imagination. Or could he still be slinking in quietly through the chimney? I better put a new cap there, just in case. You know the one that they call Let Go. It allows smoke and steam to blow out to the winds, but doesn’t let anything in. That should work.