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Musing Monday: Quiet Eye

With an eye made quiet

by the power of harmony,

and the deep power of joy,

we see into the life of things.

– William Wordsworth

I like the sentiment of a quiet eye. An eye that not only sees the blessings we have, but also the blessings we can give to others. An eye that appreciates the message and the joy of the Season. And sees into the life of all things, much beyond the hubbub going on around us.

At Home. In My Habitat.

It’s nice to be away. Change surroundings every now and then. Enjoy the company of people precious to us. Do other stuff. Take a break. But after a wonderful time away, it’s good to come home too. To me it also means coming home to my nature experience. So soothing.

pelican at sunset
A Pelican at sunset time…

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home” – Gary Snyder

You guessed it. The first thing I wanted to do after returning home was to take a walk on the beach and check on Papa Osprey in the nature reserve.

papa osprey portrait
Papa Osprey says hi…

He was doing just fine. And seemed quite happy to see me, don’t you think? Actually, everything was fine and very lively. It seems that the “snow birds” have returned in big numbers. Just look at this Ibis island.

family of ibis with juvenile
Family gathering…

The whole extended family with a juvenile had come to enjoy the comforts of the nature reserve. And Egrets were out in big numbers as well. I counted 22 Great and Snowy Egrets in the salt marsh!

great white egret
Great Egret hunting…
snowy egret grooming
Snowy Egret grooming…

And a Roseate Spoonbill was flying high over Papa osprey’s nest on her way to the more dense areas of the park.

roseate spoonbill flying
Roseate Spoonbill flying high over the park…

I witnessed many interesting developments, but I’ll leave those for later posts in the next couple of weeks. Now I’ll be off reading blogs, lots to catch up on!  ❤