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The Grip of Winter…

Still seemingly strong

the iron grip of winter

starts to break slowly

drops reveal warmth underneath

new life waiting to break free.

A tree in full bloom

difficult to imagine

just few weeks ago

when snow kept coming down hard

and spring was a distant dream.

* * *

Thanks blogging friends for providing the inspiration for these two tanka poems in your comments yesterday. Have a wonderful “spring time” weekend everyone.


lake landscape colored pencil

Do you see the dull winter-gray landscape

or the muted colors of earth resting?

Do you notice the barren trees and ugly grounds

or sense the nature preparing for new life?

Do you dread the short dark afternoons

or enjoy the occasional modest glow?

Do you feel despair lurking around

or cheer on the forthcoming freshness?

Do you live separated from or as a part of

the amazing cycle of life?

A Reminder

We say bye to the fall

its crisp air and brilliant colors

slowly fading away

as winter approaches

contrasting light and dark.

Now, be reminded of spring

awakening of existence

budding leaves, green grass

the hikes in the wild

and the warmth of summer

wild flowers so tender

that they touch our heart.

Everything in nature’s rhythm

– like in life itself –

has it place, its time

its edges and curves

and its momentous brilliance.