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Pebble on the Beach

Holding a small pebble

in my hand, I observe

it doesn’t look much, but

it’s smooth to the touch, and it shines

in the last rays of day.

It’s been ground

against others of its kind

in stormy waters, it’s been

tossed around by fierce winds

and caressed by sun.

It’s one among many stones

some rough, some smooth, and all of them

together form the beach

I realize this tiny pebble is me

we are all in this together.


lake landscape colored pencil

Do you see the dull winter-gray landscape

or the muted colors of earth resting?

Do you notice the barren trees and ugly grounds

or sense the nature preparing for new life?

Do you dread the short dark afternoons

or enjoy the occasional modest glow?

Do you feel despair lurking around

or cheer on the forthcoming freshness?

Do you live separated from or as a part of

the amazing cycle of life?