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Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Small Subjects

Cee has these interesting photo challenges so I wanted to play again. A good excuse to take a long lunch break from my bring-home-the-bread projects. I’m not a master of anything in photography and even less so when I can’t hide imperfections in bright colors, but it’s always fun to play. I remember the old days when we used to develop black & white photos in a makeshift lab in our only bathroom. What a mess it was! But today we’ve gone all digital, and it’s like magic. Now color…poof…and now black and white 🙂

So here are three photos as my contribution on “small subjects” – in addition to the featured image of white palm flowers.

The child and the ocean by Tiny
The child and the ocean by Tiny

The child going for a swim here is definitely small compared to the vast ocean. Yeah, this is an old photo. I was young and he was only 4 at the time.

Little song bird by Tiny
Little song bird by Tiny

I heard this tiny bird sing at sunset time one evening when walking my dog Bumble. It had turned its little butt my way and was singing a beautiful evening serenade…unfortunately the tune didn’t stick to the image.

Fog rising by Tiny
Fog rising by Tiny

This is a picture of fog coming out from the ocean and rising fast. The whole landscape was covered in fog.  The only thing I could see from my terrace was the rooftop of this 18-story condo building. Theoretically speaking a building is not a small object, but one could argue that the chimneys of the building are very small compared to the fog-covered 180 degree landscape. I was fascinated by the eerie fog enveloping everything that morning!

Now back to work. Boring.


Silent Dreams

Newly frozen lake

Bright reflections of life

On crystal clear ice

Spellbind her heart.

In her silent dreams

Beautiful thoughts

Like vibrant flowers

Bud in the snow.

Reality curves outward

her mind turns inward

stillness floods the canvas

and she just is.


Wherever we are in life

each day the evening comes

taking the day in its arms

just briefly looking back

before darkness embraces

the elaborate narrations

of the day going to sleep.

And when the stars light up

emotions and thoughts stay

building a mystical bridge

for continuation of the play

our own individual drama

in stillness of the spirit.