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Congested Airspace. Papa Osprey in the Control Tower.

Yesterday was the liveliest air traffic day in the nature reserve so far this year. Everybody was flying somewhere. At whatever altitude. Papa Osprey perched on the corner of his nest and watched the skies, much like an air traffic controller.

papa osprey alarmed watching the skies
Papa osprey watches the skies…

He was busy shouting instructions on when and where to land. And, in some cases, not to land at all. He was very clear about that. And loud. Landing permit denied.

papa ospey's warning calls
Papa Osprey controls his airspace…

The two gentlemen in question were ospreys. He saw these guys zooming into his airspace like fighter jets, one chasing the other.

two ospreys flying
Two ospreys zoom in…

The pursuer also had some questionable cargo. A half eaten fish was dangling from his talons.

other osprey or who
One osprey has become the hunted…he flies towards the ocean
another osprey with half fish flying
Another osprey with his meal in tow…is chasing the first one.

Papa Osprey must have concluded that something fishy was going down. Maybe the hunted, who strongly resembled the other guy hanging around the area, had tried to steal the cargo. And now had to flee to avoid punishment.

the cause for alarm the other osprey
Full circle, now flying towards the bay…
osprey with half fish
The pursuer doesn’t let up the chase…

They flew a couple of rounds above the nature reserve. You know, as in circling the airport. But got no permit to land from Papa Osprey. So off they went to settle their dispute on the bay-side. I could see Papa Osprey relax just a bit. But the congested traffic pattern continued. A Great Egret was taxing out and took off at the other end of the salt marsh.

Egret flying
A Great Egret jets by…

She reached her cruising altitude in no time and was shooting away like a small jet in the general direction of the bay.

egret landed
A Snowy Egret lands in the high grass…

In another part of the salt marsh, a Snowy Egret had a rough landing on a small island. She missed the airstrip and landed in high grass. Almost simultaneously, a Roseate Spoonbill landed on the neighboring island. Dangerously close to an Ibis waiting on the taxiway. But so far so good. No accidents to report.

A Roseate Spoonbill lands on a neighboring island...
A Roseate Spoonbill lands on a neighboring island…

In the meantime, the island hopper, a Great Blue Heron, took off from the runway closest to the ocean.

great blue heron bird taking off
A Great Blue Heron takes off…

He flew extremely low. Like trying to fly stealth under the radar.

blueheron flying 826
…and flies over the water, under the radar…

I’m sure Papa Osprey detected him anyway. But he let it be.  It was a short domestic flight from one island to another.  Soon the heron landed safely at his destination.

Blue Heron landed safely
The Blue Heron lands safely…

After that a pelican passed over the salt marsh at an unusually high cruising altitude. I guessed he was going on a fishing trip in the ocean as the landing gear was still up.


Then the traffic finally calmed down. The skies were empty and peaceful again. Well ahead of the Labor Day weekend. Papa Osprey took a well deserved break.

papa osprey says hi 826

Be well now…and if you’re going somewhere for the long weekend, please stay safe in air, on the road and in the water.  ❤ Tiny


Labor Day Labor (or Guest Post XVI)

Hiff there! Today is Labor Day. Mom told me. She didn’t want to do the labor of posting anything today, so I volunteered. I like sitting in her new leather chair outfitted with my blue pillow. I feel special.

But I’m wondering what this day really is for. From where I sit, in mom’s chair, it’s not so easy to understand. First I thought this was a day when people volunteered to do labor, you know, helping others. But many people seem to be off today. Not doing any labor. If we don’t count laying in the sun on the beach as labor. But maybe it is?

It’s quite hot today. It must be laborious to get up from those little beach chairs. They seem to sink into the sand pretty fast. Then the people have to walk to the ocean to cool off. Swimming is hard work, not easy to stay afloat unless you move all your paws vigorously. Have been there, done that. And then they have to fetch drinks. I see them digging into those big boxes with wheels. Some people seem to do that often, and all of them are balancing big plastic mugs.  When they get up some of them are so exhausted they can’t walk straight. It must be hard.

And there is so much drama going on. I’ve heard the sirens far too many times this weekend. You should’ve seen last night. Just when mom and I were quietly strolling along the side-walk, I got the scare of my life! I heard the breaks squeal and then a real loud bang-bang, right next to us! So scary. I had to go and inspect what happened.

Three cars had tried to go on top of each other, I think. Anyway, that’s how it looked from my viewpoint…and that’s not good. Luckily there were no dogs in any of the cars. And the people in all cars came out by themselves in one piece. But then you should have seen the activity. So many red and blue lights. My poor eyes were hurting so we turned and came back home. But I wonder why those things happen on a straight street where cars cannot even go fast. At least mom says so when I ask her to speed up so my ears would flap harder. Maybe these people just didn’t pay attention…or had been fetching other than filtered water on the beach?

But now I have to GOOGLE. Mom says that she googles everything she doesn’t know. I wish she would google the best dog massages. She is quite good, but sometimes she forgets my ears. I love ear massage. Oh, I almost forgot. I need to google Labor Day. Yeah! Mom was right, GOOGLE knows everything! Here we go: “Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.”

There it is. I hope you can read it and do the right thing. But I’m a little disappointed. That language is not for dogs. I know what well-being means. It’s when you have a bowl full of soft chicken stew, filtered water in the other bowl, you have an obedient companion for regular exercise, warm lap to snuggle in and a soft bed for a good nights sleep. Oh, I should say soft and large, more like half of a king.  So I can sleep in any direction. Straight, across and sideways.

I also know what dedicated means. Mom says she dedicates so much time to me. Why not all the time? My previous momma did not want to dedicate any time to me, she left me in that shelter on Christmas Eve. I was a young boy then, but you don’t forget those things. Forgive yes, forget no. Don’t you now forget what the Labor Day is all about. Do the right thing and celebrate responsibly.

Now I need to take mom for her midday walk. But we’re not going to the side walk…we are going to watch squirrels. Take care now and be safe. – Bumble