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A Journey into the First Night. On My Terrace.

The last day of the year was coming to an end. Fleeting rays of the setting sun performed their last dance around the tree tops. Dusk started to settle over the salt marsh. And most birds were tucked away in their sleeping quarters.

salt marsh at night fallThe ‘blue hour’ came. Fully booked dinner cruise boats floated from the bay onto the ocean. But at the darkened northwest corner of the park now closed, activity continued all evening long. Until the last hour of the last day of 2015.

clearwater pass and the sand key park at blue hourAs the midnight hour approached, the moon slept on its big tummy on a misty bed over the bay. The Christmas tree at the local hospital on the opposite shore was brightly lit.  Lights were still shining from many windows. For some fellow passengers on this earthly journey, the first night would be greeted in a hospital bed.

And then the ball finally dropped in front of the crowds in the big city. The skies were set alight. Followed by loud kabooms reverberating over the salt marsh.

first night fireworks Star showers fell towards the ocean and the beach. Shapes in bright colors filled the sky.

first night fireworks fireworks And if the salt marsh residents had not covered their eyes and ears with their wings, they did see  a bird looking right down on them from the skies. A symbol of something we all need. Peace.

new year fireworks 2016The Night Herons and Barn Owls were certainly not the only birds awakened by people’s celebration at this first hour of the first night. But luckily it soon became quiet. The moon wiggled out of its misty bed and shone brightly to light up the first night. Once again, a new year was born.

half moonMay 2016 bring us peace and contentment.

A Silent Conversation

Looking out of the window in the late afternoon of a cool autumn day, two birds silently converse.

Do you think the winter is coming early this year?

It certainly looks like that. Snow flakes in the air and it’s only mid October.

It’s cold in here. Do you think our old lady can afford heat this winter?

I heard her talking to herself last night. Something about too many bills to pay.

She’s worked hard her whole life. I wonder why she’s doesn’t have enough now that she’s old?

Maybe she doesn’t have savings, or she’s not entitled. I heard the man on the TV last night.

I am worried about that. And why isn’t anybody visiting her anymore?

I’ve been thinking about that too. She seems to be all alone these days, except for us.

She seems to be forgotten. And she’s getting so thin and frail. Do you think she eats enough?

I don’t know about that. She doesn’t seem to bring much groceries home nowadays.

I’ve noticed that too and it worries me. She must be hungry. But what can we do?

We will learn to fly! Then we go find her children, grandchildren, friends and neighbors.

And the man on the TV too. We tell them to come see her. Do you think they will come?

Of course they will. They have a real heart. A real heart is fair, and it cares about others.