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Happy Father’s Day, ROY G. BIV! (10 Images)

Roy is not my father. Or any father I know. He’s simply a representative, or an acronym, for the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. And Roy G. Biv is also this week’s DP photo challenge.

As my first response, I have compiled a gallery where each photo represents one color in the rainbow. All made by Mother Nature.

But I have a real rainbow for you too. A scene I captured from my terrace last year. Rainy day turning sunny, as often is the case here in Florida.

rainbow WPC
A rainbow beyond the bay.

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Finally, as Father’s Day is celebrated today in the US and many other countries, I wish all fathers in the readership HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

Blue Africa

And you thought Africa was all brown?

Dust blowing over the dry savannah

animals desperate for water

and the tall elephant grass withering in the heat.

Or maybe you pictured Africa as green?

When the dark clouds drop torrential rains

everything changes into fresh green

and the big herds migrate to green pastures.

But did you see Africa as blue?

The sparking blue oceans that surround it

its azure skies that always bless the land

and its silver blue stars that watch the birds sleeping.

To View Your World

What lens will you use today to view the world?

Maybe you’ll use the macro to be real close?

To see just a little fragment of it, clearly magnified?

Is that all you need to see, your closest little piece?

– – –

Or maybe you’ll want to use the fisheye?

To view your own world, all of it in a bubble?

Focus only on your life with you at the center?

   – – –

Or maybe you’ll choose to use the wide-angle?

To see a panorama, to grasp the big picture?

But is it too far to see clearly or to really care?

 – – –

Maybe you’ll choose telephoto to zoom far out?

To learn what’s beyond your ordinary horizon?

To understand the details and take action?

– – –

Or maybe you are accustomed to colored lenses?

To see the world in you own preferred color?

Red or blue? Black and white? Or just all grey?

– – –

Or you might choose a variety of trick lenses?

To view the world just the way you like it?

Customized, distorted, multiplied or beautified?

– – –

It is a new day for you to see the world.

And you have a multitude of options to choose from.

Ordinary Day

Along an ordinary suburban street

where the ordinary people live

the ordinary change of seasons

produces extraordinary colors.

What else amazing is going on

in the lives of these everyday people

along this commonplace street?

Is there love quietly blooming

compassion getting a foothold

or forgiveness being attempted?

If that would be the case

an ordinary day could suddenly

turn out to be truly extraordinary.