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Homecoming. And Little Miracles.

She saw me. Looked twice. And sang a short welcome-home-song for me. Loud. From the heart.

roseate spoonbills welcome song ud35Then she looked at me as in asking whether I liked it. Miss Rosa made me smile. And I felt welcomed back to the salt marsh.

roseate spoonbill 2 ud35I had finally managed to make the time for a walk to check on my feathered friends. And there was no doubt I was back in Florida. The salt marsh was blooming in all possible colors, delicate and bold.

flower ud35 yellow flowers ud35 red flower tree ud35I found the Mayor at his favorite spot on a small islet. He was in deep thought. Maybe pondering about the upcoming holiday party. It’s always a lively event at the salt marsh.

great blue heron ud35I noticed the herons and egrets had already started changing into their festive breeding plumage. Demonstrated here by the Snowy Egret, and the Great Egret little further away.

snowy egret ud35 great egret ud35Mama Sandy was at the nest when I arrived. But she was scanning the  skies where another Osprey was circling high up at a distance. She nodded a brief hello and flew away after a couple of minutes.

mama osprey at the nest ud35I was trying to get a picture of a Yellow-crowned Night Heron, who was hiding in the high grass, and a juvenile resting in the bushes right below the nest, when I heard Osprey speak.

yellow-crowned night heron ud35juvenile night heron UD35I looked up, and saw Sandy fly right over the nest with Stanley following close behind. Courting behavior. And by flying right past the nest, I thought, Sandy gave Stanley a hint about the proposal gift and the customary dance expected to take place shortly. A strategic reminder that the time for Stanley to come back to the nest was getting close. Three weeks tops.

mama and papa osprey fly by the nest ud35They flew together for quite a while and I decided to check who I could find on the bay side. On my way there, I saw this beautiful Northern Mockingird.

northern mockingbird UD35And was offered a demonstration in magic when a leaf on the ground suddenly started walking. One of nature’s little miracles.

walking leaf ud35On the bay side I was greeted by a flock of White Ibis feeding on a patch of grass. And then strolling back and forth on the sea wall.

ibis on the bay side ud35Close by a female Red-bellied Woodpecker was working on a thick palm trunk. Most of the time only half of her body visible.

female red-bellied woodpecker ud35I was just leaving to go home when I spotted Stanley at the Sailing Center. He was not scanning for fish, instead he was staring intently at something in the direction of my home.

papa osprey looks at mama ud35Walking back home, I spotted the object of his interest. Sandy was perching on the holiday decorated lamp-post closest to our driveway. Love is clearly blooming between the two of them. He couldn’t take his eyes off her.

mama osprey ud35When I reached our front yard, I noticed Sandy was watching me. She clearly knows where I live, and I hope she had missed seeing me when I was away. At least a little bit. It will be a privilege to witness their upcoming nest renovation project and hopefully get pictures of the chick(s) when the time comes.

mama odprey looks at me ud35We all wish you a great week. Cheers from the salt marsh ~




Musing Monday: Nature

The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful. – E.E. Cummings

Today’s thought is about pausing and seeing the beauty of the natural world. The skies, the bodies of water, the animals and the plants. The beautiful whole, of which we ourselves are a part, and the delicious, little details. Mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful will make you smile. If you take the time to look.



Finding Calm

Are you listening to the silence?

Hearing its slow wing beats.

Gazing into life’s depths.

Witnessing inner strength be born.

Sensing worry dissipating.

Finding calm in the middle of struggle.

Be still. 

Be present here.

Open your heart.

Listen to the blessed silence.

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Small Subjects

Cee has these interesting photo challenges so I wanted to play again. A good excuse to take a long lunch break from my bring-home-the-bread projects. I’m not a master of anything in photography and even less so when I can’t hide imperfections in bright colors, but it’s always fun to play. I remember the old days when we used to develop black & white photos in a makeshift lab in our only bathroom. What a mess it was! But today we’ve gone all digital, and it’s like magic. Now color…poof…and now black and white 🙂

So here are three photos as my contribution on “small subjects” – in addition to the featured image of white palm flowers.

The child and the ocean by Tiny
The child and the ocean by Tiny

The child going for a swim here is definitely small compared to the vast ocean. Yeah, this is an old photo. I was young and he was only 4 at the time.

Little song bird by Tiny
Little song bird by Tiny

I heard this tiny bird sing at sunset time one evening when walking my dog Bumble. It had turned its little butt my way and was singing a beautiful evening serenade…unfortunately the tune didn’t stick to the image.

Fog rising by Tiny
Fog rising by Tiny

This is a picture of fog coming out from the ocean and rising fast. The whole landscape was covered in fog.  The only thing I could see from my terrace was the rooftop of this 18-story condo building. Theoretically speaking a building is not a small object, but one could argue that the chimneys of the building are very small compared to the fog-covered 180 degree landscape. I was fascinated by the eerie fog enveloping everything that morning!

Now back to work. Boring.