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Angel Too Soon

angel in the sky


Vicious it came

like a freight train

spiraling down

ripping streets of the town

Over a mile wide

nowhere to hide



and courage

Not a bad dream

no rescue team

could find you

in the rubble left behind

You’d moved on

someone’s beloved son

now high in the sky

left us all asking why

did you become an angel

too soon


From Above

An angel peered down

through a hole in the heaven

saw the people on earth

busy tending to their business.

Their minds were preoccupied

hearts heavy with worry

souls withered by stress

and their lights were dim.

She couldn’t help but wonder

whether this was the best use

of everyone’s limited time

on earth beautiful.

Look up and smile, she said.

In the Sky

I saw her today on my way

an angel, I said to myself, please stay

Up in the sky, somewhat styled

she bent her head down and smiled

I will tell you child, I heard her say

her voice soft with a golden sway

Words have power, you need to know

vibrations will travel in their tow

She told me this, I’m still in awe

then she was gone in a brilliant wave

I saw an angel high in the sky

and she told me the secret, how and why

words can hurt or they can heal

in the eternal vibrational wheel.