42 thoughts on “Temporary.”

  1. Love this Helen! You captured that dragon so well. Never forget that the sun is behind the clouds. Clouds are always temporary. ⛅️🌥⛈☁️🌧🌤

  2. Oh yes, dear Helen; they do come, and, thank goodness, they do go!
    In the right hand corner of your gorgeous image I see the ‘cookie monster’ with his arm/hand outstretched for another sweet/tasty cookie. I just know he, you, and I will find that cookie, again and again. ❤

    1. Your comment brought me a smile, Carolyn. I saw that cookie monster too, although I thought it looked like a ‘ninja turtle’ – a little fighter from the small kids world. But reaching out for a cookie sounds much better 🙂 XOXO

  3. After the storms the sun is shining again,the sky is clear,the clouds are disperced and we often see the rainbow,which is the smile of God.Staggering the ever-changing cloud formations in your skyscape,dear Tiny,soon the dragon will become a flower with soft petals.Best wishes for a cloudless & rainless weekend,my friend 🙂 xxx

    1. Thank you, Dina. I thought the cloud dragon was quite impressive, and a bit symbolic too, but it looks like it would drift away onto the sea quite soon. Have a wonderful weekend, fab four.

  4. Awesome capture Helen, I love looking for ‘something’ in the cloud shapes. How fitting with your poem, I love it as well. May your heart be filled with love and light at any time of cloudiness. ❤

    1. Thank you, Donna. I always look at the cloud formations, but this was the first time I have seen a fire-spitting dragon. But he too disappeared quickly 🙂

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