96 thoughts on “Lift Your Head Up. Just Do It. Slowly. Wordlessly.”

      1. Well, almost sweet Tiny. I did not lose two loved ones in as short a time as you. My heart aches for you. You are going to be fine…I know you will. Love and hugs

  1. A strong message, strong photo ~ we are all by your side Helen. As Karen mentions above, one day at a time. Wishing you the strength and hope of the happiness you will find ahead.

      1. It amazes me at times how special and close this community is ~ truly quality people. The empathy and care can be touching, and so honest and true. Wishing you strength and happiness Helen. Take care ~

        1. I agree with you, Randall. I was tempted not to tell my story…it would’ve been easy to just fade out. But my heart reminded me about the strength of this community and I decided to share my pain. What a wonderful response…so much genuine support. I am optimistic by nature and that helps me to hope that I will find some kind of happiness again in the future. Next month I will embark on a journey to Europe hoping to find my footing again. Thank you, my friend.

  2. Amazing photo Helen. May you feel the presence of the Lord all around you as you grief in the days to come and may His peace that defies human understanding fill your heart and comfort you. Love, blessings, and hugs, Natalie ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. Available to you at anytime, Helen. ❤
        I have read all the comments thus far. You are well loved, appreciated and held in great affection by so many wonderful people. A great blessing, earned.
        I wish you strength, Helen; strength, endurance and love…

  3. Helen, I don’t know what is going on but from the sounds of the comments you are dealing with grief. My Mom is dying right now so I have not been here much. Oh, dear friend!!! My Heart so goes out to you. BIG HUGS and prayers!!! 🌹

    1. Dear Amy, my thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. Yes, I am dealing with grief. My father died on July 9 and while I was in Finland attending his funeral, my husband died here at home of a massive heart attack. I had two funerals in 8 days…and it all felt completely unreal. I was numb due to the pain I experienced. But now I am on the path of acceptance of what has happened and slowly trying to see my path forward. ❤

      1. OMG, Helen! What can I possibly say? Oh Lord! I’m just covered in goosebumps and I’m in tears. I am so so sorry for your losses. I understand only too well all about numb because like you I just cannot comprehend the all that is happening. I too had two traumas … my very dear friend died of a massive heart attack two weeks ago and now my Mom any day now. Lord have mercy! You are in my prayers and I now carry you in my Heart. I understand! Oh God!! I understand! How to put the world back together again when everything is broken. I so wish I could give you hugs for real. BIG (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

        1. Oh, dear Amy. Life is not fair or easy to understand – or accept at times. We just don’t understand. We can’t cope and become numb. I was like a zombie for days after receiving the news of my husband’s death – and then coming back home where he was no longer waiting. One day we are here and then suddenly we’re not. I am trying to lift my head up again, but it’s really hard. I am sending you a thousand hugs and lots of love so you can cope with your mother’s situation. I also wish I could hug you for real. My heart is with you ❤

          1. I read this about an hour ago and within that time I have been thinking. A lot. You and I had been talking over the prospect of doing new …. relating to our blog. Well sometimes in order for new to even happen the old has to leave. I must say this is a hell of a way to bring in new and OH the pain is indescribable. Yet ….. already I am doing something new which is putting up posts every day on Petals (at least that is my goal) for my Mom. This in turn has given me a sense of Purpose and has shaken the paralyzingly grip of numbness and just wanting to do nothing off of me. Now I have a sense of doing something that really means a lot. I pray you get that sense of Purpose as well, Helen. I’m not even sure if I can succeed in what I am intending to do or if I will resort back to that numb place of no man’s land. I don’t know. But today I feel better then I have in many many weeks. We only have this one Moment, something I have been saying for years and knowing it as well, but at times like these I just wish I could die right along with my Loved One who is going. Much Love to you!! No one said Life is fair. It is what we do with it no matter how many lemons we are given. Take care of you, dear friend. Don’t forget to eat. ❤ ❤ ❤

            1. Thank you, dear Amy. I am still in a silent place. My “now” is slowly moving towards acceptance…and one day I will get there. Hugs ❤

  4. Oh Helen, I’m so heartbroken for you. I lost my dad 6 weeks ago after a short but brutal fight with cancer. I can’t imagine the compounded grief you are experiencing. My heart is with you. Sending healing thoughts for peace your way. xoxo

  5. I am sorry for your loss, Nancy. Losing one’s father is losing an important pillar in one’s life. That’s how it was for me. I couldn’t even believe my husband died of a massive heart attack while I was in Finland attending my dad’s funeral. Very slowly coming in terms with that truth now. Thank you for the peace you are sending, my friend.

    1. The final 10 days, in hospital, watching my dad deteriorate to a shadow of his former self was the worst. Those 10 days by his bedside were actually harder than letting him go at the end. We prayed for merciful relief for him. It was absolutely heartbreaking to witness how cancer not only robs one of health, but also of dignity.

      I am so very sorry for your double loss. I can’t even imagine. I have no words I hope that you are slowly able to breathe again. xoxo

      1. Thank you Nancy. I know exactly what you are talking about, experienced it with my mom who died at 39 of cancer. I am slowly healing, although Hurricane Irma’s tour of our beaches was most unwelcome. Thankfully our home was not badly hit. Going home from mandatory evacuation – Dylan and I have been in Philadephia since last Saturday. Hugs

  6. Ah! Helen 💛 I am sending the biggest hug…and so much love. Having experienced half of what you did…I just can’t imagine what you must feel like!! Please know that there are so many here who love you and who are praying for you. One step at a time 💞

    1. Dear Lorrie, I am so sorry for your loss. I thought losing my dad would have been enough. So I really couldn’t believe I had lost my husband too. Now slowly coming into acceptance. Really slowly, one day at the time.

  7. Oh, how my heart aches for you, dear Helen. I just saw your post on FB and had to come over here to make sense of it. I just can’t imagine how very sad and sorrowful your life is at the moment. I’ve been absent from the blogs for a while due to travel, illness and last week’s eye op. Sending you warm hugs and lots of love. ❤

  8. Dear Tiny, the photo expresses well your current season, but it to will pass and you will fly again. But for now, wordless, for it is not words you need but comfort and understanding. The ‘why?’ may not be known this side of heaven, but you will get a clearer picture up ahead as you press into the arms of Jesus. Psalm 119:76 NIV
    [76] May your unfailing love be my comfort, according to your promise to your servant.
    Praying for you dear friend,

    1. Thank you for your prayers, my friend. They are much appreciated…and needed right now. I know I will understand this better, at some level, in the future.

  9. The loss is sudden, the loss is surprising, the loss is painful, the loss builds strength, the loss finds endurance.
    I am reminded of an old Gospel song, called “It is well with my soul.”

  10. A beautiful photo but also so strongly expressing the the sadness and longing in your heart. I feel with you and wish you all the best. Better days will come, and you will feel the strength again. As someone else wrote, one day at a time.

  11. Thinking of you with much love and sympathy, dear Tiny. Life is so precarious and so precious. I hope your memories will bring you some measure of comfort as you begin healing from your losses. ♥️

  12. Helen, so sad to hear about your loss. At our age, anything can happen any day. We try to mentally prepare ourselves for that, and that is undoubtedly easier said than done. Then when it actually happens, it breaks our hearts anyway. However, from the comments here, know that you have many friends and that we all feel for you and hope that this terrible loss will not drag you down any more than it already has. We must go on, for those still living, for the younger generations through whom we, including those already departed, will live on forever.

    1. Thank you dear Hien. You are right, we can never be truly prepared. I am coming to acceptance…and from here, I am sure, it will slowly get better. I have so many friends for which I am truly grateful, including all of you here in the blogging community – and a beautiful family. I hope to be back photographing soon…

    1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this page, Ashley. It has so comforting words, poem and beautiful music. And thank you for your prayers.

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