The Natural Order.

I have come to the conclusion that expressions of order in nature are captivating. Much different from any man-made order, however neat, and more beautiful. In my book, order in nature is of higher quality and its many manifestations are fascinating. I have been digging in my photo archives to show you a few expressions of order in nature as I see them through my lens – with some humor.

Flying in formation: Six White Ibis (featured image) and five Brown Pelicans.

five pelicans in formation UD129Standing in line: Four Willet all standing on their right foot.

four willets on one leg ud129Marching order: Mama Mottled Duck with her ducklings.

mama duck and ducklings ud129Tight formation swimming: Mama Mottled Duck and her ducklings.

mama mottled duck with ducklings ud129Pecking order: 2015 season’s Sand Key Osprey chicks (from the left) 3rd born Sindile, 1st born Lofty and 2nd born Aspire.

three osprey chicks May 27 2015 ud129Landing lineup: Royal Terns’ approach to landing in formation.

royal terns landing order ud129Departure lineup: A group of Wood storks departing in the Everglades.

three wood storks departing ud129Above and below: Four Brown Pelicans flying in “layers”.

four pelicans in flight ud129_edited-1 Backorder: father, mother and baby elephant and three zebras on the savannah.

three elephant butts ud129

three zebras ud129Side order: Two Black Skimmers and two Brown Pelicans flying side by side.

two black skimmers ud129

two pelicans flying tandem ud129Front and back: A Roseate Spoonbill and a Great Blue Heron upfront and a Wood Stork at the back on a small islet.

wood stork blue heron and roseate spponbill ud129_edited-1Law and order: A Reddish Egret chases away a Great Egret, who didn’t have a fishing permit.

Reddish Egret chases a great egret ud129_edited-1Taking turns: One Great Egret eats first, the other one eats second.

two egrets ud129Even disorder in nature can be beautiful: Three White Ibis, one standing on the left foot, two standing on the right foot…

three white ibis ud129…and Monarch Butterflies on a tree in no order at all.

butterfly tree ud129And finally, for our regular readers, there is the current order: The Osprey chick joins her parents to enjoy the sunset glow at the sailing center after a good meal on Marriott’s roof.

osprey chick eats on the roof ud129_edited-1
Arlene has supper on the roof at 7 p.m.
osprey chick hanging out with Mama osprey ud129_edited-1
Arlene and Sandy at the sailing center after sunset around 8:30 p.m.
osprey chick enjoys sunset ud129
Arlene looks for a small “dessert fish” in the water below
mama osprey after sunset ud129
Mama Sandy proudly watches Arlene
papa osprey looks at chick ud129
Papa Stanley lovingly watches his family

I hope you agree that order in nature has many amazing expressions. Have a great weekend!

65 thoughts on “The Natural Order.”

  1. I agree Tiny, some of our best and most interesting photos and observations are when we see various kinds of creatures perform their peculiarity together. We enjoy seeing people dance, sing and swim in coordination adding a greater experience to our appreciation. Thanks for the lovely showcase of ‘order’ Your Mottled Duck is almost identical to our Pacific Black Duck, including the ducklings. This the commonest duck we have, it more brown than black, it must been dark when they named it. Have a wonderful restful weekend my friend.

    1. You are right about the best ‘photo ops’ in nature, my friend. And, of course, nature is a part of the ‘higher order’ as well, which explains a lot. We have two kinds of ducks at the salt marsh, I have noticed, the Mottled Ducks and the American Black Ducks. They are fairly similar looking, but last night walking through he park w/ Dylan, I discovered the latter species. These ducks look almost exactly like you Pacific Black Ducks. I wish you a wonderful week ahead.

  2. Beautiful photos with lots of order and harmony. What struck me in my adventures in nature was how interconnected nature is with so many connections and symbiotic relationships. Sadly, we humans are the only ones who don’t seem in harmony with the overall system.

    1. Thank you, Brad. You expressed it wonderfully. I feel the same way. While everything else is well connected, we humans are not always living in harmony with the overall system. And that has consequences…

  3. I really enjoyed this post and the photos are great. My favourite is the photo of the terns, an interesting angle to photograph them.

      1. Thank you for this great share, Nancy! When we lived in the DC area, we often visited the National Zoo – it’s a great place!

  4. Amazing how this order is so easily accepted throughout every part in nature. The human race could learn a thing or two from this wonderful space! Love your captures Helen. πŸ’•

  5. So captivating, Helen. Yes, nature is truly ordered; ordered and calm, for much of the time.
    Love all your captures. What delights they are to observe. They certainly bring me to a very still place! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you for your beautiful comment, Carolyn! I am always calming down when I observe nature – the beauty of it all amazing πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful week ahead, XXX

  6. How wonderful set of gorgeous photos. Thank You. My favorite photo is the first one, because it reminded me about The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows. .)

    1. I always regain my perspective when spending time in nature. Lately we have had very rainy weather, and while very good and needed, I miss my long walks. I hope your weekend has been nice and peaceful so far.

  7. I so agree with you Helen and what a beautiful collection of photographs you are sharing with us here. Arlene looks so ‘grown up’ and it is so lovely to see how proud her parents are too. Much love from all of us here and we wish you a wonderful rest of the weekend :o) xxx

    1. Happy you enjoyed my take on natural order, Xenia. Arlene is one amazing chick! Last night she was also, without her parents, fishing at the sailing center. Dylan and I saw her scanning for fish and then diving for it. She was not successful that time, but I am sure she’ll be very soon. Have a wonderful week ahead, all of you πŸ™‚ XXX

  8. When I watch large flocks in the air I am always astounded there aren’t any crashes. Particularly the birds that swarm about. It seems chaotic and yet they all move in such order together. Beautiful photos.

    1. I agree! Even when there are hundreds or thousands of birds, they do not crash into each other – quite amazing! Thank you, Sue.

  9. I do agree and the images you found well capture that reality. Love your sense of humor ~ silly great egret showing up without a fishing permit! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

  10. I agree completely with you about order in nature. It is beautiful, purposeful, and probably very efficient and beneficial for the animals or birds. If only humans can learn to do the same.

    1. Thank you, Hien, for your eloquent comment. So true. I hope we humans can learn more from nature, including to preserve it better than we are currently doing.

  11. Sweet Tiny I agree that order in nature has many amazing expressions. I also believe that there are many valuable lessons we could learn from watching the order and life in nature. Amazing captures of the beautiful wildlife that you get to enjoy and share with us. Thank you. Hugs

  12. Tiny, these are wonderful and I can’t help smiling looking at how calmly nature and its animals manages to bring order to their lives. If only humans could do it so easily! The Willets and ducklings are so sweet. Yeah, Arlene has grown and the parents looking proudly on! Thank you for an update about the Stanley family! πŸ˜€β€οΈ

    1. Thanks for your wonderful comment, Annika! I am trying to learn calm from all these birds. They go about their business so gracefully regardless of what happens…they go with the flow of life πŸ™‚

  13. I really enjoyed the beautiful photos and theme of this blog post. Thanks for sharing. The bird photos are breathtaking. My partner Andy and I love storks. I have a poetry blog here on WordPress and today’s poem is about storks in case you have time to look? Have a good afternoon, Sam πŸ™‚

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