Blue Hour Walks. And Adventures of the Osprey Chick.

We have finally gotten some rain.  Refreshing soft rain has nourished the salt marsh and the whole island for many days now. Luckily it has taken frequent breaks at sunset time enabling Dylan to take me on walks late in the day. And we have walked on the bay side. By design.

bayside ud127_edited-1

dylan ud127You see, I wanted to see how little Arlene and her parents are doing. And the best chance to spot her has been late in the evening on Marriott’s roof. She has been perching on the top roof. And Mama Sandy on the lower roof.

osprey chick and mama osprey at Marriott ud127

osprey chick sleeps at Marriott ud127

mama osprey with chick at Marriott ud127_edited-1And you can see from the markings on the wall that she has been eating regularly 🙂 Sometimes Arlene has been sleeping with Sandy perching right next to her, like last Sunday night. Arlene was wet. And that means she might have been practicing diving already, emulating her parents.

osprey chick and mama osprey on the roof ud127_edited-1Papa Stanley has been camping at a distance where he can both see and hear her, either at the sailing center or, late at night, on a nearby lamp-post.

papa osprey waits at the sailing center ud127_edited-2

papa osprey on the lamp ud127_edited-2This is a highly unusual setup. Young Arlene seems to fly a lot during the day. A couple of times I’ve seen her whoosh right by my office window. Then in the evening she returns to “her” spot on the roof for supper. And her parents have adapted. Normally only either Sandy or Stanley stays nearby and feeds the chick after it has fledged, but Arlene has changed their routine.  Both parents are engaged in her fishing lessons, which seem to have started much earlier than for other chicks in past years. You go girl!

On our blue hour walks we have seen other friends as well, like this Yellow-crowned Night Heron on the sea wall.

Yellow-crowned Night Heron ud127And both the Mayor and the young Great Blue Heron have delighted us with their presence late in the evening.

great blue heron ud127

young gret blue heron ud127_edited-1And the other night Dylan spotted some friends practicing paddle boarding on the calm bay. Luckily he didn’t ask to be enrolled in that school.

dogs on paddle boards ud127_edited-1I hope Arlene’s fishing lessons will last a little longer so that we can still find her when I return from a short work trip to the nation’s capital later this week.

Thank you for visiting. Best wishes for a beautiful rest of the week from all of us on the bay side.

47 thoughts on “Blue Hour Walks. And Adventures of the Osprey Chick.”

  1. Great to see that Arlene is progressing well Tiny, and the spring/summer rains have come. We are currently being lashed with heavy winter rains and it is quite cold, which is typical for now. I love the photo of your Yellow-crowned Night-Heron and your striding Great Blue Heron. Enjoy your week my friend.

    1. Thank you, my friend! It is indeed great to see her progression. This evening the rain did let up again and I saw her soaring high up in the sky …and then landing on the roof again…where she started a long ‘song’ asking for supper 🙂 Tomorrow more rain and that is a good thing for us after such a long dry spell this spring. The rest of my week will be pretty much work, but that is all good.

  2. She’s quite the gal! I love how the parents are adapting and supporting her independence 💕 Have a good trip to D.C. May you make a difference in your own way 😎

    1. Thanks Karen! Arlene is indeed both strong and independent. She was still here when I returned, and now spends late nights with her parents on the bay side. But she still always eats on that roof 🙂

  3. Wonderful to know Arlene is doing well even if she doesn’t follow the normal bird rules. It appears that you are the bird whisperer. Each photo the subject standing as if posing for an image by the master.

    1. Your comment made me smile, Sue 🙂 You should see all the photos where the birds are not posing…the wingtips and feet I have captured. Arlene is a very independent girl and I love how the parent have adapted. She was still around when I returned from my business trip!

  4. I think little Arlene is getting used to the daily routines of an Osprey. In no time she’ll be fishing and being more self sufficient. That is embedded in her genes. Nice post Tiny! 🙂

    1. Yes, my office looks out towards the salt marsh, the bay and the Gulf. As the birds fly from the bay to the Gulf I often see them fly by. But I cannot see the Marriott’s roof where the chick is camping…have to go outside for that 🙂

  5. Wonderful images Helen and it is beautiful to see how Arlene’s parents adapt to her needs and guide her so lovingly. I don’t think the whippets would want to enrol in paddle boarding school either!😉 Enjoy the rest of your week and a big pat for Dylan too 💜 xxx

    1. I am so impressed by Arlene…and her parents. Last night after returning from my work trip, I first found her eating on “her” roof and later admiring the sunset with both her parents at the sailing club. I was amazed by the two dogs, they were so “easy” on the paddle boards. Dylan had a bit of a difficulty understanding how they could be on the water, like whippets would have had, I’m sure 🙂

  6. Still smiling from the thoughts behind the last image, Helen! 🙂
    Well, this young girl sure is surprising; maybe she’s the beginning of a new breed of young Ospreys ~ Don’t like the old ways; lets change! Sounds a bit like the young humans I’m noticing! Protests all over the place.. 😉 😉
    Have a good trip. I’m hoping the fishing lessons will not have ceased by the time of your return… But then….. 🙂

    1. Dylan and I were smiling too seeing the two dogs on the water and not in the water 🙂 Arlene truly behaves like the young humans, as you say. She is moving a lot with her parents now, but always camps on the roof at lunch and dinner time. Last night, after returning from my short trip, I spotted her admiring the sunset glow and the full moon with both her parents at the sailing club 🙂 XXX

  7. Seems like young Arlene has a mind of her own. 🙂 It’s good that Stanley & Sandy are flexible in their parenting skills. Love the picture of the heron power walking across the sand. 🙂

    1. Arlene is like no other Osprey chick I have seen! last night she was admiring the full moon at the sailing club in company of both her parents. The young heron’s power walk was quite something…I am thinking to make a GIF out of it, so funny.

  8. It warms my heart to see how close Stanley and Sandy stay with Arlene to teach her and make sure she is safe. She is sure coming along well with all her lessons. I bet you were really happy sweet Dylan didn’t sign up for paddle boarding lessons. lol I bet you both could do it though. Thank you sweet Tiny for the update and sharing these amazing photos. Hugs and nose kisses for you and Dylan

  9. Thanks dear Mags! I am not sure about the paddle boarding…and will not whisper anything about it to Dylan 🙂 Arlene is still here…in company of both her parents. Last night after coming home from my trip, Dylan and I spotted her admiring the full moon at the sailing club. Sandy was very close and Stanley was watching her from his favorite spot on the wind metering device. Many hugs!

  10. Lovely pics. I was led to your blog when I made a comment that i had just seen two migrating ospreys over here (Belgium). You obviously get much closer to them!

    1. Thank you! Yes, we have our “resident” Osprey couple here in the area, although I have not seen the male since I returned from Europe almost two weeks ago…and start to get worried about him.

        1. They have a nest at the nearby salt marsh where they come back every year in December/January to start yet another family. I’ve had the privilege to follow them for the last four years.

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