Secrets from the Dog Park. And the Annual Chick Naming Lottery.

Hi! This is me, Dylan. I’m borrowing mom’s laptop. She is cooking in the kitchen and this is my chance to tell you about my recent adventures. But I have to be brief. I’ll need to go and help mom soon. You see, we have a well-developed division of labor. I have the floor level duty and mom has the stove level duty when we’re cooking together. That usually works very well. Provided she gives me enough to do. Oh, were was I?

Dylan at the computer ud125_edited-1Okay, I’ll get to the point. We have gone to the dog park a lot, usually in the evenings around sunset time. I get to meet my friends and mom hers. The latter includes both humans and the birds at the salt marsh. It’s been very hot lately and that is a slight problem. Lots of hanging around the water cooler. And that translates into late night bathroom breaks. Not particularly popular if mom has already changed to her pajamas. You see, I love running around with my friends and I get thirsty. We all do, all the time. Like Eli and Bently here.

bentley and Elai ud125.jpgI have to admit the water cooler gossip is always interesting. No, I’m not going into details. What happens at the dog park stays at the dog park. But I can tell you that we compare notes. And we share secrets. Like fail-safe tactics to establish a satisfactory treat schedule, how to train your human, and other important stuff like that.

dylan Elai and Bentley ud125Or how to stay at the park until dark. A skill perfected by my friend Saki.

Saki ud125And we speculate quite a bit. Particularly about our parents’ trips. What they might be doing when they leave us for a day or two. Sometimes we can smell that they have seen other dogs, but most often these trips seem to be fairly innocent. Although they are not fun. Not for us.

Dylan at the dog park ud125After running around at the dog park, I let mom run around in the park too. That usually means walking around the marsh. And making frequent stops.

Red-winged Blackbird ud125Oh, there’s a bird, she would say. What that actually means is ‘sit’. And I usually do.

Dylan 2 sits still ud125Although it gets a bit tough when there’s a duck couple swimming close to the shore. I could easily go fetch them. For better close-ups, of course.

florida mottled ducks ud125We always end up at the Osprey nest. And if feeding is going on, we’ll stay there for quite a while. What about my after-walk-snack?

Osprey family at sunset ud125

mama osprey feeds the chick ud125_edited-1And just when I think we’ll be heading for the bay side, mom discovers another bird. Oh, Miss Rosa is sleeping, she says, come, we need to get a picture. We? I don’t get it, we have already seen this pink bird one time too many.

Miss rosa at sunset ud125When we finally get to the bay side, there can be some surprises. Like when I discovered that daddy Osprey, whom I’d just seen at the nest, was suddenly sleeping at the sailing center. How did he get there faster than I can run? That’s a real mystery.

papa osprey at sunset napping ud125_edited-1But I actually like sitting on the seawall watching the pelicans. They sit, swim and fly. And then they sit again. What a circus.

brown pelican ud125

brown pelican 2 eats ud125

pelican in flight ud125

brown pelican ud125And sometimes we see other birds as well. They are looking for supper just before the restaurant is set to close. Hello, the sun is going down!

oystercatcher ud125Or they decide to fly away when they see me at the seawall. And then we’ll finally go home.

tri-colored heron flies away ud125Oh, I almost forgot! Mom told me the other day that I get to do the lottery again. The Osprey chick deserves a beautiful name. But you have to help me. You need to propose names for the Osprey girl – an evanescent opportunity to have an Osprey named by you flying the skies for years to come.

ospey chick 2 ud125Once we have your proposals, mom will write the names on small pieces of paper, wrap them around my biscuits and put them all in a hat.  And I get to pick the winner! Yummy! The winner can choose to get mom’s first photo book from 2015…

osprey book 2015 season…OR a beach towel of their choosing from mom’s art shop. I can tell you they are really soft. I’m not supposed to know, but I tried one the other day. I had wet paws after coming in from the rain. What’s a dog to do but dry his paws in a soft towel?

beach towel -solo-flight-a-h-kuuselaI hope you’ll come up with a great name proposal (one please) and include it in your comments. I’ll get my special biscuit next Wednesday, May 31. As you may have guessed, I’m hoping to eat all of them, eventually. I’m ready for this task of great importance.

dylan may 2017 ud125Take care now and be good. Love, Dylan.

60 thoughts on “Secrets from the Dog Park. And the Annual Chick Naming Lottery.”

  1. Thank you Dylan for updating us with what’s been happening around the water cooler and in general. Good stuff! That young osprey chick is looking ready to try out her flying. I’m sure You and Helen will be there to capture those moments.
    I recall when your Mom identified the surviving chick as a female by her lovely necklace. So I want to give her an elegant name that also reflective that she was survived and was alive. The name that came to me was Olivia. Please ask her to put it into the hat.

    1. Thank you, Val! Yes, we will try our best to capture the chick’s first flight – and we hope it will happen sooner rather than later. And Olivia goes into the hat 🙂

  2. Dylan, you are a fabulous teller of tales! Love your sense of humor. Your stories are almost as good as your mom’s photos, and that’s REALLY good. I hope she will let you share another story soon. You look like a natural at the keyboard!

  3. Dylan, you look just like my poodle Patsy that I got when I was three and throughout my childhood. I miss her so. She was so brave and saved me from rattlesnakes. In honor of Patsy, I recommend her name~

  4. Really enjoyable post Dylan, had a few chuckles along the way, and your internet skills are astounding. I though Pippa was a good name after my grand daughter. Dylan, I think good story telling must be in the family there because you sound just like your mum. Love the pics and I am sure you will handle your important duty with great enthusiasm.

    1. Dylans says thank you, and he likes to hear you chuckled along the way. That makes him happy. And so does your name proposal…it will go to the hat for next Wednesday 🙂

  5. Loved your post, Dylan! I suggest “Arlene” as the name for the baby osprey–your mom knows why!

    1. Congratulations Pat! Your name proposal was picked by Dylan! Please let me know (through the contact page) which of the prizes you prefer!!

  6. Oh Dylan, you are such a delightful story-teller. Now, as for a name for the young lady, please enter the name Evin for me. It’s an old English name for strong and feminine fighter – reminded me of the chick!

  7. Not that I’m prejudice, but, the Boss has a name that would befit any female osprey.
    Iris: In Greek mythology, Iris was the goddess of the rainbow, a messenger for Zeus and Hera who rode the rainbow as a multicolored bridge from heaven to earth. In ancient times, the Iris was considered a symbol of power and majesty, the three petal segments representing faith, wisdom and valor. This colorful image led to the naming of the flower and to the colored part of the eye.

    1. Thank you Michael! Boss had a great name proposal…and an interesting story to go with it! Iris will go into the hat 🙂 Love D.

    1. Thank you Karen! I know a wonderful little girl named Ava, she has a tiny white dog, Lucas, who is my friend. Love, D. ❤

  8. Another wonderful post from you, Dylan; you are definitely as good a writer as your Mom!!! 🙂
    As for the incredible task of choosing a name for our little gem Osprey girl, I know we can trust you to select just the right one.
    Do ask Mom to add the name Gemma; meaning precious gem or jewel…

    1. Thank you Carolyn! Gemma will go into the hat….I do know it is important to pick a good name and I will do my best next Wednesday. Can you see me smiling? Love, Dylan ❤

  9. Dylan is so cute. I wonder how he thinks about my running and walking routines if he sees. 🙂 Love this beautiful set of bird images, as always. 🙂

    1. Dylan would approve your walking/running routines, I’m sure. But he would require stops to sniff on interesting smells along the route, if he’d run with you 🙂 I’ve now learned not to trip when he suddenly hits the breaks and reverses to an interesting spot on the grass.

  10. Floor duty, hee hee. Dylan is an adorable little guy, and very efficient in that duty, I’m sure! As for naming the chick, the word “evanescent” brought to mind “Nessa.”

    1. You are right! Dylan is very fast and efficient in his floor duty. I have to careful not to drop any garlic because that would be like poison for him. But he loves it if I drop some shredded cheese 🙂 Thank you for the name proposal – Nessa is going to the hat!

    1. Thank you Xenia! Orla is a great name and goes right into the hat! We think she will fledge tomorrow. We just saw her getting a few inches in the air above the nest tonight flapping vigorously – tomorrow we will certainly have a camera with us 🙂

    1. Dylan says ‘thank you, Barbara’ and that he likes the name proposal! It will go into the hat for next Wednesday 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Well, sweet Dylan what a nice post on the dog park and you and your mom’s walk around the marsh. Chancy helps Mumsy cook too and he loves the floor duty. It seems you do very well in that position too. Everyone seems to be doing well at the dog park and the marsh. Are you sure you wouldn’t like to share at least one or two secrets from the park with us. 🙂 We hope you all are having a very nice weekend. Hugs and nose kisses

    1. Dear Mags, thank you so much for your kind comments ❤ Those encourage me to post again soon. I love my floor duty and mom can tell you that there absolutely nothing on the floor after we finish cooking. It's all clean 🙂 As to secrets from the dog park…I'm bound with confidentiality, but I can tell you that Saki, Eli and Bently have become my best friends. We run along the fence and bark at the big dogs or look for buried treasures – or we just chill together. Love and nose kisses, Dylan

  12. Oh Dylan you are a marvellous writer! I wish you had met our pup Bruiser who also loved to put paw to paper. I miss him dearly as he did a fabulous job writing our Christmas newsletters. Do tell your Mom that her photos are extraordinary and you deserve an extra treat for being so patient while she takes them.
    Now what to name the Osprey? I’m not sure if we can have two guesses but my husband thinks Ozzie but I prefer Olive.
    Bow wow to you Dylan. What a delight to bark a bit with you.

    1. I wish I could have met Bruiser and I’m sure we would’ve become friends. Mom has told me that we’ll put Olive in the hat because we can only put one name per comment, and it sounds like a nice name for a girl chick. There’s been so much drama at the nest, but I’m sure mom will tell all of it tomorrow when I have done the lottery. I can’t wait 🙂 Love, D.

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