I’m Not Spoiled. But I’ve Trained Mom Very Well.

Donk-glonk-thud. That was not the sound of a piece of cheese falling on the kitchen floor or dad opening the lid of his Greek yoghurt. No, this was something else. I had not yet figured out what that noise could be when I heard mom yelling. *&#@! And she doesn’t yell. Or even raise her voice. Not normally. Alarm bells went off and I rushed into the kitchen. I found mom sitting on the floor holding her right foot, or rather the toes of her right foot. Doggy 2 ud111And I got it. One of the noisy machines she’s been using had fallen on her toes. Poor mom. That’s what you get when you don’t listen. I had told her it was completely unnecessary to clean the house. She could have been massaging my ears instead and nothing like this would’ve ever happened. But I didn’t say I told you so. I just couldn’t. Instead I gave her a lick right on the cheek.

Anyway, she’s not been the only one suffering. Since last week, my walks have been cut short. Initially I could only get out onto the yard. To sniff the same trees over and over. That was boring. Eventually we walked on the sidewalk and I could read some of my newspapers in the grass. But then mom started limping and we had to turn around. After half a mile! And not one trip to the doggy park in the last 10 days.

I was living in the hope that I could skip my grooming appointment. But no such luck. I like my groomer a lot, but I don’t like the cutting, washing and drying. Luckily mom sat and waited for me. She was busy shooting the new dog paintings on the walls of the Grooming Shop.

But I have to admit, it always feels nice when it’s over. The clean smell is good. So coming home, I thought the worst was over. And it was – for a few days. We had family and friends visiting. I was basking in all the attention and enjoying frequent tummy rubs. All was good until early this morning, when mom told me I would need to see my doctor to get my teeth cleaned. And to get my shots. Not good news. I didn’t even want to look at mom after she told me this. Why would I need to go through such an ordeal? Why me?

dylan before tooth cleaning ud111Somehow mom managed to get me into her car and off we went. On empty stomach and all.

I have to confess I don’t remember much of today. I only remember the nice staff at the vet’s office before I fell asleep. It seems I was sleeping for a long while. But I can’t say I’m feeling rested. Or great. I’m groggy and I’m hungry. And my mouth hurts. I hope mom will make me a soft Crème de poulet for dinner. After going through all this I’ve earned something special, don’t you think?

Dylan after anesthesia ud111In fact, I’m still so confused that I don’t even want to jump up on my favorite sofa. I might fail. And that would be embarrassing. I’m just laying down on the hand-me-down bed in mom’s office.  No pictures please. I know this too shall pass.

I want to leave you all with a quote I found at my groomer’s. Something I want to encourage you to ponder. It just might have a useful message. I will discuss this with mom more in-depth when I feel better. And she is back to our normal routines. Hopefully tomorrow.

quote 3 ud111Much love, Dylan

66 thoughts on “I’m Not Spoiled. But I’ve Trained Mom Very Well.”

  1. Oh Dylan, I’m so sorry about your horrible, not very good day. Gulliver recently had his teeth cleaned too, and on top of that indignity, he had a cyst removed from his tummy and had to wear one of those lampshade thingies for 12 days. He was a good sport about it though, and he’s looking much better. I hope you and mom are soon back to your usual routine.

    1. Thank you Skip! Please tell Gulliver that I understand. I had to wear one of those thingies for two weeks after my eye surgery last year. It makes reading the newspapers very difficult. I hope I’m feeling more energetic tomorrow…just need to make one more trip out to the yard before I sleep. D.

  2. Oh dear! The two of you have been in the wars, haven’t you? I hope mom’s foot is soon healed enough for you to take her for walks again. You’ll soon recover from you horrible ordeal. Tomorrow is another day. 😘

    1. Thank you Maverick. I promise to be patient with mom. And that pays off. Today our morning walk was close to full length. 🙂

    1. Thanks Brad! We are almost “there” now. Dylan is no longer wobbly on his feet like yesterday…and I’m getting there too slowly but surely.

  3. Wishing you both better days soon. I enjoyed both the paintings and the quote. Living up to what dogs think of their humans is a worthy challenge indeed!

  4. Darn mom! You going and hurting your foot like that sure put a crimp in Dylan’s routine. Love the dog paintings. Dylan is a wonderful story teller.

    1. Yes, it was a crimp in Dylan routine, but we’re getting back to normal. I can see dog park and salt marsh walks in the near future 🙂

  5. Sorry about the foot. Things happen always. Good thing that you have Dylan to help you out in that kind of instances. Take care my friend! 🙂

    1. Thank you my friend! The foot is close to normal now, but Dylan was patient with me. I miss my birds though and hope to get to see them soon, other than from my terrace 🙂

  6. Our dogs really do run things, don’t they? Mine is hogging the bed by my feet and keeping me warm as I type. She’s asleep like only a dog can sleep. Got to love them. Hope your foot gets better – I’m sure you miss those walks, too. Have a wonderful week.

    1. Yes, we got to love them! And they always love us no matter what…even when their walks are cut short 🙂 I certainly miss the long walks and my feathered friends at the marsh, but hopefully later this week I’ll be up to all that again. Thank you Clay.

    1. Thanks David. Dylan hides under the dining table when I tell him we’re going to the groomer 🙂 I’m happy to say he has recovered surprisingly fast from the anesthesia yesterday… soon both of us will be up to speed again.

  7. If it helps, Dylan, I feel the same way about getting my teeth cleaned. They have to put me out, too… Hope your mom’s toes are on the mend and that life gets back to normal very soon! 🙂

    1. Thank you Barbara! We are getting “there” slowly but surely. By the weekend, we should be able to take full walks, including to the dog park 🙂

  8. Sam agrees with you about the grooming. He likes the afterward but not the ‘in the moment’ so much. Hope you and mom feel better now and tell mom house cleaning is highly overrated. 😉 ❤

  9. Sweet Dylan you are just adorable and we hope you did get something special for dinner after the grooming. We are sure sorry to hear about your mom’s foot and hope it is healing well. We really enjoyed the pictures, especially those of you and thank her for sharing them. Hugs and nose kisses

    1. Thank you Mags! Mom’s foot is healing well, but my tummy got very upset after the anesthesia and the vaccines…and still is. I have to take medicine and eat special food that doesn’t taste much. I’m hoping to be back in good shape soon so I can get my treats. Nose kisses to Chancy, and if Pooh accepts kisses from a poodle, I’m sending some just in case 🙂 Love, Dylan

  10. Sorry to read that you had an accident with your toes Tiny, it can be very painful. I broke most of mine years ago with a sledge hammer while splitting fire wood, both feet on two separate occasions, and I recall rolling around on the grass in excruciating pain for ages, like yourself. I will pray for a fast recovery. Dylan looks real spiff after the groomer, our dog Bella needs that too, but no one can take her to the groomer at present as I have started a new job yesterday. Take a break and rest up my friend, the salt marsh will be so much more enjoyable after your rested.

    1. Thank you for your good wishes, Ashley. My two toes are almost back to normal because they were not broken, almost no pain now when I walk- and already took a walk to the salt marsh yesterday. But Dylan got a bad stomach reaction to either the anesthesia or the meds/vaccines and I needed to take him back to the vet…now on stomach meds and special diet. Poor little one. Have a wonderful week ahead!

    1. Thanks Donna. I am feeling almost back to normal and in fact did a short walk to the marsh yesterday. Trying to get a post out soon…But poor Dylan got a tummy ache of either the anesthesia or one of the vaccines…and is now on meds 😦

    1. I am doing great already, but poor Dylan had a severe tummy reaction to something…either the anesthesia or one of the shots…he’s on meds and special diet, poor guy. But he’s a trooper 🙂

    1. Mom is doing much better, but now it’s me who cannot take long walks. I got a bad reaction to either the anesthesia or one of the vaccines…but mom is a good nurse, I give her that 🙂

    1. Thanks Julie! The quote is great, I just don’t know the author because it was painted on a little wooden picture at the grooming shop.

  11. Oh my, is that what they mean by “It’s a Dog’s Life?” Sounds like you shared the bad day equally – glad to hear you’re both up and at em again!

    1. Thanks Tina! I am almost back to normal now, but poor Dylan is on meds for his tummy that had a bad reaction to something, perhaps one of the vaccines. But he’s a real trooper.

  12. Haha… two little sickies together, so to speak… 😉
    Though, having read a few of your replies, Helen, it’s good to know you are both getting ‘back to your normal selves’. &
    What gorgeous images your vet has upon the walls. I especially like the quote! I haven’t heard that before, but, oh how wonderful the world would be were everyone to treat each other the way most of us treat our dogs…
    So, I agree; this is a conversation all pets should have with their human families! 🙂

    1. Thanks Carolyn! I am almost back to normal, able to take long walks, but poor Dylan got a severe tummy ache from something, whether a reaction to anesthesia or one of the vaccines…poor guy is on meds and a bland diet 😦 I love the quote too, but unfortunately don’t know whose it is as it was painted on a wooden bone at the groomers. Have a great week, my friend. XXX

      1. So sorry to read that, Helen. Poor little Dylan! I know, when I had Beau to the vet to have 2 teeth removed plus a clean, it took a number of days before he was back to his normal little self. They are not unlike children who can’t tell you what’s wrong with their little bodies. Hopefully, he is well soon. And hopefully, your little injury is completely healed soon too.. 🙂

        1. Thanks for your well-wishes, Carolyn. Dylan is a trooper…I just hope the injection he got today calms down his tummy so we both can sleep tonight 🙂 Last night we got very little ‘shut time’. XXX

  13. Love how you tell your stories,Dylan! Dog life is hard, gloomy, walking, dentist appoint… Hope you mom is recovery. 🙂 ❤

    1. My mom has almost recovered, but me…not so much. My tummy hurts and I’m on meds and a special (not delicious) diet. Dog life can be hard…love D.

        1. I’m back home from the vet. I got an injection to calm down my ‘system’ as mom says. I look forward to a long walk tonight. Kisses, D.

  14. Oh no, you two have had a rough week! I hope your foot is much better and that Dylan has recovered from the vet’s visit. Soon back to the long walks! The paintings are adorable and who knew, words of wisdom even at the vets. I like it.

  15. Dear Dylan and mom&dad! All the best for you! You are so lovely and near my heart. Hertta is back at home and sends you nosekisses ❤🐩

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