Christmas Photo Shoot. I Don’t Think So.

It’s not even Christmas yet, but I’ve had it. Please don’t get me wrong. I’m looking forward to my first Christmas with mom and dad. Anticipating great celebrations with my new extended family. Including Amelia, the white Chihuahua, whom I’m excited to meet for the first time. But I’m done with all the pre-holiday hubbub.

amelia-ud96You see, yesterday mom told me we’re going to the grooming place. I tried to hide behind dad’s legs under the table. But she found me. Then I tried to show my disappointment in what was going on by not jumping into her car. She lifted me up. Once in the passenger seat, I turned my back to mom and didn’t even look at her. Not once. She should have gotten the hint. I don’t like grooming and baths. The people there are all wonderful, but I just don’t like the ‘pampering’. But mom carried me in there and I patiently went through all the motions. I was happy when I was done and she came to pick me up. We went to Petco together before driving home. That was a small reward.

dylan-xmas-2-2016-ud96I had a great time there and thought all this pre-holiday stuff was finally behind me. But no. This afternoon mom told me we were going to do a holiday photo shoot. I had no idea what that meant. But when I saw the camera and the Santa hats, I knew it was nothing I’d enjoy. In addition to the possibly blinding effects of the camera, it was obvious that one of the hats I was supposed to wear was huge and the other far too small. Sigh.

dylan-closeup-xmas-2016-ud96But I tried to comply with mom’s wishes after my best ability. While showing my displeasure with the whole procedure. We go though worse trials for love. So she took a few pictures. But just when I thought it was over, she told me there were no pictures. No pictures? Something was wrong with a card she had put in her camera. We would need to do it all over again! Let me be straight. That. Was. Too. Much.

I have to confess that when dad got involved as the christmas-tree-2016-ud96wingman in the second photo shoot, I decided not to collaborate in any way or manner. He whistled for me to jump on the sofa in mom’s office, but I saw right through it. He had no treats. So I remained all alone with the Christmas tree in the living room. Why can’t they just take pictures of each other?

Finally mom came out and went to the kitchen. More precisely, to the pantry I know houses my treats. On the uppermost shelf. That was progress. She emerged with two pieces of my favorite pumpkin cookies. Deceptively she held a cookie piece above the sofa in her office, and I went for it. So there I was, my resolve not to be photographed again in small crumbles. And what did I do? I let her have her shot. But only one. We needed to get over this hump.

dylan-xmas-2016-best-ud96I hope you see what I mean. It should be obvious. This was not what I wanted. And those ridiculous ‘singing’ dogs and reindeers around me. Excuse me. Lets forget about this next year, shall we mom? Now I’m just hoping for one simple thing, a peaceful Christmas. No stress. No more hubbub. Kind and joyful spirit. As it should be.

Oh, it’s time for my evening walk. I think I’ll make mom run. She should get used to regular running just in case she’ll put on weight over the holidays. See, I love her even after all she put me through.

xmas-lights-ud96Mom and I wish you all wonderful Holidays, whether alone or with family and friends. Bring a smile on someone’s face with your kindness. Now that all the ‘stuff’ is behind me, I hope, I intend to do just that. With love, Dylan

63 thoughts on “Christmas Photo Shoot. I Don’t Think So.”

    1. Great that Dylan could bring happy memories to you, Cindy. He has so much personality and lets us know his preferences 🙂 He was hilarious this week with everything that was going on for him. Happy Holidays!

  1. Such patience with Mom should be well rewarded! You look so cute Dylan, it was worth all your displeasure. 😉 After all it is the spirit of the season that counts. ❤

    1. I’m getting some rewards…but to speak the truth I don’t know anything about cute 🙂 I just don’t like the ‘pampering’. But I agree with you that it’s the kind spirit of the season that counts. Nose kisses to Sam ❤

  2. Your story sounds very similar to many families Helen. Dylan looks adorable and you are a good daughter!! Wishing you a peaceful and happy Christmas Helen, I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and your family at the salt marsh this year. 🌿☘🎄🌿☘🎄

    1. Thank you Karen. Dylan is a reat ‘boss’ in the house 🙂 I hope to catch the proposal of Papa Stanley when we come back just before new year. We wish you and yours wonderful Christmas and happy New Year!

    1. I wish you the same, GP! We have a young wounded veteran of three deployments in our extended family so we always remember those who serve/served ❤

  3. Dylan has inherited your story telling gift Tiny, it is an amazing transformation post grooming,. Our Bella totally transforms after pampered pooch visit. Have a wonderful time with your family over Christmas and New Year

    1. Dylan doesn’t like to be ‘pampered’ but he goes through it every time without trauma 🙂 We with you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year!

  4. Gorgeous! Helen, my two are the same. As soon as I point the camera they go all strange on me; must be the camera face I’m wearing. Anyway, those are great images of a very healthy independent and loved Dylan.
    Do have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones…
    Happy thoughts sent your way from Oz… 🙂

    1. Dylan is very independent indeed. When he says no, it’s a no 🙂 It funny how some dogs don’t mind being photographed and other just hate it. And some dogs like to wear clothes or hats and some want to just get rid of them. Now he will soon embark on his longest road trip with us so far. We wish you a beautiful Christmas! Much love ❤

        1. We are just going to see our son’s family in north Florida for a few days. It’s only about 4-5 hour drive, but Dylan has not yet been there, only seen them here, so this will be the longest road trip for him with us 🙂 XX

  5. Oh no Dylan, any chance you’ve been messaging with my teenage son as the two of you sound VERY similar with your displeasure for photoshoots? Unlike my son however you did give mom some cute shots – Merry Christmas to you Darling Dylan and your mom and dad!🎄

  6. I hope you are able to put this dignity-stressing experience behind you, Dylan and brave a New Year with your tail held high. Just don’t pee on an electrified tree and you should be okay!

  7. Thanks Dylan and Mom! A nice story and pictures! And what a beautiful Christmas tree! All the best to you: -) Hertta and her mom

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