Holiday Cheer. An Ad Sponsored by the Salt Marsh Birds.

It took lots of convincing by friends for me to put out this post. It is about my Nature Bound Art shop. I promise I will do this ‘ad’ only once a year. And I want you to know that every little penny I have earned from my images there has gone, and will go in the future, to bird conservation efforts by Audubon Society (this year mostly for the Osprey nest project), Cornell Ornithology Lab and Osprey Watch.

I’d like all friends to know that my Holiday greeting card collection from the salt marsh is now available. In case you still send real cards, please check them out! They are 5″ x 7″ in size and you can design your own message inside the card. They come with white envelopes as a single card, a pack of 10 or a pack of 25 cards.

Holiday greeting card, an example

And now that I have gathered the courage to tell you about my shop, I want to mention that you can find unique, high quality gifts for family and friends there too. I have prepared a small slideshow of products just as an example of what is in my shop – hundreds of different items for adults and kids. And you can customize all of them for size, background color and image position as applicable.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The feedback I have received from buyers has been excellent, and the products I have seen myself have been of high quality. But just in case you are not happy, there is a money-back guarantee 🙂  It would be lovely if you just visited to see what’s there! The birds will thank you.

And just as a reminder, Bumble’s book (see sidebar) is a great gift for dog lovers of any age as well as kids from 10 and up. It is still available on Amazon both as a Kindle version and a soft cover – and all proceeds go to two reputable pet rescue organizations, the Humane Society and Florida Poodle Rescue.

Thank you for visiting. Have a wonderful day.

47 thoughts on “Holiday Cheer. An Ad Sponsored by the Salt Marsh Birds.”

  1. Oh Helen – your store is simply FABULOUS from the sneak peek I just took – the Salt Marsh in all its beautiful glory – I will most definitely be going back for a longer look after this!😃

    1. Thanks Brad! I have shown many of these photos here at some point, but did some just for this shop…I’m not good in advertising, but there is a small trickle for a great cause. Happy pre-holidays 🙂

  2. What a wonderful gesture Tiny, and beautiful quality products. We support Birdlife Australia who are our main bird conservation group, supporting them by membership and purchase of calenders etc. Like your society they are trying to save the habitat of endangered species. This is an excellent way to help fund your Osprey project.

    1. Thanks Val ❤ I am going to add new images, and some more artsy stuff little by little hoping that more people would discover the shop.

    1. The income will be very modest, but when I match it up from my own funds, it will count for something in research and conservation, I hope.

    1. Thank you Karen 🙂 I have such a difficulty in marketing anything I do, but hope more people will learn about the shop so that it will count for something little in terms of conservation and research by time.

  3. All wonderful products and what a great cause! I love the cards, although it’s too late for me to order them now…hope they will be offered next year! Remind me!!

    1. Thank you Susan. Yes, there will be even more holiday cards next year, I hope. And they (Fine Art America) also add new products for gifts little by little.

  4. My word, you are industrious. We blog readers are spoiled to get your wonderful pictures and running commentary for nothing but I do send money to our own RSPB so I don’t feel too guilty.

    1. You are an excellent advocate for birds! I have been supporting this cause for some time, but hope to be able to do a bit more, like the recent osprey project. There are still many nests even in this area in need of repair or replacement…

  5. Just love the little Osprey with Santa hat and pom-pom, Helen… too cute. & How wonderful of you to donate the sales; the birds will be well pleased.
    I can certainly attest to and raise a cheer for the quality of the merchandise, Helen. Indeed, all the contributors are a little above the norm with quality being of utmost importance, it would seem. 🙂

    1. Thanks Carolyn ❤ I thought the young Osprey girl looked quite fashionable in that holiday hat 🙂 I have ordered a few gifts for family and friends and all the products have been of good quality so far. Fine Art America has been in this business for over 40 years and seems to be doing fine. XX

  6. Congratulations Helen on your creative success. The items you give to the world are so precious, and so are the proceeds that you generously pass on to Audubon. Your Santa hat Osprey is both whimsical and gorgeous. I’m off to your store now….

  7. You have wonderful images and I am glad you open the shop for selling them. I always find it is fair for bloggers to do few commercial things on their images or posts. Of course to be used for humanitarian and environmental protection make them even noble! Best wishes ❤

    1. Thank you Indah. I get something little every now and then and match it up from my own funds when I donate, but it’s better than nothing 🙂

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