No Election Stress. At the Salt Marsh.

It’s election day. The salt marsh is right next to our polling place at the Sailing Center.

election-day-ud89Early this morning as voters started to stream in, Papa Stanley was stationed right there, on the wind metering device, keeping watch. He was very alarmed, to say the least.

papa-osprey-sounds-alarm-ud89To my relief I discovered that he was alarmed about something completely different. Another male osprey flying over the salt marsh, where Mama Sandy was minding the nest.


mama-osprey-ud89Sandy and Stanley are dating now, and he doesn’t venture far from her side. I bet he is already rehearsing his proposal dance to be performed in late December. In any case, the bay side was as lively as the polling place. Pelicans had gathered around the pier, and lots of fishing was going on.


pelican-2-ud89I decided to visit the salt marsh. And the turnout of birds did not disappoint. Although Mama Sandy had now flown away from the nest, there was a lively crowd of ‘big boys’. Like the Wood Storks.


wood-stork-ud89And the Great Egrets. Although a few of them decided to move to the bay side. More excitement there, I assumed.


great-egret-flies-away-ud89But most importantly, the Mayor was in the ‘office’ on his favorite islet. He was keeping an eye on everything.

great-blue-heron-mayor-ud89In addition to the big guys, I spotted some smaller fellows. Like this Black-crowned Night Heron. He was trying to take a nap, apparently unsuccessfully, in the bushes below the osprey nest.

black-crowned-night-heron-ud89Then my attention was drawn to a rare visitor, a Belted Kingfisher. He was flying and hovering above the marsh for a long time, and finally sat down to rest in the middle of the marsh.


belted-kingfisher-ud89I decided to take a swing on the beach. But I felt watched. A drone was circling above the beach. It was watching me, so I decided to watch it too. Tit for tat.

drone-ud89I didn’t like the drone and decided to return to the salt marsh. Just in time to see Mama Sandy return to the nest. I was secretly hoping she would not like the artificial ‘bird’ in the skies above the beach. But had to assume she had not seen it.

mama-osprey-lands-in-the-nest-ud89She had no fish. I believe she had already eaten her breakfast and was just taking an extra exercise round above the bay.

I then spent some time observing a few very small birds. They moved fast, but finally one of them sat down for a photo shoot. After looking at all my pictures, I think it might be a Pine Warbler, but stand to be corrected by friends who know these small birds much better than I do.

pine-warbler-ud89After getting my shot, I decided to walk home. Just when I got onto the street, I saw Papa Stanley fly over my head. With a fish. He landed on a lamp-post close to the marsh – with a direct line of sight to the nest where Mama Sandy was perching. Everything was in order.

papa-osprey-caught-a-fish-ud89Whatever happens tonight, I hope we will find peace. Individually and collectively.

51 thoughts on “No Election Stress. At the Salt Marsh.”

      1. I am sure he would love both titles 😁 And yes, he provides much needed stability. It is so reassuring that he has ‘kept his seat’. Thanks Val!

  1. Thanks Helen. I really appreciate your calming energy tonight. You and your salt water friends soothe my soul. Thank you. I too hope we find peace and cooperation as a country. blessings to all.

    1. Thank you, Karen. You are right, salt marsh ‘politics’ is so much more pleasant, kind and respectful than is the case for us humans.

    1. Yesterday morning we had more birds there than people. The rising sun over the bay makes it challenging to capture them so I only caught a few pelicans.

    1. I am happy to see the Mayor back at the salt marsh – he’s such a wise leader. I too hope that drones will be kept away from the wildlife sanctuaries and luckily this one was over the beach and did not come over the marsh.

  2. Another great story with beautiful pics. I love the clarity of your Osprey shots Tiny. These Drornes are becoming an increasing infringement of privacy. I sometimes wish I could blow them out of the air. My work friend said one hovered over her back yard while she sunbaked by her pool. Have a wonderful week my friend:-)

    1. Thank you my friend. This drone was sweeping over the beach where many people were sunbathing as well. It didn’t like to photographed and soon disappeared. If it ever comes over the salt marsh, it just might face its demise. Big birds have successfully taken many of then down here. I just might have good news on the osprey nest in the next few days 🙂

  3. So nice to see there’s peace at the Salt Marsh. 🙂 Love the closeup of Sandy, beautiful! Fantastic capture of the Belted Kingfisher, what a treat to sight and then capture are beautiful photo. For your photo of the ‘pine warbler’, I am leaning more to it being an Eastern Phoebe, maybe a juvenile. My two cents! 😉

    1. Thanks Donna! Thanks for your suggestion on the tiny bird. I’ll check my other photos too and see whether it is an Eastern Phoebe. The Belted Kingfisher was such a treat as they are not visiting that often. I’ll let you, and only you :), in on a secret. The contractor texted me yesterday and said that they might come late this afternoon to replace the osprey nest platform!! He will call me and I’ll run to the nest to document the event. Yay!!

    1. It is so heart-warming to see Sandy and Stanley dating again. And I’m hoping he can ‘carry’ her through the front door of their new home when the time comes late next month 🙂

  4. Loved all your beautiful images, Helen, though I must say I am absolutely taken with the Kingfisher image; such incredible blues!
    As for politics, I will remain as free as the birds; observant yet distant.. 🙂

    1. Thank you Carolyn! The Kingfisher was a rare treat! I am secretly hoping they will stay around, such an enjoyment to watch them hover above the water. Tonight’s breaking news will be all about Mama’s new house 🙂 Ps. Your 2nd book is on its way to my place!

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