My Quest for a Forever Home.

I found what I was in search for. I know, it’s a spoiler. But I couldn’t possibly be sitting here at mom’s laptop writing to you if I was still pursuing my quest, could I ? Truth to be told, mom picked me up from my foster home on Friday, April 1. Almost six months ago now. But I can assure you I’m not an April Fools’ Day joke.  I’m a survivor.

Photo from March 2016 courtesy of Constanza Bryant, Florida Poodle Rescue.

You see, I was abandoned by my first family. I lived on the streets. And it was hard. Although I became good at sniffing for food people had thrown on the ground, I was always hungry. I could smell a half eaten chicken leg or a piece of hamburger bread from 50 yards,  but such treasures were few and far between. I lost a lot of weight. It was not obvious because my hair grew so long. If anything I looked fat. No hair cuts, no baths and no love do that to you. But it was even worse with water. Fresh water is something you take for granted when you have a home. I learned the hard way that it doesn’t rain in the spring in Florida. Finding even a small pool of dirty water was a challenge. I learned to get by with very little of it, mostly licking the trickles that reached the street when people watered their lawns. Recycled water. Not too good for you.

I can’t tell you how long I lived on the streets. I lost count of the days. And the long nights. I hardly slept because it was not safe. I had to stay alert. So I slept only for a few moments here and there when I collapsed of exhaustion.

Photo from March 2016 courtesy of Constanza Bryant, Florida Poodle Rescue.

And I was looking for my family all the time. My mission was keeping me alive. I ran towards young couples pushing baby strollers. If they let me close, I would gently sniff at the baby’s toes. But it was always some other baby. I couldn’t find my family. I had always believed I was part of the family. Obviously I was wrong. They were gone and had left me behind. I had no idea what I had done to deserve this, but there I was. Homeless. I was so sad.

Then one day a car stopped next to me. It was not the car I used to ride in and hang out from the back window my ears flapping in the wind. Not my car. And I had learned to avoid cars. But the man was friendly so I finally agreed to ride with him. A milestone. My new journey had started. Hospital stay. Food. Water. Love. Florida Poodle Rescue. A foster family – and more love. I was grateful to have a home, but still grieving the loss of my family, if that makes sense.

About a week later, mom knocked on the door. She came with a friend…to visit me! I knew right away she was my mom. That’s called intuition. I jumped onto her lap. I’m not sure if I even thanked my foster family well enough for all the love they gave me, I was so eager to go with mom. And like magic ~ I found myself in her car. I remember sitting in the back seat with her kind friend. Mom kept telling me we would go home to dad. It took a couple of hours, but she was right. I’m home now.

dylan-april-6-bI’m always with mom in her office when she works. Or blogs. I can make my bed of the old blanket on the sofa, redesigning it until I’m comfortable. Sometimes I just chill on the floor next to her desk.

dylan-3-ud82I’m an avid reader, and sometimes mom lets me browse other blogs too. Nothing short of amazing. So much interesting stuff!

dylan-at-computer-2-ud82But I’ll tell you what I love the most. Going for long walks! The faster we walk, the better. But running is the best, of course. You see, I’m mom’s personal trainer.  And I take my work seriously. She really needs her exercise. At least three miles a day. Sometimes even four or five, if I can trick her.

dylan-in-the-parkAnd she’d better take her work seriously too. I appreciate my rewards, ever so small. Be it a couple of baby carrots or a piece of my favorite cookie. Even a tooth cleaning treat will do. Mom, give it to me already!

dylan-1-ud82I have developed many new tricks to test on mom and dad. Some of them work, some don’t. I’ve noticed a few more tricks work on dad. But that’s another story. See you later. Be good now.

With love, Dylan (or maybe I should say Bob Dylan, but that’s also another story)

95 thoughts on “My Quest for a Forever Home.”

    1. You are right, Hariod. I heard Bumble whisper from the rainbow bridge that it was time to take in another rescue – and he sent us Dylan 🙂

    1. Thanks Barbara! That’s how much mom too knows about my first years. I may tell her more as the time goes by and I gain more confidence. Have a good, lazy Sunday 🐩🐾

  1. So sorry to hear what you had gone through, Dylan. Happy you are with your loving mom and dad. Thank you for sharing your story, it brought me to tears…

  2. So glad that you’re a survivor and that you never gave up hope of finding your ‘forever home and family, Dylan. How awful your life must have been, trying to survive living on the streets. I had tears in my eyes, just reading about it. Love the photos of you. Good to see that you’re taking good care of mom’s fitness routine. xx

    1. Thank you friend! I am not thinking about my time on the streets that much anymore. And I have stopped looking for my first family. I don’t think they deserved me in the first place. I am happy now…and already looking forward to this evening’s walk. It will be loooong 🙂

  3. I’m so happy for you, Dylan. To find a loving home at last… You are a great blogger, you look smashing and you sure have lots of love to give. ❤

    1. Thank you Dina. I have so much love to give and finally I can get some in return too ❤ That warms my heart and I'm sure I will completely forget my difficult time on the street very soon.

  4. I believe we’ve found another blogging star! Dylan is very fun and insightful. I thoroughly enjoy your posts and how you humanize the world around. Thank you Helen, Dylan and the neighborhood performers. 🙂

    1. Dylan told his story little by little and made me tear up thinking what he had to go through, but now it seems he’s let the sad stuff go and enjoys life again. I just hope he doesn’t tell too many secrets about his mom when he sits at the laptop again 😀

  5. Now this is a sight to see on a Sunday morning. Dylan looks much at home in front of the computer. So glad you found each other…to help each other through life. Looks like a match our Bumble would approve of! ❤ Sam welcomes Dylan to the blogging community! 🙂

    1. To help each other through life…you put it beautifully, Jackie ❤ I am convinced Bumble sent him to us 🙂 I'm sure Dylan will insist to do a post every now and then…he sends his best to Sam! And I wish you a very good week, my friend!

    1. I have been wondering that too…and I cannot come up even with one half reason why he was abandoned. The rescue organizations, like the FL Poodle Rescue, do such a fantastic job in taking care of pets and finding new homes for them – all on volunteer basis and relying on donations.

  6. Hahahaaaa… Smiling from ear to ear, Helen.. 🙂
    I’m sure that is exactly (word for word) Dylan’s fascinating story ~ he is such a good story teller..!
    Keep up the good work, Dylan; don’t slacken off on the training schedule, and keep trying with dad; I’m sure you’ll win more favours if you just try harder. As for mom; well, there are many other compensations like plenty of love, food, and cuddles! ❤

    1. Yes, that’s his true story confirmed by what I’ve learned and what he has revealed to me little by little 🙂 He stopped looking for his family about a month after coming home and he seems very happy, trusting and confident now. He’s working great on my exercise routine, this morning we put about 2.5 kms behind us before it got hot. And he was successful (again) with dad when I was out working on the osprey nest project ~ a big bone biscuit had disappeared 😀 He sits right here and sends his love to you ❤

  7. Vive la difference! But are there so many poodles running loose that they have a special rescue operation all their own?! Here pet dogs cost you $200-$600 (or more, if a unique breed) and people don’t let them wander off.

    1. Oh, Christine, although poodle pups cost up to and even over $2000 here, there are far too many homeless poodles and poodle mixes for many reasons. Few are stray (abandoned) like Dylan was, most are surrendered by their owners to animal shelters (with risk to be euthanized) for various reasons like owner’s illness, new baby, move elsewhere or to a different home, etc etc or it could be because of the owner’s death. The Poodle Rescue volunteers are very busy all the time providing health care, finding foster homes and then placing the dogs to good homes. They do such a wonderful job!

  8. Good Ol’ Dylan! He’s going to be famous soon, good thing he knows how to use the laptop and reply all the great comments! He’s a lucky fellow having you as a Mom! 🙂

    1. Thanks H.J. I would say we are the lucky ones! He is such a treasure and it didn’t take long before he jumped into my desk chair in front of the laptop 🙂

  9. Thank you for sharing your story Dylan! You and your Mom were obviously made for each other. I hear you are also good dog when she she takes her photos. Well done 💕

    1. Thank you Val for being here! It was a match made in heaven, as they say, aptly assisted by our FPR friend, Constanza ❤ I'm learning not to chase birds away when mom is taking pictures. It's work in progress, like many things in life 🙂 Much love , D

  10. It’s a true testament to your love of Bumble and what he brought to your lives to be able to do the same for Dylan. I’m looking forward to seeing how much he brings to your lives via your posts and pics ❤

    1. Thank you H.! It’s great to see you. Dylan has promised to blog every now and then, just like Bumble did. He has already brought us so much joy and love – that little treasure ❤

  11. Great story Tiny, tell Dylan I am very impressed, and will be looking for the movie version when it comes out. Great photos, he likes having his photo taken. I can see the appreciation for you in his face. Our little Bella is a rescue dog also, but she has been here many years, she probably has forgotten those days, except when there is a thunderstorm. Thanks Tiny for an interesting post, you are always a great story teller, Have a great week my friend, I just returned from a very grueling drive but I managed to get material for my next post along the way.

    1. Dylan says thank you for reading his story! I hope he will soon forget all his involuntary escapades o the street and will just tell happy stories 🙂 He says hi to Bella. I have been busy this week so getting over to your place during this weekend 🙂

    1. Thank you Lorrie! We are well, I have just been overly busy this week. Dylan took me for a real run first thing this morning… I am hoping that whatever hardship he went through on the streets will soon be a fading memory. He seems to be happy now and trust that he has found his forever home 🙂 I hope you are good too and I wish you a wonderful weekend.

  12. Tiny, Dylan looks like a completely different dog under you care. I had tears in my eyes reading this post. I kept looking at the picture taken in March to now and the difference is from day to night. He is SO beautiful and I thank you from the bottom of my Heart for rescuing him. What a love story!! Big smile here …. ❤

    1. Thank you Amy for your wonderful comment. We are really lucky to have Dylan as part of our family, he is such a treasure. And I am grateful he didn’t contract any serious disease (like heart worm) while on the streets. He only had an upper respiratory infection and an ear infection when he was found, and those were easily treated. So yes, it’s a love story ❤

    1. Dylan’s life was not easy, and for a while in the beginning he had separation anxiety when left at home alone for a few hours. But all that is history now and he is confident and trusts he will not be abandoned again – such a treasure.

    1. Please, ZL, don’t put those thoughts in his head 😀 Maybe he did read your comment when I was not watching because this morning he took me for a long RUN!

  13. Oh my goodness, I was 😢 teary eyed reading and looking at the photos.
    Dylan is the ultimate in adorable and cute. 🙂

    1. I still get teary eyed thinking about how he was abandoned and had to fetch for himself on the streets. But he seems to have recovered fully from that trauma now and is trusting he has a forever home. Thank you Genie.

      1. Bless you, Helen, for taking in Dylan, and giving him a forever 🏡 home.
        It’s so inspiring, and his sad history is important for people to read about because there are too many dogs who are abandoned, 14 million a year are euthanized in the USA yearly.

        1. You are so right about that sad fact, Genie. Dylan had separation anxiety when he first came to us, but it has now healed it completely. It is wonderful to see how he has ‘returned’ to his confident and loving self.

    1. Thanks Donna! We are the lucky ones, who got Dylan as a family member. He makes me laugh every single day…and as I said he takes care of my exercise. This morning walk would not do, but we had to run for about a mile – phew 🙂

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