R & R Part III: The Wave of Life

Wherever the wave of life transports me, I always seek natural beauty. Back home it was easy to find untouched nature and to feel its ‘spirit’.  Even when people help nature to produce fruits, vegetables and berries it happens in harmony with the wild. Lettuce grows not far from lingonberries.

garden Finland Aug16 UD75

lingon berries Finland Aug16 UD75In my dad’s garden, the apples were still growing, getting more colorful every day. And the healthy buckthorn berries were almost ripe to pick.

two apples Finland Aug16 UD75

buckthorn Finland Aug16 UD75On our daily walks, of which at least one went all the way around the lake, I noticed and enjoyed the small things in nature. Like the butterflies, the Peacock and the Mourning Cloak we found around our trail.

Peacock butterfly 2 Finland Aug16 UD75

mourning cloak butterfly Finland Aug16 UD75I heard the hum of the universe in the Finnish forests, mighty green with stately firs, pines and birches. And rowan trees full of red berries for the birds to enjoy.

Finnish forest UD75

rowan 2 Finland Aug16 UD75And I admired the great variety of wildflowers we encountered on our walks: wild roses, blue bells, clover, dandelions, heather and floating beds of water lilies.

wild rose 2 Finland Aug16 UD75

Heather Finland Aug16 UD75

water Lily 6 Finland Aug16 UD75I stopped to take pictures of them and then had to run to reach the others. Great exercise…some days over 12,000 steps. Not that I’m counting  :-).  Although in fairness, our awesome guide would stop and wait for me if I disappeared from sight. He always made sure nobody was left behind in the woods.

Baby on the walk Finland Aug16 UD75Whether it was morning, late afternoon or evening, the lake always spoiled us with gorgeous views.

reflections on the lake Finland Aug16 UD75

sunset on the lake Finland 2 Aug16 UD75

evening on the lake Finland Aug16 UD75One evening we spotted a couple of Whooper Swans very close to the shore, but of course that time I didn’t carry my camera. The next evening I could only find one of them at the far end of the lake.

swan Finland Aug16 UD75We often came back from our explorations around the magical ‘blue hour’ after sunset. Then, soon after night fall around 10 p.m., the moon climbed up onto the sky painting the lake in magical colors.

blue hour 2 at lake Finland Aug16 UD75

Moon Finland Aug16 UD75

moon lake Finland Aug16 ud75My last evening ‘back home’ I went out to the lake and got a surprising goodbye gift. A Loon swam quietly out through the reeds fairly close to me. What a treat!

Finnish Loon ud75The next morning I had to leave at 3 am to make my early flight to London and further to the US. The archipelago outside Helsinki was just waking up to a new day.  I felt deep gratitude for having had this wonderful time with my dad, my sister, my niece, aunts and cousins.

archipelago Finland UD75The next morning after coming home, I found a welcome committee from the salt marsh right here in our garden. Snowy Egrets, White Ibis and a Northern Mockingbird had gathered to welcome me home.

snowy egret ud75

white ibis ud64

northern mockingbird ud75That was wonderful, but nothing compared to the reception I got on my first walk at the salt marsh this morning. Can’t wait to tell you all about the welcome back party.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and a great new week.

54 thoughts on “R & R Part III: The Wave of Life”

    1. Most days were okay, partly sunny with an occasional shower. Once we had to run back to the house after walking about half a mile as it started raining…the poodle won and I came last 🏃

    1. It truly is a paradise for me, but then I might be slightly biased 🙂 That lake is always so serene – me and my sister used to dive for treasures, swim, fish and go on picnics there every summer. So many fun memories.

    1. Every time I visit ‘back home’ my calm is replenished and I feel more in touch with nature…and myself. Thanks for coming along, Kat!

    1. The summer had been fairly cool so all the flowers were still blooming and fruits were just ripening in the garden. We had beautiful but pleasantly cool (67-70 F) weather. As a Floridian now, I really enjoyed the change.

  1. Thanks for sharing more of your beautiful homeland Tiny, that butterfly is an amazing work of art, as is the Loon. It must feel a bit surreal coming home to Florida, such a very different place. So glad you had such a wonderful time with your family especially your dear old dad. I am hanging on the element of suspense you left us for your next post my friend:-)

    1. Thank you Ashley for traveling to Finland with me! The Loon was such a gift! I had seen some there previously, but never this close. It’s a beautiful bird. Yes, it was a bit surreal to come back home to the summer heat (32C today). Yesterday’s first “proper” visit to the salt marsh was such a great experience – everybody was there to welcome me home 🙂

    1. Happy you liked the walk around the lake, Isabella. This was a very beautiful time of the year to visit and the time with my dad was so precious. Hugs!

    1. Thanks for visiting Finland with me, dear Hariod. The Loon was an extra ‘gift’ I got my last evening – I had never seen one so close, they are beautiful birds ❤

  2. Stunning and quite breathtaking photos of nature at its best, Helen. Love that Loon Swan…..what a treat indeed. That was quite the welcome home from three of your gorgeous birds! Can’t wait to see your next post. 🙂

    1. That Loon was a real treat, first time I saw it this close. My homecoming to the salt marsh exceeded all my expectations…just need to process the ‘evidence’ 🙂

    1. Yes, it is wonderful to still have my dad there and my sister’s family also fairly close by in Sweden. Glad you liked the butterfly 🙂

  3. Wonderful wander with you, Helen. What a treat you had!
    So who belongs to the gorgeous puppy? My little heart jumped when I saw it; so cute.
    Nature and exercise, exercise and nature; is there anything to compare?
    The Loon’s patternization is exquisite; so intricate; and the actual image itself (with its horizontal lines) make a wonderful contrast.
    Welcome back home… The Salt Marsh awaits! 🙂

    1. My sister and her family belong to Beppe, the mini-poodle 🙂 He was fantastic in taking care of us ‘girls’ on our many outings. The Loon was very beautiful with such intricate patterns, this was the first time I saw one close by. I am already processing the ‘evidence’ of the great reception organized by salt marsh residents on Saturday 🙂 XO

    1. Thank you Cyndi! Nowadays I always look for beauty and appreciate when find it, while previously I took so much of that for granted 🙂

  4. Amazing shots. I loved the butterfly with such striking colors–the peacock, I presume? Plus, I saw a very similar tree to the one with tiny orange-red balls in clumps. I had never seen such a tree in Michigan before. Do you know the name for the one you took? If I get my vacation photos up, maybe I can compare and figure it out!

    1. Yes, the colorful butterfly is the Peacock. We saw them often in the woods. The tree with the orange berries in my dad’s garden is Buckthorn. Those berries are supposed to be very healthy. The other big tree in the woods with red berries is Rowan.

  5. The call of the loon around lakes in Canada is something that will always be fresh in my memory no matter how long it has been. Did you have an opportunity to hear it?
    Wonderful photos Tiny with beautiful scenes.
    Have a beautiful day. Eddie

    1. This particular Loon was quiet, but I have heard them previously around the lake although never seen one this close before. Happy you enjoyed my photos of the natural beauty – very similar to some places in Canada. Have a wonderful day Eddie.

  6. Such incredible freshness and beauty Helen!
    The look photo is amazing. I would love to have that as a background on my website. May I use it courtesy of you and your website?
    Welcome back to some steamy and stormy weather. 💕

    1. Happy you liked the beauty of Finnish woods and the lake, Val. Of course you may use the Loon photo on your website! He will love it ❤ Yes we are bracing for a tropical storm right now – I will get to use my new rain boots when walking Dylan 🙂

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