Hello friends! Just a little mobile greeting from the deep green Finnish woods, where I’ve been immersed in nature and family in equal parts lately. To experience summer temperatures in high 60s (close to 20 C) has been refreshing!

I will tell you more about my adventures once back home. I hope your summer has been wonderful, and your winter mild if in the Southern Hemisphere.

“See” you soon.

35 thoughts on “Immersed”

    1. Thank you, my friend. I am at home now, and looking back on the trip I am vary grateful for the time with my old dad, my sister and my niece. And the nature was so beautiful…very different from Florida. A few posts to come soon 🙂

    1. Thanks Nancy! I really enjoyed the cooler temps for a change. And my family, of course. Now back home my walks are a bit shorter 🙂

    1. I was near Jamsa and our weather was rainy only one day, mostly sun and clouds. I enjoyed the Finnish summer a lot at our lake 🙂 Now back in Florida.

    1. It was a wonderful visit. To see my family is always special. My dad is getting older for sure, but still very sharp in his mind.

    1. I loved the weather – such a great change from our weather in FL. As you know, it is always wonderful to spend time with family…and the nature is so untouched and beautiful where my dad lives. I am back home now in the Florida summer 🙂

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