News from the Salt Marsh. Good. News. Only.

My friend and a great bird photographer, H.J. at Avian 101, and his lovely family came for a short visit earlier this week. H.J. and I walked around the salt marsh talking and snapping pictures. Despite the very dry conditions that had lasted for several weeks, we spotted a few familiar faces. The Mayor was honoring H.J’s visit with his presence for the first time in a month!

Great blue heron Mayor ud71And Mama Osprey flew over the marsh a couple of times. She looked at us, but didn’t stop at the nest.

Mama osprey flies by UD72And Miss Rosa was demonstrating her now famous beauty routine to her friends, the White Ibis.

roeate spoonbill and white ibis ud72.jpgWe also found a few Snowy Egrets playing at a little mud pool amidst tall grass.

snowy egret ud72They had a little friend with them too, a Tri-colored Heron. But it was obvious there were some sandbox issues as he was playing more by himself.

Tricolored heron ud71 (2)

It was difficult to get any picture of him…that is, until he peeked out from the grass, his long neck completely stretched out. Peek-a-boo!

Clouds started to gather and we heard distant rumble when we left the salt marsh to have lunch. As soon as we sat down in the Cuban/Spanish restaurant on the bay side, the heavens opened and we had a torrential downpour with all the trimmings. We enjoyed a nice lunch while nature got a much needed soaking.

It was great to see this lovely family again. Thanks H.J., Lucy and Tyler for stopping by here and for a wonderful lunch! And thank you for bringing the much needed rains 🙂

I trust H.J.  got some great captures of the Major, Miss Rosa and some of the other residents despite the quiet mood at the time.

columbia restaurant ud72After much more rain overnight, I walked by the marsh the next morning with Dylan and snapped an iPhone picture. What a difference! The water level was up 5-6 inches and  many birds (the white dots are Great and Snowy Egrets) were enjoying the newly acquired freshness.

salt marsh w iphone ud72Around lunch time I went for a walk again. The marsh was still brimming with birds, but many of them had now sought shelter from the sun in the trees and bushes. It was very difficult to get pictures of them, demonstrated by the Little Blue Heron here. She had now turned almost blue from her very white juvenile appearance just a few weeks ago.

Little Blue Heron UD72She had lots of company in the trees close by. Several Night Herons were sleeping nearby, like this juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron.

Juvenile Black-cowned Night HeronI had to almost crawl on the slippery grass to get a glimpse of Miss Rosa between the branches.

Miss Rosa ud72Snowy Egrets were flying back and forth, competing for the best view over the water.

Egret landing ud72

two snowy egrets ud72And the loser was not always happy having to leave the best spot. But who would be?

snowy egret not happy ud72Mama Sandy was back at the nest directing the traffic at and over the marsh. It’s obvious from the disarray of the feathers on her back that she’s still molting. Papa Stanley has not been around lately, I am assuming he took a solo vacation after Lady Cawcaw left the nest. Or a long fishing trip with his pal Steve.

mama osprey at the nest ud72.jpgAfter a while, Miss Rosa got enough of the crowded trees, or maybe she got hungry. She flew down and started looking for food.

Miss Rosa flies away ud72

Miss Rosa roseate spoonbill ud72I left the salt marsh happy for the birds, who now have lots of food in the previously dry mud flats. In the midst of all the distressing news, it is a privilege to be able to lift up one’s spirit in nature. We cannot allow ourselves to get stuck in the darkness.

snowy egret 2 UD72Last, I have some other good news as well. My net shop, Nature Bound Art, is now open at Fine Art America. Unique and hopefully inspiring gifts based on my photos and digital art are now available in many parts of the world. Please check it out.

I hope you will lift your spirits in nature too. Peace.


73 thoughts on “News from the Salt Marsh. Good. News. Only.”

  1. Nature is always uplifting to me. Not only in it’s beauty but in its endurance. Even after all the wars, conflict and ugliness the world has, nature shines through. ❤

    1. Thank you Hien. I took a break from consulting for 8 weeks this summer and decided to do it after encouragement from many friends. Having a shop like this always gives one something creative to do, never a dull moment 🙂 You could do it too!

    1. Thanks David. I’m such a workaholic (yes, confession) that when I took an 8 week break this summer from consulting, I just had to put up the shop.

  2. Congratulations, Helen! Beautiful photo there. These are awesome captures!
    Thank you for introducing your friend, HJ. He has great bird images.

    1. Happy you liked them, Amy! H.J. is a great photographer and a dear friend. I have learned to know his wonderful family too – blogging is a great connector 🙂

  3. Awesome photographs – as always. I also checked out your net shop quickly. “Full Moon Rising” photograph still steals my breath. I’ll be back later. Have a great week!

    1. Thank you, dear Hariod. I don’t think I should quit my day job, but having a little shop like this is a great motivator to create beautiful images 🙂

  4. The Tri-colored Heron has so much personality, the look on his face!
    Such a comedian!
    Love all the photos and updates about the marsh.
    Conrdatulations on the Net Shop, the pics there are fantastic.

    1. Thank you, dear friend. I loved the Tri-colored Heron too. He was playing alone and suddenly looked up to us with this funny expression on his face. Having this little shop gives me added motivation to work on beautiful nature images in my spare time 🙂

    1. Thanks Karen! It was wonderful to get some rain again. The birds are much happier when there is plenty of food 🙂 The offerings at my little shop will grow little by little…

    1. Thank you, dear friend. I was encouraged by some friends to put up the shop and now I realize it will give me more motivation to work on improving my images. The offerings will grow slowly 🙂

  5. Good luck with Nature Bound Art – it looks terrific! I do love how you capture the mood and the antics at the marsh and share it with us. It does so much to life spirits and bring us back to nature 💛

    1. Thank you dear Val for your encouragement! So good to have some rain now, many more feathery visitors at the salt marsh now that there’s plenty of food ❤

  6. What amazing photos and good news from the salt marsh. Miss Rosa was definitely the star of the show this time. That restaurant looks really splendid. I love the big painting on the wall. I looked at your net shops and may come back at a later date. The tote bags are very nice indeed. How big are they?

    1. Miss Rosa was the star indeed! That restaurant, Columbia, is very nice, established in 1905. Once a year , at their anniversary, they have a whole menu at 1905 prices 🙂 You can imagine the lines… Thanks for checking out my art shop. Fine Art America is the most reputable place for an art shop, established 40 years ago and they do quality work. Almost all items can be ordered in several sizes. The tote bags come in three sizes and you can select both the image you like and the size before checking out. XX

  7. How lovely that you and HJ were able to share that time together Tiny! Coincidentally enough, one of the new followers of my blog (27 year old ecologist) who lives locally whom I had never met connected with me recently and we had lunch together yesterday and a walk in our favorite park, where we met up with another follower of my blog (14 yearold) and he showed us a BooBook Owl at sunset just about to go out hunting. Three generations of birders sharing together. It must be the weekend for it my friend:-)

    1. Your experience with fellow birders sounds very nice too! H.J. & family like to vacation not too far from here and this was the second time they stopped by at the salt marsh – wonderful to see the “residents” together and take pictures 🙂 Have a good week, my friend!

  8. Yay, for the Mayor; it’s lovely to see him back, Helen.. He’s a sweetheart of mine, you know… Yes, he can be a little snippy; we all know that; but, well, he’s one of a kind.. And how wonderful to see the little tri-coloured Heron. I think I’m set for another love!! 😉
    And it’s wonderful to see the community looking so contented and healthy.
    I’ll have to get on over to H.J’s site to see his images. I’m sure they’ll be great!
    As well as your ‘Nature Bound Art’ site.. I had a little look; now I’ll have a very in-depth look. I love the Blue Heron.. Think he’ll be mine! 🙂

    1. It was great to see the Mayor again! He is a wise tall and handsome bird 🙂 That Tri-colored Heron peeking out of the tall grass made me smile too. I am happy you liked my little Nature Bound Art collection, and I hope the Little Blue Heron will be nice to you 🙂 I told him to behave! Thank you for getting him, Carolyn ❤

    1. Yes, Miss Rosa likes to pose for the camera…although I didn’t get her to turn around when she was out of the tree. That marsh image is from my iPhone and I was pleasantly surprised how it came out, usually not good at all 🙂

  9. I enjoy reading the comments from your followers, filled with love and admiration for your work. You’re a talented lady and a terrific friend. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind words my friend 🙂 And again for the wonderful company last week. I hope the rest of your vacation was great. My love to Lucy and Tyler too ❤

    1. Thank you Joanne! The rain is just doing wonders, everything is green and fresh. And the air is a bit cooler too after the nightly thundershowers we’ve been getting since that day.

  10. Congratulations Tiny on your new enterprise, I am sure you will enjoy success because your photos are so incredible. It was great to walk around the Salt Marsh with you and HJ’s family too. I find there is nothing more serene and inspiring to me than nature, and I so love your posts….

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging and kind words, Jet! H.J. made me laugh when he said he’d be out at the marsh all the time if he lived as close as we do 😀 It’s a privilege to have all these feathered neighbors!

  11. Wonderful Tiny. Just seeing your photos lift my spirits but are also a timely reminder that I have not been getting out into nature enough. Something I shall rectify 🙂

  12. Extraordinary, as always and I love a story with a happy ending! As for the rain, could you send some up my way? It’s terribly dry here!

  13. I so agree that we cannot allow ourselves to get stuck in the darkness… Communing with nature keeps me sane. Now that I’ve spotted a snowy egret in my northern neck of the woods I was especially interested in your close-ups of them. The one with his wings spread is awesome!

  14. Hope to see you and HJ together in these images! I always enjoyed his blog as well. Congratulations on Nature Bound Art – this looks like a marvelous venture!! Wish you much success.

    1. It was wonderful to walk the salt marsh with H.J. and have a beautiful lunch with his family. Thank you for the good wishes for Nature Bound Art. I bought a few pillow cases and tote bags as presents for family and friends ‘back home’ and was pleasantly surprised by the great quality of the Fine Art America products.

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