Breaking Now. Mama Osprey’s Secret.

The “dog stabilizer” on my birding camera works a little bit better now. When I activate the “sit” mode, the camera shake is not as bad as it is otherwise. Just a little softness in the images. One could be fooled to believe it’s the sunrise or sunset light, as that’s when me and my assistant have visited the salt marsh this past week.

mama osprey at the nest ud57The nest is a full fledged nursery right now, with all sides of the crib going high up towards the sky. To prevent premature flight lessons, I’m sure. But all you can see is the nest and mama Sandy. Unless you are lucky to witness fish delivery, which we did one evening, but the camera was sleeping at home. So we have gone to the dog park and after Dylan has played with his friends, I have – occasionally – played with my camera.

tricolored heron ud57And we have spotted a few friends even at these odd hours. Like this Tri-colored Heron. And the baby Snowy Egret who is growing up very nicely, although she’s still tiny.

snowy egret at sunrise ud57And we’ve seen the young Great Blue Heron. He was very close to the Osprey nest. Again.  And Sandy was watching him carefully. She doesn’t want any surprises.

young blue heron ud57And Papa Moorhen has been working late every evening. I’m guessing Mama is in the nest looking after two or three small hatchlings. I’m hoping to see them around soon.

papa moorhen ud57Then on Friday morning, I went to see the annual Surf and Sand Festival (next post) and after admiring the sand sculptures, I decided to stop at the nest on my way home. And I was in for a surprise – feeding time!

mama osprey and her first chick ud57The hatchling has grown a lot, should be about four weeks old now. Eating with great appetite. I watched and marveled about this little one. And was in for an even bigger surprise – another very tiny head was reaching up asking for food!

two osprey chicks ud57Sandy has kept this secret under wraps very successfully! Wow! The latecomer is still very small, I would guess it was born at least a week after the first one. Let’s hope it will be another Sindile (survivor) under Sandy’s and Stanley’s good care.

With these breaking news, I will wish you all a wonderful week ahead.

70 thoughts on “Breaking Now. Mama Osprey’s Secret.”

    1. It was a total surprise! I have not seen the other little one even with my binoculars from the terrace. I hope it will make it 🐥

    1. Thanks Karen! Dylan has learned to be quite still when I have my camera and stop to look at the birds 😊 I am hoping the tiny chick will make it 💕

    1. Unfortunately the new camera is still on the living room table – if I touch it, I will not finish my project this month 😉 but the new hatchling was a great surprise!

  1. Oh, I shouted to my man… There are TWO.. He came running, and I proudly showed him!!!!
    How must YOU feel, Helen!?! I’m laughing with tears in my eyes. What are you doing to fully grown people, like me… I’m invested up to my eyes.. Thank You for such a wonderful update. And yes, all the images are magical. ❤

    1. Smiling. My hubby also gets exercise when I discover something new in the picture that I didn’t see when taking it. I’m shouting and he’s running to my office. These birds are like kids to me ❤ Thank you so much Carolyn!

  2. Nice pics and good news about the second chick. I’m so glad my browser is allowing me to visit again!
    You say Sandy keeps a close eye on the great blue heron. Would it actually try to rob the osprays’ nest?

    1. Happy to see you here Christine! This same youngster, who may be about two years old now, attacked the nest several times last year, but the Osprey parents defended it very well, and the culprit always got his hind feathers ruffled. So when he is around, the Ospreys are on the lookout. They don’t care about any other Blue Heron’s, just this one. They let him be unless he flies right towards the nest.

    1. I hope so too…sometimes the older one “takes it all” when there is such a difference in size. But I am keeping my fingers crossed that Sandy does the disciplining and the feeding in a way that makes both chicks thrive.

  3. Wow, what wonderful captures inside the nest of the babies Tiny, your shots,are amazing. I have Osprey envy:-) Those baby feeding shots are soooo good. Thanks for sharing them my dear friend:-)

    1. Thank you Ashley! I was lucky that day to happen to stop there at the feeding time 🙂 Now that I have more time, I will try to see when Stanley comes in with a fish and then run out to witness the feeding.

  4. Exciting times! The last two pictures of the mama feeding her baby are wonderful. And to see that little one in the background, mouth wide open, hoping for a morsel… Thanks for sharing, Tiny. You would make a great nature photographer. 🙂

    1. Thanks for you kind words Barbara. I hope to be lucky soon again to be thee at feeding time. Sandy, like all Osprey moms first feeds the firstborn and then the second one. It’s some kind of instinct that a least one offspring will thrive and survive.

    1. That was a real surprise, Nancy! I still don’t understand why the second baby was born so much behind the first one. A mystery, as they are usually born 1-2 days apart.

    1. It was wonderful! I was lucky to stop there at feeding time. Sorry for the late response, I’ve been completely swamped by work until yesterday.

    1. Thank you kindly, Jet. That little Heron was like a flower herself 🙂 The Osprey nestlings are growing fast, although it’s puzzling to me why the second one was born so much after the first one.

    1. Yes, two of them! And the little one is growing too. I was so buried by work until yesterday that I didn’t even have the time to come to my blog for more than one week, sorry for the late response, dear Amy. Happy you enjoyed the photos ❤

  5. That’s really great news, Helen. So glad that first one won’t be an only child and will have to learn to share both the food and the attention. Great photos as always. GBH Jr. has a rather sneaky glint in his eye. Hope he behaves himself. 😕

    1. I am happy too that there are two siblings in the Osprey family. And both seem to be growing well. The young Blue Heron seems a bit more “grown up” now, so I am hoping no dirty tricks any more 🙂

    1. Thank you dear friend! The new babies are growing fast. By the end of the month the older one will be flying 🙂 All is well here now that my work situation has calmed down. I hope you are well too ❤

  6. Wow, the pictures of the mother interacting with her babies are incredible. I have no idea what a dog stabilizer is, but I think that it’s working perfectly. 🙂

  7. Every photo wow’s me! So much happens in the marsh. It’s incredible the Eco system! What amazing things you get to see. I am so thankful you share them. Peace be with you Helen! Koko:)

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