It’s Raining Dogs and …

Oh boy! Haven’t seen this kind of a storm for months! The only light in the middle of the day seems to come from the lightning strikes! At the salt marsh poor Mama Sandy is trying to cover her new hatchling(s) from the showers and the wind.

rain 2 ud54But the salt marsh needs the rain. There will be a new freshness in the air, the carpet of pollen will be gone, and the water levels will be high for everyone to enjoy, like in this picture from last year.

salt marsh after the rain 2 UD18But this weather also brought something wonderful into our home. Little Dylan came to us from Florida Poodle Rescue (thank you ❤ ) yesterday. He is a darling little guy, loving, friendly to everyone, and good mannered. He is what they call a “phantom poodle” because of his multi-colored coat. But I can assure you he is very real, 12 pounds of sweetness. We are privileged to be able to provide him his new forever home.

Dylan at home first day ud54Dylan has already made my office his favorite room to relax in, and I’m sure by time he’ll be contributing to the blog too. He already likes to sit in my lap and read your blogs 🙂

dylan in moms office ud52And boy, is he a good walker. Or maybe I should say runner. This girl will be in good shape in no time! No more 10 hour shifts in front of the computer whatever the work situation.

Mommy and Dylan

When he was found, his hair was very long – probably longer than my ponytail, and it was seriously matted. But after 4 hours of work by a wonderful FPR volunteer,  and a huge heap of hair on the floor, he already looks representable. Next week he’ll meet his groomer for the first time and get cleaned up a bit more.

And although he is a healthy boy and up to date on all his shots,  I will soon take him to say hello to the same great team in the vet’s office who took such good care of Bumble for years. We need to get him “established” in his new life, right?

I just wanted to bring you the good news. And I’m sure Dylan will make me post more often too. Maybe he’ll even gang up with my poetry muse so you’ll see more of those short posts in the future. One never knows with dogs.

We wish you a great weekend and a beautiful week ahead.



81 thoughts on “It’s Raining Dogs and …”

    1. I’m hoping the weather will be much better tomorrow so that Dylan and I can go for a long walk and inspect the goings at the salt marsh 🙂

  1. OH, Tiny, I am SO proud of you bringing Dylan into your life so soon after Bumble passed. That’s not easy to do. And a rescue dog!! *tears* That boy will be your shadow and so darn grateful and it looks like he already is!!! SO happy for you, dear friend!!!! (((HUGS))) ❤

    1. Thank you, my dear friend! I just don’t understand people who abandon their pets. But luckily there are wonderful organizations that help these homeless little ones to find new homes. we’re so lucky Dylan came to us. Hugs to you too ❤

    1. Dylan and I walked by the nest just before dark this evening and Sandy lifted her head to look at us. She seems to be okay and I’m sure the hatchling(s) as well. But we’ll need to “inspect” the situation better tomorrow 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to hear all about Dylan and what he ‘thinks’ about life now in your loving home. 🙂 Nothing like a new buddy to get you moving in the right direction. ha!

    1. He seems to enjoy his new life 🙂 This morning he was jumping high of joy when it was clear to him we were going for a walk. And then we actually ran! I could hear the pounds drop 😀 Will write today!

    1. He is a real darling ❤ Last night he discovered that he could see all the lights from the bedroom window. He was sitting on the bed just staring out in awe 🙂

    1. Last night just around what would have been the sunset time (rain had finally stopped, but heavy cloud cover) Dylan took me to the salt marsh and Sandy lifted up her head greeting us. She seems to be fine and I’m sure the hatching(s) as well. We’ll go and make sure today 🙂

        1. He might like some friends who like to walk the grounds even a bit too much! Hence always the leash when we’re at the salt marsh 😀

  3. The weather all over the world is a little bit crazy. We are still having hot summer days in April? Glad you got some needed rain and “Welcome Dylan”. What a lovely new edition to your family Helen. 🙂

    1. The weather has clearly changed lately. Today we have bright light blue skies and cooler (21C), ideal weather to go out. Dylan already made me run first thing this morning! I am so grateful for this new addition 🙂

  4. Dylan has found a wonderful place to roost! He’ll be crowing about his good fortune as he takes you for walks.

    And, yes, that was some storm today! *BOOM*

    1. Isn’t the weather something these days! But dogs come with it only at certain times 😉 Today the weather here is gorgeous, cooler and breezy – and that made for an ideal walking (read running) weather for me and Dylan.

    1. Dylan says hi ❤ too. And he would also tell you that he made me run this morning. It's been a while and it feels invigorating 🙂 Thank you Carolyn. XX

  5. Wonderful that you have found a new friend in Dylan, he looks a really healthy dog Tiny. Look forward to reading Dylan’s contribution to the blog. It good to have a walking friend, to help keep you fit and get you out and about. I am sure you will both get on really great. That heavy weather looks more like the weather one would get at the end of summer rather than winter. We can’t believe that we are continuing to have hot summer weather in April, even the nights are still balmy. We live in strange times in these last days. I do hope the Salt Marsh community survive the storms well. Have a great week Tiny:-)

    1. It is indeed wonderful to have a new friend! Today the weather is gorgeous, cooler and breezy. Little Dylan is definitely a blessing, even as my walking/running buddy, he proved that this morning – he made me run 🙂 We saw that everyone at the salt marsh was okay too. Have a wonderful week, my friend.

  6. It’s said every cloud has a silver lining and what could be brighter then Dylan’s gorgeous little face shining with love for you and his new home – congratulations! 😘

    1. That silver lining is really golden 🙂 Dylan has completely settled here at home in two days and already brought us so much joy! Thank you for welcoming him, Joanne!

  7. So happy for you and Dylan. Sounds like a perfect match already. Looking forward to hearing more about Dylan and all the other characters there.

    1. Thank you Tina for your good wishes! I just can’t understand how someone could abandon a little one like him. But he has a loving home now, and is giving back more than we can ever give him 🙂

  8. He is a cutie!! I’m so happy for you and for him. He’s such a lucky guy … And I think he knows it. May you have so much fun together … And enjoy the exercise and weight loss 😆

    1. Thank you Val! I think he’s happy here. He makes me laugh every day. And he has already taken me on so many walks/runs. He is a good personal trainer – pounds are rolling off 😀

  9. There is nothing like a storm for me ~ the feeling of it arriving and then to experience it. So cool, and you found something special too…this is perhaps one of the wonderful things I do not see or hear about often enough in this world ~ you’ve made his life by taking him in, and what a joy he will bring to you. 🙂 Wish you a great spring and sunny days ahead!

    1. That storm was REAL! It got completely dark for hours, heavy thunder, wind and tropical downpours. I guess winter is over now for us. Today a wonderful spring day. Our little Dylan is very obviously loving his new home, and I can only hope he forgets whatever he went through when abandoned and on his own. Today he stopped saving food and ate the whole portion I gave him – for the first time in 6 days. I think it means he now trusts that he has found his new home and will have a regular supply of food. Thanks for your kind comment Randall.

      1. There is nothing quite like a pet (especially dogs) finding trust and love with their owner…the definition of unconditional love and loyalty. 🙂

  10. Awwwww, what a cutie Dylan is. He just looks so sweet and what a great, loving, forever home he has come to. I am so happy for you and him sweet Tiny. Can’t wait to see more of him. Hugs and give Dylan nose kisses for me.

    1. Thank you Mags! Dylan continues to amaze me with his trust growing and love showing more and more. He is very affectionate and we are a happy family together. He is right here and sends you nose kisses as well! And I send you hugs!

  11. What a little darling! I love his color! Phantom, yet so real! Hahaha. You are a wonderful human. You should know that! The older I get, the more I learn, and know, and to try to understand how someone can leave a pet behind. I have thirteen of these cast offs (plus one bunny I just took in). It is a huge job daily, but the fun they bring. Each one with their own personality and quirks. They are part of the reason I don’t post as much as I want. I post when I can and relish the moments when I can read blogs like yours. How lucky Dylan is to be the prince of your castle. I know he will have a wonderful home with you. Best wishes and big hugs to you both! 🙂 Koko

    1. I also fail to understand how people can leave their pets behind, Bumble was left to shelter on Christmas Eve, and Dylan was left on the street. YOU are a wonderful human being taking in and caring for some many cast offs ❤ We're living in a high condo building and can only have one dog of Dylan's size or two very small ones. He has already brought so much joy into our lives, such unconditional love 🙂
      Thank you for being here Koko despite your busy life ❤

      1. It’s a challenge having so many. The toughest is the housing situation. Luckily I own my own stand alone home on a couple acres. No one cares if I have the pets. The down side is my family moved across the U.S. and finding a home there has not been easy. So I am left behind with the critters. The family visits now and again. I can’t leave these guys. So, hopefully one day I will find a box of thousand dollar bills so we all can move and be together or I win the lottery! Hahaha. As I type this, I am flanked on all sides by furry beings and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Good thing I have stock in lint rollers! 🙂

        1. Oh dear, I so admire your good soul, Koko. I must be difficult to be apart from your family. I hope you find the box one of these days so you can all move. Hugs!

  12. Thank you so very much my dear Tiny-Helen,for giving me the chance to meet Dylan!So sweet a boy and a real gentleman!He looks relaxed and happy in his new “warm” home … How old is he,Tiny?He must be quite young.Many Cheers to you & special hugs to the lovable young man for me 🙂 xxx

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