R.I.P. Bumble

I learned, again, that we can’t plan our lives. We are not at the wheel on everything. We just need to go with the flow. Accept. Adapt.

I have sad news. Our dear Bumble left us yesterday at 15 years and two months. I am heartbroken as I had to say goodbye to my faithful friend. He was my “shadow” for over 10 years, since his rescue at Christmas 2005. It is amazing how this small dog occupied such a huge space in the family. He was like one big heart, all love. He comforted me when I was sad, he forgave me when I was bad, made me smile as he jumped up and down when I came home, and he always inspired me.

I hope his story, Confessions of a Rescue Dog, will continue to bring some help for dogs and cats in the shelter here for some time to come. He “wrote” 18 humorous guest posts here on Tinylessonsblog. I am attaching one here in the honor of his memory. R.I.P. dear Bumble, and thank you for all the love you gave us. We will always love you.

RIP Bumble 2


It’s almost seven on Sunday morning and you guys are still sleeping. Sniff sniff.  That’s waste of time. Mom, I said good morning to you. I know you’re not working today cause your bag is not at the door. But you have lots and lots to do. You didn’t know that? Sniff.

First of all, you need to take me out now, and I mean nowff. Otherwise I’ll be forced to go on the plush area rug in the living room. I know you don’t like that option. We tried it once. That’s when I learned you can raise your voice…I raise my leg in the house, you raise your voice. Not pleasant, not for me not for you. Maybe you’ve forgotten…let’s go, get up! And put on your shorts and proper shoes. The old silk robe won’t do it, today we’ll go for a run in the park. I run you walk. And when I stop to read my morning paper, you can use your iPhone. That’s ok as long as you can juggle the phone and the bag.

Second, you can make your coffee when we come back. Provided you also give me my breakfast while your machine is making all those noises. No-no, don’t you think dry food will do, it’s Sunday. You better have some savory chicken stew of the right kind: small and toy, mature adult. You’ll need to change my water too, and drop a piece of cheese, will ya. You’re so clumsy anyway, so why not today? Just a little oh I dropped something, and I’ll clean it up for you. That’s a promise…even if it’s a piece of ham.

After breakfast we’d better get some exercise. Don’t think gym, please don’t! We can exercise right here, together is better. We’ll streeetch, run after my toys, jump up and down on the blue sofa in your office. You know the one with the Mexican blanket on it. When we’re done, we can make a daybed of the blanket. You can help me scratch until it feels right…and then you can take a shower. That’s if you absolutely need to.

And then…I’m sure someone will skype. I know the ring tone, you can’t fool me on that one. We’ll both sit down at the computer and talk. I hope it’ll be Amelia, she is a little diva but a pretty one! Haven’t seen her for a while, but it’s good to catch up on skype. Oh, I forgot, you really should upgrade to the sniff and smell version. I’m sure it won’t be that much. And you can always save somewhere else. I know, my next bath is an excellent option, no cost for shampoo. There you go.

See, there is so much to do. I have only one small worry. You may forget what Sundays are for around here, I can’t trust you on that. Bad memories. So I’ll say it again, Sundays are for rest and fun, not for work! I hope you heard that. Get up pronto, will ya! I told you I’m going nowff

RIP Bumble



132 thoughts on “R.I.P. Bumble”

    1. Thank you for your beautiful words, dear Neha. It’s been hard to be without him this last one week, but by time only the happy memories will prevail. He was such a loving buddy.

  1. Oh, no!!! I was not expecting to hear something like this. I am so very sorry and sad that precious Bumble had to leave. Love and hugs dear Tiny.

    1. Thank you dear Mags. It was really hard to give him a permission to leave. So much love and tears. But he had a good live, he was loved and loved back even more.

  2. So sad that our little furry friends can only stay with us a short time — Bumble looks so sweet in your photos. Hugs and condolences.

    1. It was so hard to let him go, the bond between the two of us was so very strong. But his loving presence is still here, and wonderful memories will always remain in my heart. Thank you Jet.

    1. I am feeling a bit better now, but last week was terrible. I miss my loving shadow a lot. Thank you for the hug, my friend.

  3. It leaves such a hole in our hearts when they leave us. My hope is for true healing over time. With the power of words, you will get through the tough times.

  4. The death of a dear pet is never easy… but you certainly gave him a good life on this earth for which I am sure he was grateful… I’ve lost several pets (cats) over the years and each death seems to be more difficult than the last one… but after a while I always end up at the shelter finding yet another cat who needs a home… and life, amazingly, does go on. My deepest condolences.

    1. Thank you for your comforting words. I am almost sure we will end at the shelter again at some point. Miss him so much right now.

  5. I just read about your sad loss last year, Tiny. I’m so very sorry. Your words and all the heartfelt comments brougth tears to my eyes. ❤

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